National Chieftaincy Ministry Organises Seminar For Two Areas web

National Chieftaincy Ministry Organises Seminar For Two Areas

The National Chieftaincy Ministry continues with its training and seminars for traditional rulers and ministers in The Church of Pentecost to fully prepare them for the work of the ministry in the palace. 

The National Coordinator, Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, who has been leading the seminars, was in the Obuasi Area on Tuesday, 5th March 2024, and moved to the Atebubu Area on Friday, 8th March 2024. 

Attendance in Obuasi included the Obuasi Area Head, Prophet David Kankam Beditor, ministers and their wives, 46 royals and members of the Chieftaincy Ministry Committees from various districts in the Area. 

In the Atebubu Area, the event was attended by the Area Head, Apostle Isaac Amatey Anim, ministers and their wives, Nana Pimampim Yaw Kagbrese V (President of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs and Chairman of the National Chieftaincy Ministry Committee. Nana Afia Donyona II (Atebubuman Hemaa) and Nana Kwabena Kyere III (Adonten Hene and the Acting President of Atebubu Traditional Council) were also in attendance. A total of 215 royals were present in the Atebubu seminar.

In both seminars, the royals and traditional rulers expressed their happiness in the Lord in songs of praise and dancing.  

Apostle Anane Denteh, in his presentations in both Areas, spoke on the theme, “A People of God Unleashed for Maximum Impact in the Palace: The Perspective of the Pentecost Chieftaincy Ministry.”

Apostle Anane Denteh started by asking the following questions:

1. Would a traditional council tell a Christian royal that it is your turn to ascend the throne, but because you are a Christian, we cannot allow you to ascend the throne?

2. Can they also say it is your turn to ascend the throne, so denounce your Christianity and ascend the throne? 

He said that because the answers to these two questions were negative, the church needed to work on Christian royals. He, therefore, called on Christian royals to be very strong and resolute in their faith. 

He quoted Apostle Eric Nyamekye, the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, saying, “We do not have to invite unrepented people to the Church without passing through the gate, which is Jesus Christ.”

Apostle Anane Denteh reiterated the words of Apostle Ousmane Zabre (Burkina Faso National Head) in a sermon, once shared, “It is dangerous to focus on only the conviction of a person about Christianity who is not a converted follower of Christ.”

He emphasised that a Christian royal must have the conviction that God exists and repent by accepting Jesus Christ to become a follower of Christ, as seen in Acts 2:37-39. 

He encouraged traditional leaders to restructure their palaces to accommodate Jesus Christ. By so doing, he said, Christ will be factored in everything in the palace. 

Report by Kaakyire Asante

Bethel Worship Centre Holds “Youth Hangout” web

Bethel Worship Centre Holds “Youth Hangout”

The Bethel Worship Centre in the Canberra Capital District of The Church of Pentecost in Australia has successfully orchestrated an engaging evangelistic outreach programme dubbed “Youth Hangouts.”

The “Youth Hangouts,” held on December 27, 2023, became a hub for community bonding, featuring a variety of sports activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, scenic walks, and more.

The event aligned seamlessly with the “Possessing the Nations” agenda, serving as a platform for mass evangelism to children and parents who are not affiliated with the Church but frequently enjoy local parks. Through participation in these sports, a growing curiosity about the church emerged among the participants.

The event saw the presence of Elder Joseph Essuman, the Presiding Elder, Deacon Michael Benson, the Capital Teens Ministry Leader, and Nelson Dablorme, the District PEMEM Leader, along with other community members.

Report by PENTMEDIA Canberra

Deputy PEMEM Director Is Asamanghene-Elect, Awaits Official Swearing-In web

Deputy PEMEM Director Is Asamanghene-Elect, Awaits Official Swearing-In

The Deputy Director of the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM), Elder Ebenezer Acheampong, is set to be sworn-in as the next Chief of Asamang following his nomination and subsequent approval as the Asamanghene-Elect.

His ascension to the Asamang Sarpong stool was unanimously approved by the chiefs and elders on Thursday, December 21, 2023, in line with Asante customs and traditions.

Elder Acheampong becomes the 13th occupant of the Asamang Sarpong stool after the demise of Beema Owusu Sekyere in 2016.

