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New Tafo Area Honours Outgone Area Women’s Ministry Executives

The New Tafo Area of The Church of Pentecost has organised a farewell service in honour of the outgone Area Women’s Ministry leadership at the M. K. Yeboah Temple, Krofrom in Kumasi.

The event, which was chaired by the Area Head, Apostle Samuel Antwi, took place on October 20, 2020. It was attended by members of the ministry, family and friends of the reviewed leaders and the pastorate in the Area and their wives, among others.

The reviewed leaders served the ministry for six years. They are: Deaconess Deborah Ntim (Area Leader), Deaconess Esther Boakye Duah alias Mama Esther, a popular gospel artiste (Assistant Leader), Deaconess Rosemond Love Kusi (Secretary), Deaconess Patricia Frimpong (Treasurer), Deaconess Gloria Asiedu and Deaconess Comfort Osei (Members).

The new Area leaders are: Deaconess Mavis Addai (Area Leader), Deaconess Mercy Antwi Duah (Assistant), Deaconess Portia Oppong Ntiamoah (Secretary), Deaconess Esther Acheampong (Financial Secretary), Deaconess Doris Yeboah (Treasurer), Deaconess Theresa Osei (Member), and Mrs. Margaret Dwamenah Asante (Pastors Wives’ Representative).

The Area Head, Apostle Samuel Antwi, in a sermonette stated the need for believers to contend for the faith (Jude 3) regardless of their situations and ranks. He also stated the need for Christians to contend for the gospel and prayer.

In her testimony, the new Area Leader, Deaconess Mavis Addai, said the reviewed Area leaders achieved a lot of successes to advance the cause of the Women’s Ministry in the Area due to their affable and God-fearing attitude.

Joined by their husbands, Deaconess Deborah Ntim (the outgone Area leader), on behalf of her colleagues, appreciated the support of all, including the outgone National Women’s Ministry Executives led by Deaconess Mrs. Grace Lucy Yeboah-Asuama, the current and past Area Heads and their wives, pastors and their wives, District Women’s Ministry Executives, members of the ministry, family and all stakeholders of the ministry.

Mrs. Mary Antwi (wife of the Area Head), joined by Mrs. Elizabeth Asante (wife of the former Area Head), on behalf of the ministry, presented citations to the outgone Area leaders.

Report by Dennis Owusu.

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Ho Area Holds Virtuous Ladies Conference 2020

The Ho Area Virtuous Ladies wing of The Church of Pentecost has organised their maiden conference at the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Mawuli Estate in Ho.

The event, which took place on September 21, 2020, was on the theme: “The Role of Temperament In Relationship and Marriage.” It was attended by 470 participants. The purpose of the conference was to educate members of the group on the different types of temperaments or personality traits and how to manage them for an impactful relationship and marriage.

Speaking at the conference, the wife of the Area Head, Mrs. Elizabeth Esenam Ahiakor, touched on the four main types of temperaments and explicitly explained their characteristics, negative and positive impacts, and how to manage their strengths to outshine their weaknesses, saying,  “Knowing this would help us in choosing our suitors.”

To the married, she encouraged them to know and focus more on their spouses’ strengths and support them in bringing the positive sides of their temperament to bear, so as to enjoy their marriage.

Mrs. Elizabeith Ahiakor said that in as much as members of the Church intend to possess nations for Christ as agents of transformation, it is also expedient on their part to know these personality traits so that they can become all people to all men in order to win some for Christ.

Mrs. Deborah Guessou (wife of a Pastor) and Deaconess Fidelia Ametefe (the Area Women Ministry Leader) commended the leadership of the Virtuous Ladies wing of the ministry for organising the conference.

Report by Overseer Felix Brakatu, Ho.

Adaklu Agblefe District Women’s Ministry Trains Women In Entrepreneurial Skills 1

Adaklu Agblefe District Women’s Ministry Trains Women In Entrepreneurial Skills

The Adaklu Agblefe District Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has organised home skills and entrepreneurial training for women in the district.

The event which took place on August 20, 2020, was part of the activities marking the celebration of the just-ended Women’s Ministry National Week, which was held under the theme: “Woman! The Glorious Bride of Christ, to Possess the Nations.”

According to the wife of the District Minister, Mrs. Ruth Brakatu, the training was intended to help the women with business start-up ideas to complement the income of their husbands.

The training comprised of liquid soap and Shampoo, Hausa koose fried with egg, and locally made fan ice cream with several flavours.

The programme, which was held at the Kpetsu Zone of the district, did not only comprise of members of the Church but women within the community. It was replicated in the other zones within the district.

The participants expressed their profound gratitude to the Church for not keeping the skills training to themselves but involved the whole community. They were poised to make a business out of the training and skills acquired.

Report by Overseer Felix Brakatu.

Mrs Koduah

Mrs. Rachel Koduah Urges Women To Walk The Narrow Path

The wife of the Teshie-Nungua Area Head of The Church o Pentecost, Mrs. Rachel Koduah, has urged believers to follow the narrow path to heaven as glorious brides of Christ.

Speaking at the climax of the weeklong National Women’s Ministry Week celebrations on Sunday, August 23, 2020, at the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) Graceland, Nungua on the theme: “Woman! A Glorious Bride to Possess the Nations,” Mrs. Rachel Koduah explained that the church is not necessarily the physical structure but rather the individuals that inhabit it, with Christ Jesus as the head.

