Agormanya Area Trains Presiding Elders & Secretaries On Vision 2028 web

Agormanya Area Trains Presiding Elders & Secretaries On Vision 2028

The Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost organised a one-day seminar for all Presiding Elders and Local Secretaries in the Area to acquaint them with the directives outlined in the Church’s Vision 2028 document.

The event, held under the theme “Implementing Vision 2028 in the Local Assembly,” took place at the PIWC-Agormanya Auditorium on Saturday, June 9, 2024.

The Agormanya Area Head, Apostle Dr. Samuel Kojo Gakpetor, who convened the meeting, addressed participants on the importance of implementing Vision 2028 at their respective local assemblies by aligning all local activities with the vision.

According to him, the vision seeks to involve all members in ministry for the conversion and transformation of souls and society.

“Your local must be Vision 2028 compliant. The footprint of Vision 2028 must be seen in your local assembly; therefore, work with Vision 2028 as the church knows its direction through this vision,” he said.

Dr. Samuel Gakpetor urged every church leader to set targets from Vision 2028, plan monthly activities, and monitor and evaluate the set targets.

He charged Presiding Elders to plan evangelism outreaches, and effective follow-ups, and assimilate all new converts and new members into the local church.

Emphasising the role of personal and corporate discipleship, Dr. Gakpetor encouraged the gathering to train members and officers to prioritise their daily personal devotion and ensure the effective running of the Home Cell and Bible Studies as enshrined in Vision 2028.

Pastor Jacob Kwakye Frimpong, the Akuse District Pastor and Area Executive Committee Member, gave a presentation on “The Marks of Effective Church Service.”

He stated that church services at all levels must be conducted in an orderly and decent manner with the purpose of strengthening and deepening the spiritual life of the saints.

He admonished Presiding Elders and other key leaders of the service sections to prayerfully prepare and deeply study the scriptures for divine illumination so that the messages will promote the spiritual health of the church.

For organising effective church services, he highlighted the need to arrange meeting places properly, choose appropriate sermons relevant to each occasion, assign roles to members in a timely manner, and ensure language interpretation is available for those who need it.

He also emphasised the importance of starting services on time and ensuring the availability of power during outages. Pastor Kwakye Frimpong described the Ministers’ Handbook as an indispensable tool for an effective Pentecostal service.

The Agormanya Area Secretary, Pastor Eddie Sarpong, guided the gathering through a redesigned monthly report form, which will serve as a source document for reporting.

Reading from Exodus 34:1, he admonished the attendees to keep accurate records of all church activities diligently.

He emphasised the importance of being faithful to the church’s statistics, which are essential for decision-making.

The program, attended by 196 persons comprising the Pastorate, Presiding Elders, and Secretaries of various local assemblies in the area, highlighted the significance of accurate record-keeping for decision-making within the church, among other important topics.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team


Renowned Fetish Priest Surrenders To Christ

A 41-year-old man who had been practicing idol worship for 15 years has surrendered his life to Christ and given up his idols to be burned.

This spectacular occurrence took place during a two-day outreach organised by the Sekesua District of The Church of Pentecost at the Afuafie Community from Thursday, May 16, to Friday, May 17, 2024, to mark this year’s Pentecost Week.

The programme was marked by signs and wonders as the power of the Holy Spirit came mightily upon the people.

In one of the teaching services led by Overseer Christian Peprah Adjei, the District Minister, the fetish priest was convicted by the Holy Spirit, resulting in his decision to submit to the Lordship of Christ.

Along with the elders, the district minister led him to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and prayed for him.

Consequently, the man underwent water baptism by immersion and has since begun fellowshipping with the Afuafie Assembly of the Church. Two other new converts were also baptised in water with him to the glory of God.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team.


Dormaa Area Launches National PEMEM Week Celebration

The Dormaa Area of The Church of Pentecost officially launched this year’s Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) national week celebration for 2024 at the Wamfie Estate Central Assembly auditorium.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Godly Men Unleashed to Transform Their World,” drawing inspiration from Titus 2:13-14, 1 Peter 2:9, Genesis 1:26, and Genesis 2:15.

The event featured a practical exposition delivered by Apostle Abraham Swanzy, the Dormaa Area Head, who encouraged men to embrace their divine roles and responsibilities.