He was sent to Nana Asamoah Sekyere II, Nsutamanhene, last Friday [December 22, 2023], by the Asamanghemaa and the sub-chiefs, as customs demand, and was accepted as the Asamanghene-elect pending the final swearing-in ceremony.

Elder Ebenezer Acheampong, former Acting Head of Procurement at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Procurement Consultant in charge of World Bank Funded Projects at MoFA, is also the immediate-past Presiding Elder of the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) in Kokomlemle, Accra.

He is an entrepreneur who has established companies like Zeotec Limited, a manufacturing company; Aca-City Farms, a commercial farm; Pathos AIB Limited, a manufacturing company; Biazo Realtors, a real estate company; Pathos Agro Limited, and AFMREC, a natural resources research firm.

Elder Acheampong holds a BSc in General Agriculture from the University of Cape Coast and an MSc in Socio-Economics of Rural Development from the University of Gottingen, Germany.

He is married to Abena Konadu Acheampong and is blessed with four children, two boys, and two girls.


Christian Youth Charged To Sharpen Their Skills web

Christian Youth Charged To Sharpen Their Skills

The Director of The Church of Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM), Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, has admonished Christian youth to sharpen themselves and help one another to be relevant in society.

Apostle Anane Denteh said this on Sunday, December 10, 2023, during the climax of the Ladies and Gents’ Wing Week Celebration of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA), University of Ghana, Legon.

Speaking on the topic, “Sharpening the Youth for Abundant Living,” with reference from Proverbs 27:17, Apostle Anane Denteh, an Executive Council Member, stressed the need to help one another in sharpening individual skills. 

According to him, it is natural that some old devices become blunt when used for a long time. Such devices are sometimes disposed of if they cannot perform the required task. Every one of us, he said, has sharp areas and blunt areas that need to be sharpened. 

He emphasised the need for Christians to allow themselves to be sharpened because everyone needs to be sharpened. 

He intimated that “sharpness” differs from “smartness” since a smart person does not always play by the rules, but a sharpened person does

To be a complete youth, Apostle Anane Denteh said some areas that are vital for their development include spiritual, physical, social and psychological development.

“Anything we do today is a rehearsal for what will come tomorrow. The Christian youth must be fully prepared for tomorrow since tomorrow is unknown,” he said. 

He, however, said that one cannot change the whole world, “but you have your sphere to influence.”

The PEMEM Director implored the youth to avoid laziness. Referencing Proverbs 10:4 and Proverbs 12:24, he said that a lazy person cannot succeed, but a diligent person will be successful. He further advised them to avoid dwelling on their past or vulnerabilities and move into the future, avoid addictions, bad habits and ideological thinking, which could be political, social or religious.

Present at the meeting were the Resident PENSA Campus Pastor and wife, Pastor Kwadwo Obeng and Mrs Eunice Obeng.

Report by Pastor Kwadwo Obeng

Axim Area Holds Maiden Cheiftaincy Seminar web

Axim Area Holds Maiden Cheiftaincy Seminar

Two hundred and thirty chiefs and royals in Nzemaland participated in the maiden Cheiftaincy seminar organised by the Axim Area of The Church of Pentecost.

The programme took place on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at the Nzema Manle Community Centre near Esiama in the Ellembelle District in the Western Region of Ghana.

Held under the leadership of the Area Head, Apostle Daniel Mireku Gyamera, the seminar aimed at bridging the gap between the Chieftaincy institution and the Church.

The seminar was graced by the National Cheiftaincy Ministry Coordinator, Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, who also serves as an Executive Council Member and the Director of the Men’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost.

Espousing the mission and the vision statements of the Chieftaincy Ministry of The Church of Pentecost to the participants, Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh noted that the ministry has a mission to reach out to royals for Christ to transform society and also equip Christian royals with godly virtues, Kingdom values and principles, to influence their communities.

He highlighted integrity, fairness, justice honesty, faithfulness and loyalty, among others as virtues that need to be embraced by royals and stakeholders to propel and facilitate the achievement of the mission, vision and objectives of the ministry.

