To become a vibrant Pentecostal chaplaincy that brings the values and principles of the Kingdom of God to identifiable cultural, social, educational and economic institutions, thereby impacting every sphere of society.


To bring the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to people working in the Hospitals, Prisons, Army and Security Agencies, Banks, Schools, Chieftaincy, etc. through chaplaincy ministry, thus impacting these spheres of society with values and principles of the Kingdom of God in Christ.


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There has been an urgent need for the church of God to respond to the societal needs for integrity, equity, righteousness, social injustice, insensitivities in the dealings of humanity. The Church of Pentecost has responded to this need through a mix of strategies/interventions.

The Chaplaincy Board and the Chaplaincy Ministry has been set up as part of this mix of strategies being deployed to impact the world of institutions, organisations, business entities, etc. that serve society; including hospitals, prisons and correctional facilities, schools and educational facilities, emergency services, orphanages and aged homes, chieftaincy, etc.


A 7-member Chaplaincy Board has been setup; a board charter has been developed; and a chaplaincy strategy is under development.

The chaplaincy ministry shall operate with the broad goal of providing God-guided perspective and support to the people driving operations as well as influencing decision processes with the principles of the Kingdom of God.

The strategic priorities shall include:

  1. Development of policies and guidelines on chaplain ministry and its operations.
  2. Effective identification, recruitment and deployment of chaplains with clear operational and appraisal model.
  3. Capacity building: Global and regional training and development programmes and tailored conferences to raise and empower chaplains both within the clergy and laity.
  4. Institutional access, which opens up various institutions to the ministry of chaplaincy.
  5. Routine/core chaplaincy activities, which sustain chaplaincy operations due to relevant impact made.




  • The Chaplaincy Board is the main governance body established by The Church of Pentecost to drive the chaplaincy agenda of the church worldwide.
  • The Board charter and chaplaincy strategy details the objectives and strategic direction for chaplaincy ministry.
  • The Chaplaincy Ministry is the main implementation instrument for the Chaplaincy Board of COP.
  • The Chaplaincy Board, using the Chaplaincy Ministry, shall work with existing systems to deploy chaplains who shall work in targeted sectors to possess the nations.


  • Area Chaplaincy Committees shall be trained or oriented on the chaplaincy ministry using TOT approach
  • Area Chaplaincy Patron shall be a Pastor of COP in the Area.
  • As a person knowledgeable in the Chaplaincy ministry, he shall provide guidance to the ministry’s activities within the area.
  • Area Chaplaincy Coordinator and Assistant shall be Elders or Pastors of COP in the Area.
  • District Chaplaincy Coordinator shall be an Elder in the district, working under the District Minister.
  • Volunteer Chaplains and Chaplain trainees shall be from various Districts and Local Assemblies and shall be Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Members.
  • Area Chaplaincy Ministry shall be made up of all the above working under the Area Head.

Becoming A Chaplain In The Church Of Pentecost

Clergy Men

  1. These would be assigned by COP leadership.


Lay Persons

  1. Register with your District Chaplaincy Coordinator; you may use the Chaplaincy App or Hotline.
  2. Complete all training modules on Chaplaincy.
  3. Obtain certification as COP Chaplain.
  4. Deployment to organisations; working under seasoned chaplains.
  5. Work as Chaplain based on COP guidelines.


Becoming a Chaplaincy Ministry Ambassador in COP

  • Do you know people in key sectors and organisations?
  • Are you in a position to assist the church to bring chaplaincy ministry to any organisation or institution?
  • Be a COP chaplaincy ambassador for this organisation by promoting organisational entry for the church

It is envisaged that by midyear 2020, the initial pillars for an operationally effective Chaplaincy Ministry under The Church of Pentecost shall be established targeting priority sectors and institutions.

This would be followed by a comprehensive evaluation and scale up to possess various sectors and institutions for Jesus.