Besides a core function of praying for the Church, the Women’s Ministry, which embraces all the womenfolk, is responsible for giving employable and vocational skills, and training in home management to the women. It meets on Tuesdays.

The Women’s Ministry organises retreats, seminars, workshops, lectures and symposia in all spheres of life, including (i) marriage enrichment, wives’   responsibilities at home, child welfare, care and education (ii) business management and techniques.

It also carries out evangelism, counselling and sponsorship activities to help the needy in the church and in the society.

Additionally, the Ministry ministers to “Kayayei,” (female porters), single mothers and orphans, spinsters, commercial sex workers, lesbians, “street’ kids, widows, lady professionals and politicians, the aged, business women and HIV/AIDS victims.

It also ministers to queen mothers, undertakes hospital and media evangelism, contributes to the governments poverty alleviation programme and performs any other specialised women-related ministry.

Deaconess Grace Lucy Yeboah-Asuama is the current Director of the Women’s Ministry. She is assisted by Deaconess Margaret Osei.

Women's Ministry Director & Deputy

Grace Lucy Yeboah-Asuama, a Deaconess of good repute is the Director of the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost.

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Margaret Osei is the Deputy Director of the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost.

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