Joe Opoku Onyinah Afawuah

A Poem In Honour Of Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah

My name is Joseph Opoku Onyinah Afawuah

I am ten years of old

I was named after you, Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah

I am blessed to bear your name.


Many children and young adults are blessed to bear your name;

for you have made a good and a blessed name

It is said, “Onipa papa na yeto no badin”

It is also said, “Good name is better than riches”


Your love for children and young adults is immeasurable

You have lived exemplary, holy and righteous life;

You have made a good name by imitating Christ with a zealous heart


Your legacy to generations will forever remain:

Money and wealth could not erode your integrity

Power and fame could not corrupt your name

Women could not stain your priestly garment

For you are a godly leader;

You have impacted your generation


God is proud of your name

The world is proud of your name

The church is proud of your name

Ghana is proud of your name

Children and the youth are proud of your name


We, the children named after you are highly proud of you

We shall put our feet in your godly steps,

To make your good name live on, generations after generations after generations

Nana, ayekooooooooo

May your God be with you! Amen.


By Joseph Opoku Onyinah Afawuah

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