Axim Area Holds Maiden Cheiftaincy Seminar web

Axim Area Holds Maiden Cheiftaincy Seminar

Two hundred and thirty chiefs and royals in Nzemaland participated in the maiden Cheiftaincy seminar organised by the Axim Area of The Church of Pentecost.

The programme took place on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at the Nzema Manle Community Centre near Esiama in the Ellembelle District in the Western Region of Ghana.

Held under the leadership of the Area Head, Apostle Daniel Mireku Gyamera, the seminar aimed at bridging the gap between the Chieftaincy institution and the Church.

The seminar was graced by the National Cheiftaincy Ministry Coordinator, Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, who also serves as an Executive Council Member and the Director of the Men’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost.

Espousing the mission and the vision statements of the Chieftaincy Ministry of The Church of Pentecost to the participants, Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh noted that the ministry has a mission to reach out to royals for Christ to transform society and also equip Christian royals with godly virtues, Kingdom values and principles, to influence their communities.

He highlighted integrity, fairness, justice honesty, faithfulness and loyalty, among others as virtues that need to be embraced by royals and stakeholders to propel and facilitate the achievement of the mission, vision and objectives of the ministry.

The National Coordinator further stated that traditional leadership is a unique institution and the church needs to understand its traditional principles to make maximum impact in the palace.

In his view, there is a need to create synergy between the Church and the palace as they both work together to address the problems of society.

The evolution of chieftaincy in Ghana was another area the National Coordinator shed light on.

He explained that the Chieftaincy institution for decades has moved from unstructured to structured, with the Mole-Dagbon kingdom as the pioneer of this drive.

According to him, the development of African societies largely depends on the leadership of the chiefs; acting as captains during wars, rescuing their people, enforcing unity, law and order, and consolidating these developments in their jurisdictions.

Apostle Anane Denteh also succinctly talked about the symbols of authority in Ghanaian chiefdom, where he revealed that the stool and the skin symbolises the soul of the community, unity, and divine leadership, among others.

The sword, he noted, is a symbol of strength and power, whilst the drum is a medium of communication and musical instrument, adding that the type of the drum depicts the ethnic identity of the people.

Apostle Anane Denteh further submitted that chiefs possess authority, yet they acknowledge the supreme authority of God.

“Conviction without conversion is dangerous. Given this, chiefs and royals must be guided on the right approach to God,” he advised.

Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh touched on the legal aspects of Chieftaincy in Ghana regarding Act 270 of the 1992 Constitution and Chieftaincy Act 759 (2008) which establishes and regulates the institution and conduct of chiefs.

He stressed that, according to the constitutional provision, Chiefs are not to take part in active (partisan) politics and that anyone who desires to do so must abdicate his throne. He, however, clarified that the laws of the country allow for a chief to be appointed to any public office for which he qualifies.

Apostle Daniel Mireku Gyamera also addressed the gathering during the event.

Reading from 2 Chronicles 17:3-13, he posited that God established the kingdom of King Jehoshaphat and made Judah prosper under his kingship because he received the law of God and also appointed priests and godly people to teach the law of God throughout the kingdom of Judah.

This, he said, was because Jehoshaphat was obedient to God and very committed to Him.

“He allowed the law of God to transform his kingdom by not continuing in the sins of his fathers but committed his life to the most high God,” he said.

The Axim Area Head, therefore, advised the chiefs and royals to open their palaces and communities to Jesus and also embrace the gospel themselves for God to establish their kingdoms and prosper their jurisdictions during their reign.

“When you this, the Lord Himself will protect and deliver you from every spiritual attack and make your name great on the land,” he assured.

In turn, Nana Kofi Bonya VI, Chief of Baseke and a National Executive Committee member of the Chieftaincy Ministry, also advised traditional leaders to see ministers as development partners, urging that some communal activities should be channelled through the church.

He observed that, in contemporary times, people are loyal to their religion or faith and tend to listen to their religious leaders more than the traditional leaders.

There is therefore the need to bridge the gap between the palace and the church for community development, he added.

On behalf of the participants, Awulae Agyefi Kwame II, the Paramount Chief of Lower Town Axim and Nsein Traditional Area, expressed deep appreciation to the church for its swift response to the plights of chiefs.

