The Regional Coordinating Committee consists of the various Area Heads within a particular geographical Region. Members of the RCC coordinate and ensure the effective implementation of the policies and programmes of the Church in the Region.

  1. There shall be a Regional Coordinating Committee in each of the Church’s designated Regions in Ghana comprising all Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Area Heads in the Region.
  2. As much as possible, the Executive Council shall ensure that every Church of Pentecost designated Region of the Church in Ghana has an Executive Council member as Regional Coordinator.
  3. Provided that where there is more than one Executive Council member in the Region, the Executive Council shall appoint one of them as the Coordinator subject to yearly reviews.
  4. Where there is no Executive Council member serving as Area Head in a Region, the Executive Council shall appoint one of the Area Heads in that Region as Coordinator.  The appointment is subject to annual review and a Coordinator may serve for further terms.
  5. The Committee shall appoint one of the Area Heads in the Region as Secretary.
  6.  The Regional Coordinating Committee may co-opt any person(s) to its meetings.



a)        It shall receive annual and half-year reports from Areas within   the   Region, discuss the reports and present a composite Regional report to the General Council through the Chairman’s Office with a copy to the General Secretary’s office.

b)        Make recommendations on intra-regional transfers of ministers to   the Executive Council for consideration.

c)         Discuss recommendations for upgrading to overseership and callings to the pastorate from the Areas and present report to the Executive Council for consideration.

d)        Investigate matters that may be referred to it by the Executive Council or an Area Head in the Region and make appropriate recommendations.

e)       Receive, discuss and act on all memos coming out from the Region and report on the memos to the Executive Council.

f)        Coordinate activities of ‘Head Office Ministers’ such as PENSA   Travelling Secretaries within the Region.

g)        Perform any other functions that may be assigned to it by the General Council or the Executive Council.



Apostle Eric Nyamekye is the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost worldwide. He was born on October 21, 1965, to Mr Stephen Antiedu Nyamekye (late) and Agnes Owusu in Asokore-Ashanti  >>> Read more

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