Koforidua Area Joins New Juaben Traditional Council To Celebrate Akwesidae web

Koforidua Area Joins New Juaben Traditional Council To Celebrate Akwesidae

The Koforidua Area of The Church of Pentecost joined the New Juaben Traditional Council during the Easter festivities to celebrate the Akwasidae festival.

This happened during the 2024 Easter Convention organised by the Church under the theme, “He Is Risen” (Matthew 28:6) which provided a perfect opportunity for the collaborative festivities.

During the celebration, Daasebere Nana Kwaku Boateng III (Omanhene of the New Juaben Traditional Area) emphasised the importance of community consciousness, peace, safety, and development.

He urged residents of the area to prioritise the integrity of their surroundings, advocating for initiatives such as household toilets to promote cleanliness and sanitation in and around Koforidua.

The festivities were enriched with song ministrations and spiritual blessings, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and religious faith. As the people gathered to honour their heritage, the spirit of unity and togetherness resonated throughout.

Akwasidae, meaning “the day of the sacred stool,” holds significant cultural and spiritual importance for the Akans. The colourful festival symbolises unity and strength. Held every six weeks on a Sunday, it serves as a time for communal gathering, cultural appreciation, and ancestral reverence. The sacred stool, a revered symbol, takes centre stage during the festivities, inviting homage and respect from all persons.

Among the persons present at the occasion were Apostle Mike Etrue (Koforidua Area Head), and Mrs. Philomena Mireku (Women’s Ministry Director of the Church), among others.

Report by David Sablah (Freedom), Koforidua.

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