He also said the Church should not relent from visiting their  palaces, saying: “We also want to make it to heaven.”

Awulae Agyefi encouraged the royals and traditional leaders to engage the ministers and Church leaders for their inputs and opinions regarding the development of their jurisdictions.

Apostle Daniel Mireku Gyamera, then, led all the ministers present to pray for the chiefs and royals for divine protection and for their hearts to be opened to the gospel.

In attendance were prominent chiefs and royals from the various traditional areas in the Nzema land and the Axim Area pastorate, including Pastor Francis K. Amewondey, a National Executive Committee Member of the Cheiftaincy Ministry and the Axim Area Chieftaincy Ministry Coordinator.

Also present were Mrs. Martha Denteh (Wife of the National Coordinator) and Mrs. Evelyn Selasi Mireku Gyamerah (Wife of the Axim Area Head).

Report by Axim Area Media Team.

Chieftaincy Ministry Takes Part In Atsukope & Agbevekope Chiefs Enstoolment Ceremony web

Chieftaincy Ministry Takes Part In Atsukope & Agbevekope Chiefs Enstoolment Ceremony

The Aflao Area Chieftaincy Ministry of The Church of Pentecost played a significant role in the grand outdooring and installation ceremony of Torgbi Amedegbe II (Chief of Atsukofe), Torgbi Agbeve II (Chief of Agbevekope), Mama Tsulia II, and Agotaduawo.

The glamourous event took place at Agbevekope, near Agbozume, on Friday, October 27, 2023.

The occasion, attended by diverse individuals, marked the official installation of the newly appointed chiefs, with the Aflao Area Chieftaincy Ministry Coordinator, Pastor Alfred Agbetsiafa, and his team adding to the festive atmosphere.

The celebration featured vibrant drumming, singing, and a captivating display of culture and pageantry.

Togbi Adama IV, the Fiaga of Some Traditional Area and the main speaker for the event, charged the newly installed chiefs to dedicate themselves to the development of their respective traditional areas.

He emphasised the transformative role of leadership, stating, “The purpose of leadership is to inspire and foster development. With a formidable force and cohesiveness, we can bring development to our respective communities.”

Pastor Alfred Agbetsiafa, the Aflao Area Chieftaincy Ministry Coordinator, administered the oath of allegiance to the newly installed chiefs.

He urged them to lead with integrity, unity, and diligence, addressing the current need for faithful leaders committed to serving the masses rather than personal interests.

“I am hopeful that you would prove to be one of the best traditional leaders of your time,” he added, encouraging them to apply godly principles in justice administration and leadership.

In response, the newly installed chiefs pledged their allegiance to their respective stools and expressed their commitment to serving their people with benevolence.

Report by Pastor Francis Lamptey (Aflao Area Reporter)

Chieftaincy Minister Urges Christians and Other Religious Groups to Embrace Unity web

Chieftaincy Minister Urges Christians and Other Religious Groups to Embrace Unity

Honorable Stephen Asamoah Boateng, the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, has called for unity among Christians and other religious factions.

During his fellowship with Apostle Eric Nyamekye, the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Hon. Asamoah Boateng emphasized the significance of peaceful coexistence, transcending race, status, and religious differences that may exist within worship communities.

Addressing a congregation at the Dr Thomas Wyatt Temple of The Church of Pentecost in Accra Newtown on Sunday, June 4, 2023, Hon. Asamoah Boateng highlighted the importance of living harmoniously and worshiping as one people, while respecting the traditions of their land. He expressed that this unity is what God desires from His followers.

Accompanying the delegation from the Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs Ministry were Mr. Jojo Blankson (Special Aide), Mr. Richard Obeng Boafo (Acting Director, Religious Affairs), Mrs. Christiana Oppong (Programmes Officer), and Aiysha Ganiyo (Special Assistant to the Minister).

Hon. Asamoah Boateng emphasized the crucial link between peace and national development, emphasizing the shared responsibility of both the government and citizens in achieving progress. He explained that while the government has its own set of responsibilities, it is essential for everyone to contribute to the nation’s growth. He, therefore, called for patience as the government works to recover from the economic crisis, cautioning against putting excessive pressure on the government as it may have adverse consequences.

