The National Council is established in the external nations to act as a liaison between the International Missions Board and the Local Assemblies. The Council meets at least once a year.

The National Council is the highest policy making body of The Church of Pentecost in any external nation and responsible for promulgating a National Charter in accordance with the principles of the Constitution of the Church.

It comprises of all Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and ordained Pastors of the Church, Area Executive Committee members, National and Area Women’s Ministry Leaders. Specialists and Retired Ministers of The Church of Pentecost within a particular nation. The National Council membership may differ from nation to nation.


The National Executive Council is responsible for the administration of The Church of Pentecost. It also coordinates and ensure the effective implementation of the policies and programmes of the Church in the Region. It is chaired by the National Head.

As part of its functions, it is responsible for discussing recommendations for callings, upgradings, appointments, and presents a report to the International Missions Board for consideration.

  •  Term of Office

Members of the National Executive Council serve for four (4) years and may be reviewed for further terms.


This is the fourth administrative rung, following the General Council, the Executive Council It is headed by an apostle, a prophet, an evangelist or a senior pastor. He is assisted by a six-member Executive Committee in the day-to-day running of the Area through the Area Presbytery.



The Area Presbytery is the coordinating and highest policy-making body in the Area to which the Area Executive Committee shall be responsible.

It is chaired by the Area Head and comprises the Area Executive Committee members, all Area Ministry leaders, their assistants and Chairmen of Area Committees, all District Executive Committee members, two Deacons’ representatives from each District/Worship Centre, three Deaconesses’ representatives from each District, all other serving ministers in the Area and all ministers’ wives in the Area.

The Church of Pentecost currently has 69 administrative areas in Ghana alone and 107 worldwide in 105 nations (including Ghana).