Dwelling on key scriptures Genesis 1:26-27 and 2:15-23, Apostle Abraham Swanzy began by reflecting on Genesis 1:26-27, emphasizing that men are created in God’s image and given the mandate to be fruitful and multiply.

This foundational command, according to him, underscores the role of men as leaders and caretakers of creation. Moving to Genesis 2:15, Apostle Swanzy highlighted that God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

He explained that the aforementioned Bible verse establishes the principle of stewardship and responsibility bestowed upon men. “Adam was given the power to name the animals, which proves man’s authority and accountability in God’s creation,” he said.

Apostle Swanzy then referenced Genesis 2:23, where Adam recognises Eve as “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh,” to drum home the need for a deep, inherent connection between husbands and their wives.

The Dormaa Area Head drew several important lessons from these scriptures, urging men to apply these principles in their lives.

He mentioned these principles as: embracing responsibility, being good stewards of the environment, prioritizing spousal love, and leading their families with transparency and integrity, fostering an environment of trust and openness.

The launch of the National PEMEM Week Celebration was indeed a profound call to action for men in The Church of Pentecost to rise to their divine calling.

Report by Overseer Israel Agyemang (Wamfie Estate District)


Kumasi Sector HUM Pastor Celebrates Birthday With Orphans

Pastor Gabriel Owusu Akyaw, the Kumasi Sector Home and Urban Missions (HUM) Pastor of The Church of Pentecost, celebrated his 43rd birthday in a heartwarming event with orphans at the FRHAB Gh Charity Foundation at Fawoade in the Ashanti Region.

The celebration took place on Monday, June 3, 2024, where Pastor Owusu Akyaw and his wife spent the special day with 21 orphans, bringing joy and hope to these young lives.

During the event, Pastor Owusu Akyaw led a worship session and prayed with the children, using the story of Samuel from the Bible to inspire and encourage them.

He highlighted how Samuel, despite facing challenges and negative influences, grew up to be a successful and respected figure.

He assured the children that regardless of their current circumstances, they have the potential to achieve great things in life.

Pastor Owusu Akyaw, who is dedicated to regularly visiting the orphans to offer support and encouragement, expressed his joy in spending time with children and emphasised the importance of welcoming them, in line with Jesus’ teachings.

The celebration involved generous donations of soft drinks, toiletries, water, food, and monetary gifts.

The Foundation’s Caretaker, Rev. Dora Antwiwaah, thanked Pastor Owusu Akyaw on behalf of the children for his kind gesture and urged other philanthropists, NGOs, religious organisations, and community groups to support the foundation, emphasising the significant need for assistance.

The celebration not only marked Pastor Owusu Akyaw’s birthday but also reinforced the message of compassion and community support, offering hope to the orphans of the FRHAB Gh Charity Foundation.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah & Dennis Owusu


School Outreach Ministry Holds Subject Briefings For BECE Candidates

The Schools Outreach Ministry (SOM) of the Doblo Gonno District of The Church of Pentecost organised a Subject Briefings event on Saturday, June 8, 2024, for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in the Doblo Gonno community and its environs to adequately prepare them for the forthcoming exams.

The seminar saw an impressive assemblage of 191 candidates from nine different schools. These eager students gathered at the Central Assembly, where they were guided through essential subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

The facilitators, all experienced West African Examination Council (WAEC) examiners, shared valuable tips to help candidates avoid common errors often encountered in the exam hall. Spanning from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm, the seminar was buoyed by the magnanimous support of the various church ministries.

The Youth and Children’s Ministries sponsored the event, providing free pens and rulers. Concurrently, the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) supplied bags of water to keep everyone hydrated.

The seminar culminated in an edifying sermonette by the District Minister, Pastor Kwabena Darko-Mensah, who expounded on the theme “Combating Fear,” based on 2 Timothy 1:7. Pastor Darko-Mensah’s stirring message, coupled with an invigorating prayer session, sought to embolden the candidates, instilling in them the confidence to surmount any trepidations regarding their exams.

The event proved to be a dual-faceted success, offering both intellectual enrichment and spiritual upliftment. Notably, it resulted in the spiritual conversion of 14 individuals, including a Muslim attendee.

The distinguished facilitators for the seminar were Deaconess Alberta Oppong, who covered Social Studies, Elder Collins Kobia, who tackled Mathematics, Mr. Tettey, who instructed on English Language, and Mr. Sadick Mohammed, who handled Science.

