The General Council is made up of all Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and ordained Pastors of the Church, Area Executive Committee members, National Heads, National Deacons, National Secretaries, Trustees, Chairmen of Boards and Committees, and Ministry Directors, National Executive Committee Members of Ministries/National PENSA Coordinating Committee, Area Women’s Ministry Leaders in Ghana. Specialists and Retired Ministers of The Church of Pentecost.

The General Council is the highest policy making body of The Church of Pentecost and the final appellate body in all disciplinary matters affecting members of the General Council for which purpose the Council may appoint an appellate Committee.

It is responsible for electing the Chairman, the General Secretary, the International Missions Director and the members of the Executive Council.

Where necessary, it has the duty of impeaching members the General Council accused of misconduct, should the Executive Council fail to do so. It again approves reports submitted by the various organs of the Church.


General Council Meetings

General Council Meetings are held at least once every two (2) years and the representations are as follows:

  • Ghana Representation:
  1. All Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Area Heads and fifty percent (50%) of ordained Pastors, Trustees, Chairmen of Boards and Committees, Ministry Directors, three (3) Elders’ Representatives made up of the Area Deacon and two (2) others on the Area Executive Committee, all Pastors on secondment to the Headquarters, Pentecost University College, Chaplains and PENSA Travelling Secretaries, National Executive Committee Members of Ministries, National PENSA Coordinating Committee and Area Women’s Ministry
  2. Representation of the 50% ordained Pastors from Ghana, at the General Council Meetings, is on rotation basis.
  3. The names of all accredited ordained Pastors are forwarded in writing by the Area Heads to the Chairman of The Church at least Forty (40) days before the due date for the General Council Meeting
  4. The Chairman formally writes to invite the accredited ordained Pastors to the meeting at least 30 days before the date for the General Council
  • External Representation

All Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, National Heads, Area Heads, Missionary Attachés and National Deacons.

Extraordinary Council Meetings

These are meetings convened by the Chairman between General Council Meetings. The Extraordinary Council Meeting is constituted as follows:

  • Ghana Representation

The Executive Council Members, Trustees, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, National/Area Heads, Heads of Committees/Boards, Ministry Directors and three (3) representatives of the Area Executive Committees, namely Area Deacon, one Elders’ representative and one Pastors’ representative.

  • External Representation

National and Accredited Area Heads, Missionary Attachés, National Deacons and National Secretaries.