In 2019, The Church of Pentecost opened 1,169 new Assemblies worldwide and created 143 Districts. Again in 2019, a total of 271,342 souls were won with 209,607, representing 77.2%, baptised in water.  The Church’s overall membership also grew by 6.6%, reaching 3,474,241. To God be the glory.


As at the end of the year 2019, there were four hundred and twenty-four (424) non-ministerial staff on the official payroll of the Church. This number is made up of 230 employees at the Area offices and 194 at the head office.


  • Membership Growth Analysis – Worldwide

As at 31st December 2019, The Church of Pentecost operated in 105 nations with an overall worldwide total membership of 3,474,241 recording, a growth rate of 6.6% over the previous year. With a total membership of 2,973,830, the Church in Ghana constituted 86.0% of the worldwide total membership. The remaining 14.0% was accounted for by our external branches, including the two (2) autonomous nations (Benin and La Cote d’Ivoire), which total membership stood at 500,411. This is depicted in figure 1 below.

  • Membership Growth Analysis – Ghana

The Church’s total membership in Ghana as at December 2019 was 2,973,830. This constituted approximately 9.8% of the total estimated 2019 Ghanaian population of 30,280,482[1]. It also constituted approximately 13.8% of the total Christian population in Ghana, which is estimated to be 71.2% of the Ghanaian population[2].

The youth continued to make up the largest segment (41.2%) of the Church’s membership as shown in figure 2. Children membership constituted 32.2%, while those above 35 years constituted 26.6%.

The overall analysis implies that 73.4% of CoP membership in Ghana is made up of children and youth (up to 35yrs), a further improvement over the previous year which stood at 73.0%.  This continues to give an indication that The Church of Pentecost is largely made up of young people, a factor that continues to project a brighter future for the Church. It is, therefore, important for leadership at all levels to continue to give significant attention to nurturing these young people for leadership responsibilities, both within and outside the Church. They remain a great force in our quest to possess the nations for Christ.   

  • Membership Growth Analysis – External Branches

In 2019, membership in the non-autonomous nations increased by 16,724, bringing to total an overall membership of 320,996.

As at December 2019, therefore, the external branches of the Church, operating in 104 nations across the world, recorded an overall membership of 500,411. The overall membership of the two (2) autonomous nations now stands at 179,415, representing 36% of the overall membership of the 104 nations outside Ghana.


  • Worldwide Analysis

In 2019, the Church worldwide, as at December 2019, had a total of 22,842 Assemblies and 2,524 Districts.      

  • Ghana Analysis

As at December 2019, therefore, the Church had a total of 1,455 Districts and 16,946 local Assemblies in Ghana. The total number of administrative Areas now stands at 69.

  • External Missions Analysis

As at December 2019 therefore, the total number of Assemblies in our external missions numbered 5,896 while that of the Districts numbered 1,069.


At the end of the 2019 reporting year, the number of nations in which the Church was operating, aside Ghana, had increased from 100 in the previous year to 104. The four (4) nations that were added in 2019 are Hungary, Poland, Russia and Sri Lanka.

  • Field Personnel

The total number of ministers in the external nations was 1,130. Of this number, 50 were missionaries. Twenty (20) of the missionaries were from Ghana, while the remaining 30 were from the various nations as indicated: La Cote d’Ivoire (6), Benin (2), Togo (2), Gabon (1) and Mozambique (1). The rest were as follows: UK (6), USA (4), Italy (3), Germany (3) and Holland (2).


On infrastructural development, as at December 2019, 1,358 out of 1,453 (93.5%) District Ministers and 65 out of 69 (94.2%) Area Heads in Ghana were living in Church-owned accommodation. The rest of the ministers lived in rented houses and free accommodation. We thank God for His provisions.