Report by Doblo Gonno District Media Team

Child Training Is Shared Responsibility – General Secretary web

Child Training Is Shared Responsibility – General Secretary

Apostle Samuel Gyau Oboubi, the General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, has indicated that the training of children is a shared responsibility between parents, schools, the community and the church.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Train a child the way he should go,’ Apostle Oboubi noted that even though it is the primary responsibility of parents to train a child, schools and churches also have a key role to play in that regard.

The General Secretary said this when speaking at the closing ceremony of a three-day conference organised by the Children’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost for proprietors of Christian private schools at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), on Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

Referencing Proverbs 22:6, Apostle Obuobi intimated that the foundation of every child is very important. He said just as the foundation of buildings determines what structure to build on it, the kind of foundation a child is given determines the kind of lifestyle he or she will put on. 

Explaining what the Bible means by ‘training up a child,’ he mentioned that it is about starting the training from the very first day the child is born in terms of prayers, learning the scripture and everything godly. It is also to direct children on the right path they should go.

With regards to the way to go, he explained that it has to do with teaching children the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom needed to help them contribute greatly to succussed in this world.

According to him, it is very important to instill the fear of God in children because they live in a generation where people do not fear God and can easily corrupt children.

The second way the chief scribe of the Church mentioned that God expects children to be taught is moral and ethical values, which involves teaching the child that which is right and wrong.

He called on school proprietors to ensure that making money should not be their only motivation for setting up schools, but instilling ethical and moral values in their students, should be their number one priority.


Child Protection, Necessity For Children’s Growth – Mrs Gifty Appiah web

Child Protection, Necessity For Children’s Growth – Mrs Gifty Appiah

A Child and Youth Advocate, Mrs Gifty Dansoa Appiah, has drawn the attention of school proprietors and managers to the need to ensure proper child protection as it a necessity for the growth of children.

Making a presentation at the Pentecost convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, Mrs Appiah made references to some research findings to paint a picture of how endemic the issue of child abuse has become in Ghana to patrons of the Conference for Proprietors of Christian Private Schools.

The seasoned Strategy, Development Planning and Management expert explained child safety as the ‘measures and practices in place to protect children from harm, injury, abuse, or danger.’

According to her, Child safety encompasses various aspects of a child’s well-being, including physical, emotional, psychological and social safety.

Mrs Gifty Appiah indicated that child protection is foundational and essential to a child’s proper development because if a child is not protected, every aspect of his life is affected, saying, ‘No child can progress well in areas of education, health, safety, or having good relationships if he or she is afraid all the time of being abused.’

She, therefore, called on proprietors and teachers to recognise that they have a general duty of care to ensure that arrangements are in place to protect children and young people from harm. 

The child and youth advocate revealed that they are called to uphold the biblical mandate of protecting children to prevent harm whenever possible and respond appropriately if faced with the possibility of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

This, she said, is evident in Mark 10:14 which reads, “He said to them, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’” 


Tepa Area Chaplaincy Team Trains Melcom Staff On Positive Work Attitude web

Tepa Area Chaplaincy Team Trains Melcom Staff On Positive Work Attitude

The Tepa Area Chaplaincy Coordinating Team of The Church of Pentecost on Saturday, June 1, 2024, trained workers of Melcom Supermarket, Tepa branch on positive attitude at the workplace.

Explaining the concept of the training which took place at the supermarket hall, the Area Chaplaincy Coordinator, Overseer Emmanuel Owusu, quoted from Ephesians 4:23 and discussed with the workers the importance of having a positive work attitude.

He urged the workers to strive to develop positive work attitude because it determines how far a person will go in his or her career life.  

‘Your attitude is your asset and also determine your altitude in life,’ he said.

He advised them to work with a godly mentality and values to attract and inherit the blessings of God, while encouraging them to work hard and treat customers with respect and delight.

The Area Coordinator thanked the Branch Manager, Mr. Emmanuel Owusu, and all the workers for availing themselves for the training. He also prayed with them.

Report by Tepa Area Media Team

God Is Interested In Chieftaincy And Tradition – Apostle Oboubi Reveals web

God Is Interested In Chieftaincy And Tradition – Apostle Oboubi Reveals

The General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Samuel Gyau Oboubi, has revealed that God has a genuine interest in the chieftaincy institution and tradition.