The National Coordinator further stated that traditional leadership is a unique institution and the church needs to understand its traditional principles to make maximum impact in the palace.

In his view, there is a need to create synergy between the Church and the palace as they both work together to address the problems of society.

The evolution of chieftaincy in Ghana was another area the National Coordinator shed light on.

He explained that the Chieftaincy institution for decades has moved from unstructured to structured, with the Mole-Dagbon kingdom as the pioneer of this drive.

According to him, the development of African societies largely depends on the leadership of the chiefs; acting as captains during wars, rescuing their people, enforcing unity, law and order, and consolidating these developments in their jurisdictions.

Apostle Anane Denteh also succinctly talked about the symbols of authority in Ghanaian chiefdom, where he revealed that the stool and the skin symbolises the soul of the community, unity, and divine leadership, among others.

The sword, he noted, is a symbol of strength and power, whilst the drum is a medium of communication and musical instrument, adding that the type of the drum depicts the ethnic identity of the people.

Apostle Anane Denteh further submitted that chiefs possess authority, yet they acknowledge the supreme authority of God.

“Conviction without conversion is dangerous. Given this, chiefs and royals must be guided on the right approach to God,” he advised.

Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh touched on the legal aspects of Chieftaincy in Ghana regarding Act 270 of the 1992 Constitution and Chieftaincy Act 759 (2008) which establishes and regulates the institution and conduct of chiefs.

He stressed that, according to the constitutional provision, Chiefs are not to take part in active (partisan) politics and that anyone who desires to do so must abdicate his throne. He, however, clarified that the laws of the country allow for a chief to be appointed to any public office for which he qualifies.

Apostle Daniel Mireku Gyamera also addressed the gathering during the event.

Reading from 2 Chronicles 17:3-13, he posited that God established the kingdom of King Jehoshaphat and made Judah prosper under his kingship because he received the law of God and also appointed priests and godly people to teach the law of God throughout the kingdom of Judah.

This, he said, was because Jehoshaphat was obedient to God and very committed to Him.

“He allowed the law of God to transform his kingdom by not continuing in the sins of his fathers but committed his life to the most high God,” he said.

The Axim Area Head, therefore, advised the chiefs and royals to open their palaces and communities to Jesus and also embrace the gospel themselves for God to establish their kingdoms and prosper their jurisdictions during their reign.

“When you this, the Lord Himself will protect and deliver you from every spiritual attack and make your name great on the land,” he assured.

In turn, Nana Kofi Bonya VI, Chief of Baseke and a National Executive Committee member of the Chieftaincy Ministry, also advised traditional leaders to see ministers as development partners, urging that some communal activities should be channelled through the church.

He observed that, in contemporary times, people are loyal to their religion or faith and tend to listen to their religious leaders more than the traditional leaders.

There is therefore the need to bridge the gap between the palace and the church for community development, he added.

On behalf of the participants, Awulae Agyefi Kwame II, the Paramount Chief of Lower Town Axim and Nsein Traditional Area, expressed deep appreciation to the church for its swift response to the plights of chiefs.

He also said the Church should not relent from visiting their  palaces, saying: “We also want to make it to heaven.”

Awulae Agyefi encouraged the royals and traditional leaders to engage the ministers and Church leaders for their inputs and opinions regarding the development of their jurisdictions.

Apostle Daniel Mireku Gyamera, then, led all the ministers present to pray for the chiefs and royals for divine protection and for their hearts to be opened to the gospel.

In attendance were prominent chiefs and royals from the various traditional areas in the Nzema land and the Axim Area pastorate, including Pastor Francis K. Amewondey, a National Executive Committee Member of the Cheiftaincy Ministry and the Axim Area Chieftaincy Ministry Coordinator.

Also present were Mrs. Martha Denteh (Wife of the National Coordinator) and Mrs. Evelyn Selasi Mireku Gyamerah (Wife of the Axim Area Head).

Report by Axim Area Media Team.

PEMEM Directorate Donates To Nsawam Prison web

PEMEM Directorate Donates To Nsawam Prison

The Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) Directorate has contributed food and sanitary items valued at GHC120,000.00 to both the Nsawam Medium Security Prison and Camp Prison in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

A delegation headed by Pastor George Ofori officially presented the donations yesterday on behalf of the Directorate.