The Minister expressed gratitude to The Church of Pentecost for their fervent prayers and unwavering support through various Chaplaincy initiatives carried out by the Church.

Addressing Chieftaincy matters, the sector minister highlighted the need for the recognition of queen mothers in the Chieftaincy Act. He noted that over 70% of disputes in the country stem from Chieftaincy matters, and the inclusion of queen mothers in the Act would enable them to play a significant role in conflict resolution. He emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of conflicts, often arising from bitterness among chiefs and their subjects.

Hon. Asamoah Boateng called for a change of heart and a deeper understanding among the people, as these factors significantly impact their way of life.

In response, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, emphasized the need for Christians to exemplify the character of Christ and reflect His glory in all aspects of their lives. He encouraged Christians to strive to live according to the teachings of Christ, promoting peace and harmony without bitterness.

The service was attended by community leaders, including Elder Dr. Nana Amo Tobin (CEO. Tobinco Group of Companies & Chief of Apinto Traditional Area), Nana Oppong Agyei Sikapa (Krontihene of Kumawu Temante), Nii Kpowulunor III (Kokomlemle Family Head), Nii Tettey Oboni Onamonsro II (Kokomlemle Mantse), Naa Dede Awula I (Kokomlemle Manye), Nii Tetteh Adjabeng II (Adabraka Mantse), Naa Oforiwaa Danso I (Akutuase Dzaase Manye), Nii Kpani Addy Addy (Kokomlemle Okyeame), and Benjamin Tettey Addy (Kokomlemle Stool Secretary).

Others included Nana Asampomaa Asensema II (Paramount Queen Apesokubi Traditional Area), Nana Ofori Asiama (Kroti Hene of Apesokubi Anyinasin), Nana Ofori Asiama (Kroti Hene of Apesokubi Anyinasin), Nana Obrim Apreko (Kroti Hemaa of Tepa Traditional Area), Nana Addobea (Nkoso Hemaa of Apesokubi), Nana Ama Kintinki (Adonten Hemaa of Pampawe Amanta), Nana Abena Frempomaa (Asante Mampong Oboben Hemaa), Naa Adese Omanye Sane III (Okpoigonno Manye), Nii Abiriw Anum (Anum-Teiman Seitse), Naa Dede Awura (Kokomlemle Akrade Manye), Nana Kofi Akuma V (Edwumako Mando Obaatan).

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Suame Area Chieftaincy Ministry Holds Maiden Joint Service web

Suame Area Chieftaincy Ministry Holds Maiden Joint Service

The Suame Area Chieftaincy Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, led by Elder Dr. Nana K. Gyasi, has organised its maiden royals joint service.

The event, which took place on Friday, January 20, 2023, was graced by chiefs, queens and royals in the Kumasi metropolis.

The Area Head, Apostle John Obeing Kesse, in a sermon, said that the vision of The Church of Pentecost for the chieftaincy institution is to bring the palace closer to God.

Inaugurating the Area Chieftaincy Ministry, Apostle Kesse stressed the need to bring together all royals in the enclave to thank God for his guidance and protection.

He blessed the royals for gracing the programme and congratulated them for the good work they are doing for God and country.

Speaking on the theme, “Repositioning our Kings and Queens to serve God to have maximum impact to serve the nations” based on Deuteronomy 17:14-20 and Daniel 4:34-37, the Area Head disclosed that God worked with the prophets, priests, and kings in the days of old in prosecuting his agenda on earth.

According to him, royalty is from the Lord. He, therefore, charged them to serve with diligence and with the fear of God to uplift the face of their communities just as King David and Solomon did in their days.

He entreated them to serve with integrity since Ghana is looking for kings and queens who are honest and lead by example.

Apostle Kesse further encouraged them to rule with biblical principles and values. He stated although culture and traditions cannot be changed, however when culture and traditions meet Christ it opens up to the power of Christ.

He called on the royals to stand for God while assuring them that God who has called them and made them leaders of their communities will protect and guide, and lead them on to an expected end. 

Deaconess Victoria Fosuaa of Akrowa Pentecost Revival Centre prayed after the Word, while Pastor Frank K. Sinatra (Area PEMEM Leader), thanked the royals for gracing the occasion.

Report by Pastor Peter Mensah Yanney.