PIWC-Nkawkaw Chaplaincy Ministry Holds Breakfast Meeting For Two Institutions web

PIWC-Nkawkaw Chaplaincy Ministry Holds Breakfast Meeting For Two Institutions

The Chaplaincy Ministry of Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Nkawkaw, hosted a breakfast meeting for employees of Melcom Ghana Ltd and IMAK Roofing Systems, both located within the Nkawkaw municipality.

This unique gathering took place as part of the regular chaplaincy service provided to the workers of these companies.

The breakfast meeting not only offered the workers a delicious and satisfying meal but also included the sharing of the Word and spiritual ministration. This contributed to an atmosphere of joy and fellowship among the attendees.

For many employees at Melcom and IMAK, the breakfast meeting was a pleasant surprise and a delightful departure from their usual routine. Their expressions of surprise and delight highlighted the positive impact of such initiatives in fostering a supportive work environment and a sense of community.

The chaplaincy service, a vital ministry of PIWC, extends its services to the workers of Melcom Ghana Ltd Nkawkaw Branch every Tuesday to Thursday and at IMAK Roofing Systems, Nkawkaw, every Wednesday.

Additionally, the service reaches out to other organizations within the municipality, such as the Zoomlion Kwahu West office, every Friday.

The primary goal of this chaplaincy service is to provide daily devotional fellowship and gospel ministration to the workers while also praying for the prosperity and blessing of these companies.

This initiative serves as a shining example of how faith-based organizations can positively impact the workplace, offering not only spiritual guidance but also creating moments of joy and fellowship.

It reinforces the idea that workplaces can be communities where both spiritual and physical needs are met, leading to more fulfilled and happy employees.

Report by PIWC-Nkawkaw Media Team.

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