Receiving the items, Pastor ASP Thomas Owusu Brefo, expressed gratitude to the PEMEM leadership for the generous gesture.


Agormanya Area Organises Entrepreneurship Workshop web

Agormanya Area Organises Entrepreneurship Workshop

The Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost organised an entrepreneurship workshop for members in the Area on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

The day’s seminar, held under the theme “Wealth Creation through Agribusiness,” recorded about 179 participants drawn from the 24 districts across the Area.

Opening the workshop, the Area Head, Apostle Samuel Kojo Gakpetor, informed the gathering that the purpose of the workshop was to boost the entrepreneurial skills of church members towards achieving financial independence and economic stability.

He explained that financial literacy is key to successful living. According to him, one can be a salaried worker and still be an entrepreneur.

He, therefore, urged attendees to take the workshop very seriously and pay critical attention in order to draw inspiration and lessons from the success stories of the speakers.

Presenting on the topic “Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur,” the Deputy PEMEM Director, Elder Ebenezer Acheampong, defined an entrepreneur as someone who undertakes risk in doing business.

He observed that a key element to being successful as an entrepreneur is to ensure that the market is readily available for your product; otherwise, the entrepreneur may incur a loss leading to the collapse of the business.

He cautioned that measures should be put in place to reduce production costs such that the cost of doing business will be less than profit in order to prevent running at a loss.

He further encouraged entrepreneurs to “cultivate the habit of saving,” emphasising that savings serve as the entrepreneurs’ backbone in times of difficulties.

Elder Anthony Blay, the CEO of Volta Banana Farms, in his presentation, underscored the relevance of passion and innovativeness in entrepreneurship. “You need to be passionate and innovative and create new businesses,” he said.

He outlined discipline, curiosity, creativity, a willingness to try new things, honesty, and good planning, among others, as key virtues relevant for business success.

He observed that not every business will start reaping profits overnight, but when these virtues are applied, the business will ultimately become successful.

Elder Blay cautioned against indecision, ill-advised decisions, not sticking to one’s budget, setting unrealistic goals, and fear as some factors leading to the collapse of businesses.

Practical sessions on cultivating Mushroom and Catfish farming were facilitated by Mr. Obed Asamoah and Elder Benson Mensah in groups of two.

As a follow-up to the workshop, members involved in Agribusiness were to be grouped into cooperatives so they can encourage each other to keep to best practices as well as attract incentives from Government and organisations.

The participants were grateful to God and the Area for organising such a workshop and pledged to put into practice what they have learned.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team

Yennyawoso District PEMEM Honours Past Executive Members web

Yennyawoso District PEMEM Honours Past Executive Members

A mammoth service was on Friday, November 24, 2023, organised by the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) of the Yennyawoso District of The Church of Pentecost to appreciate its outgone Executive Committee Members.

Officiated by the District Minister, Pastor Maxwell Adubofourh Asiedu, the service, which was held at the Central Assembly auditorium, extolled the remarkable efforts and contributions made in the success of the District PEMEM by Elder Abraham Yeboah Acheampong, Elder Daniel Addae Manu, Deacon Samuel Yaw Frimpong, and Brother Osei Kwadwo, during their tenure as Assistant Leader, Financial Secretary, Secretary, and Organiser respectively.

They were each presented a citation and an undisclosed amount of cash as tokens of appreciation.

In a terse exhortation, based on Hebrews 6:10, Pastor Adubofourh Asiedu stressed that God does not forget the works of the righteous.

“God records the good works Christians do against their names and rewards them accordingly,” he said. He, therefore, encouraged the gathering to continue serving the Lord wholeheartedly and keep trusting His name (Proverbs 18:10) for their services will never go unrewarded.

On his part, the New Tafo Area PEMEM Leader and Ashtown District Minister, Pastor Samuel Kwadwo Oteng, who graced the occasion, admonished the outgone executive members not to relax their efforts because they have finished their term of office, but continue helping and nurturing the new ones with their experience to ensure the growth of the ministry.