Apostle Oboubi said this during the Royals Day Service organised by the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC)-Atomic, in Accra on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Royals unleashed to transform the spheres’ the General Secretary indicated that God is interested in every aspect of the lives of his children, including chieftaincy and that God expects all kings, queens and traditional rulers to be present in the New Jerusalem with their splendor (Revelation 21).

Apostle Oboubi emphasised that Christians as representatives of God on earth must be interested in everything that God is interested in, including kingship and traditional rulership.

He explained that children of God are called to transform their world, irrespective of their status and standing in society. He, therefore, called on all children of God who are kings, queens and royals to transform their areas of authority, stressing that they have a duty to cause positive change in their spheres, which is their areas of jurisdiction.

According to the General Secretary, traditional leadership is not just about carrying titles, but it involves causing positive change. Adding that it is also not just about amassing wealth but making impact.

Painting a picture of God’s interest in traditional rulership and leadership in general, the chief scribe of The Church of Pentecost explained that as captured in Deuteronomy 17:16-20, when God took the Israelites out of Egypt and was leading them to Canaan, he knew they would demand a king one day and being all-knowing, God told them 400 years ahead how their kings should behave and expect of them.

Apostle Oboubi pointed out that three things God does not expect royals to do are that they should not be full of pride and overly display power, not to have so much desire for women and not wrongly desire and lust for money, because it will lead them to engage in extreme acts.

He, however, mentioned that God expects royals and leaders to be people of the word of God, keep the Bible and read it every day.

Torgbui Adzonugaga Ameya Fiti, Paramount Chief and President of the Aflao Traditional Council, was present as the Guest of Honour, as well as other divisional and sun-chiefs from various traditional areas in Ghana.

Also present at the service were Apostle Dr B. G. Kumi-Woode (Director of Religious Affairs, Ghana Armed Forces), Apostle John Obeng Kesse (Suame Area Head and his wife), Apostle William Boakye Agyarko (Haatso Area Head) and Apostle Antony Mensah, the Resident Minister.


Apostle Dr Koranteng Sensitises School Proprietors On Child Health And Well-Being web

Apostle Dr Koranteng Sensitises School Proprietors On Child Health & Well-Being

The Director of the Pentecost Hospital-Madina, Apostle Dr Edward Arkoh Koranteng, has sensitised proprietors of Christian private schools on the need to ensure child health and well-being in their schools.

According to Dr Korangteng, proprietors and school managers are part of God’s plan in nurturing great destinies (children) for God’s glory. He disclosed that since every child’s glorious future and destiny revolves around sound health and well-being, there is the need for proprietors to place premium on it, saying, ‘Proprietors need to ensure that every child in their schools is fit holistically in terms of their social, mental and physical well-being.’

Apostle Dr Koranteng was speaking at the maiden Conference for Proprietors of Christian Private Schools organised by the Children’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, in collaboration with the church’s Schools Outreach Ministry (SOM) at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

In promoting quality health care in schools, he advised participants to request the medical records of the children they admit into their schools to contextualise the children’s individual needs. Such reports, he said, would help teachers to carefully observe children to track their developmental growth.

He also suggested that for proprietors to have a fair idea of the child’s social growth, they need to interact with the parents or guardians of the children occasionally.

‘Constant observation of the children is also needed so the school workers and proprietors must develop eagle eyes towards the children,’ he advised.

Another aspect of child health and well-being that Apostle Dr Koranteng touched on is laying a good foundation of good nutrition in schools. With regard to this, he urged proprietors to make sure that they go above just profit-making and provide nutritious meals to the children. He also asked them to make it a policy to screen the cooks and food handlers periodically to avoid disease outbreaks. He also advised them to put in place a committee to ensure the nutritional needs of the kids are met.

Apostle Dr Koranteng further admonished proprietors to ensure that physical activities take place in the schools to cater for the physical well-being of the children in their care. This, he cautioned, should be under strict supervision to prevent injury.

Touching on mental health, he asked proprietors to make sure that children have a sound mind to learn, are not bullied or threatened in any way.

Apostle Dr. Koranteng urged school owners to make it a point that adequate handwashing facilities are supplied in their schools whilst taking the children through health education.