Present at the service were Mrs. Joana Adubofourh Asiedu (wife of the District Minister), Elder Samuel Nana Brobbey (District PEMEM Leader), together with other Executive Committee Members of the District PEMEM, Local PEMEM Executive Members, District Leaders of the other ministries, among others.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah

AGRIHOUSE, PEMEM, And PENTSOS Explore Possibilities Of Forging Partnership web

AGRIHOUSE, PEMEM, And PENTSOS Explore Possibilities Of Forging Partnership

AGRIHOUSE Foundation, an agribusiness non-governmental organisation, the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM), and PENTSOS are in the early stages of exploring opportunities to promote the Ministry’s agribusiness agenda among its members.

The inaugural meeting to discuss this exciting collaboration occurred at the General Headquarters of The Church of Pentecost on Monday, November 6, 2023. Representing PEMEM were the National Director, Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, his deputy, Elder Ebenezer Acheampong, and Elder Stephen Djabah, a member of PEMEM’s National Executive Committee. Elder Frank Adutwum represented the Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS).

AGRIHOUSE team was led by its Founder and Executive Director, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, and Pamela Setor, the Impact and Promotions Executive. Among the attendees were Senator Ken Schilz from Nebraska, USA, and representatives from Heart Builders Real Estate, Eunice Taylor and Daniel Tetteh. Also present was Elder Benson Mensah, who is into piggery.

Alberta Akosa outlined AGRIHOUSE’s mission, which is to advance agribusiness through exhibitions, advocacy efforts, capacity-building programmes, community development initiatives, social impact programs, seminars, workshops, trade missions, and various innovative projects. She highlighted the organisation’s involvement in activities such as boot camps, pre-harvest programmes, one-house-one garden projects, and livestock programs, all aimed at enhancing the agricultural sector through education and training.

Senator Ken Schilz from Nebraska, on his part, emphasised the importance of marketing programs in ensuring that farmers receive fair value for their products while helping consumers better understand the processes involved in farming. He suggested that sharing personal farm stories through documentaries could foster a stronger connection between consumers and farmers, thereby ensuring that consumers appreciate the authenticity of the products they consume.

With PEMEM and PENTSOS agribusiness initiatives, the team expressed their interest in partnering with the church to bolster the agricultural sector.

Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, Director of PEMEM and an Executive Council Member of the church, explained that about 60 percent of the church members depend on agricultural activities as their source of livelihood.

He, however, expressed concern about the problem of post-harvest losses affecting farmers in Ghana. Thus, the Ministry seeks to partner with any agribusiness organisation that will help to train church members who are into farming to overcome the challenges confronting them in the agribusiness sector.

The focus of PEMEM, according to him, is to train church members on best agribusiness practices to enhance their skills in the production, preservation, processing, and marketing of their farm produce.

Apostle Anane Denteh was optimistic that the Women’s and Youth ministries all have a stake in developing the skills of their members in agribusiness.

This potential partnership holds promise for the agricultural sector in Ghana and could pave the way for innovative solutions to the industry’s most pressing issues.


Winneba Area PEMEM Organises Entrepreneurial Skills Training For Church Members WEB

Winneba Area PEMEM Organises Entrepreneurial Skills Training For Church Members

The Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) of the Winneba Area, in collaboration with McKeown Global Company Limited, has organised entrepreneurial skills and alternative livelihood training for members of the church in the area.

About 408 participants drawn from the Awutu, Senya, Winneba, Apam, and Odina Ogua zones took part in the five-day event, which was held from Monday, September 25, to Friday, September 29, 2023.

The Area PEMEM Leader, Pastor Augustine Norman Kantiampong, who also serves as the Winneba District Minister, stated that the rationale behind the training is to equip the members with employable skills for sustainable livelihoods.

According to him, this would help reduce the high rate of unemployment in the church and the nation as a whole.

The participants were taught various skills, including the production of brown sugar, organic fertilizer, “Azuma” soap, shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, bee farming, yogurt production, snail farming, bar soap making, catfish farming, weedicides, and biodigesters.

Some participants who spoke to PENTECOST NEWS at the sidelines of the event expressed appreciation to the PEMEM leadership for this laudable initiative.

Report by Pastor Isaac Sunkwah Nekasen (Gyahadze District)