According to her, believers are the brides and Christ is the bridegroom.

Using Ephesians 1:3-5 as a reference, she stated that Christ as the bridegroom has bought believers at a price and it is therefore very important that they know their true position in Him.

“Knowledge of our true inheritance in Christ will shape us in the way we conduct ourselves and our lives,” she said, adding, “Christ is preparing us to be presented to the Lord on His second coming as holy, acceptable, and spotless.”

She said this will be possible if believers walk the narrow but righteous path which is most often characterized by discomfort, hardships, and setbacks. “However, this righteous path will ultimately bring us to a glorious end,” she said.

According to her, the broad-way which is the sinful way may be easy but the end thereof is destruction, and as such believers must endeavour to avoid it.

Mrs. Koduah assured the congregation that the Lord is not ignorant of their challenges and efforts to stand strong and that at the appointed time He will come through for them if they do not give up.

Quoting from Revelations 2:1-5, she admonished believers to repent of all waywardness and embrace righteousness which befits their status as brides of Christ.

She reminded Christians that they are the salt and light of the world, and losing this makes them empty vessels with little or no importance. She further advised believers to be obedient to Christ, the Bridegroom, and allow themselves to be washed anew by his Word!

Also speaking at a virtual meeting at PIWC Sakumono earlier in the week on the theme, “Portraying God’s Glory in Hospitality,” Mrs. Koduah read from Genesis 18: 18; 24:15-28, Hebrews 13:6, 1 Peter 4:9.

She indicated that Abraham’s sense of hospitality became a source of his blessings. She urged women to show hospitality from their hearts, without grumbling.

Speaking on Sunday, August 23, 2020, on the topic: “The Lord God Almighty Remembers,” the Area Women’s Ministry Leader, Deaconess Cynthia Araba Siaw Agyepong quoted Malachi 3:5 among other Scriptures and encouraged believers to be steadfast in the faith, serving with all their might as Abraham did and saved his family and household including Lot from disaster.

She also made reference to Hannah and said after a long time of prayers for the fruit of the womb, the Lord remembered her and gave her a son. “Barrenness comes in many forms, it could be dryness in business like Peter on the sea of Galilea. Whatever has become barren will be moved in Jesus name,” she said, adding, “The God you have served effortlessly and tirelessly will surely remember and reward you for your handwork.”

Report by Grace/Life Media Teams.


Kintampo Area Women’s Ministry Honours Past Executive Members

The Kintampo Area Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has honoured three reviewed Executive Committee Members for their selfless, hardworking and dedicated services to the ministry for the past four years.

The three were Deaconesses Esther Nyamekye, Florence Amoakoa Adjei and Patience Anyorgbor, who served as Assistant leader, Secretary and Executive Committee Member, respectively.

The event which took place on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, at the Kintampo Newtown Central Assembly, was also used to induct the incoming leaders into office. The newly appointed executive members were Deaconesses Mary Amankwah, Rebecca Tanor and Vida Enninful, who will be serving as Assistant leader, Secretary and Executive Committee Member respectively.

In a sermon on the topic, “Women helping to build a Glorious Church,” the Area Head, Apostle Gideon Obeng-Darko Debrah, mentioned that the Church that Jesus is building in Matthew 16:18 cannot be built without women, since women play a very key and significant role in the Church.

He added that one of Jesus’ purposes of coming to the earth was to build a glorious Church. To achieve this, he said, Jesus devoted much time and worked with women throughout his ministry on earth.

Using Luke 8:1-3; 24:1-3, 9-11 as Scripture references, he outlined some of the contributions of some women in the Bible to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Notably amongst them were Mary Magdalene, Joana and Susanna. These women, he said, supported and provided for the early Church out of their own means and resources.

He mentioned that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit first occurred in the house of the mother of John Mark, while the 1st Century church also began in the home of a woman.

Apostle Debrah indicated that the history of The Church of Pentecost cannot be complete without mentioning the outstanding contributions of some women in the early formation of the Church who stood firmly behind the men.

According to him, in the Kintampo Area, for instance, some women in the Church serve as Presiding Officers in some local assemblies and are excelling on their duties. This, he said, shows how women are so important in building a glorious church.

He admonished women to help build a glorious church by giving their resources to support the work of the ministry and intercede in prayers for the growth of the Church just as Dorcas, Mary Magdalene, and others did.

The Area Head concluded his sermon by advising all married women to glorify God through their marriages. They are to be true examples in their marriages for others to emulate.

In attendance were Mrs. Mabel Debrah (wife of the Area Head), Deaconess Theresa Kwapong (Area Women’s Ministry Leader), Ministers and their wives as well as members and leaders of the Women’s Ministry.

Report by Overseer Prince Augustine Ababio, Area Reporter.

Mama Belinda2

La Area Virtuous Ladies Hold Virtual Meeting

The La Area Virtuous Ladies wing of the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, held their maiden virtual programme under the theme, “The Virtuous Lady in God’s Eyes.”

In a presentation, the Area Coordinator, Deaconess Belinda Beatrice Asare, touched on the history, vision, mission, objectives and the essence of establishing the Virtuous Ladies group within the Women’s Ministry of the church.

She stated: “The 21st-century woman is central in the achievement of the church’s mission of making disciples for the kingdom of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is therefore important for the church to groom its women, right from their early years in the things of God, and equip them with fundamental skills that will enable them to sail through the journey of life.”

She indicated that it is the responsibility of the church to direct its young women to the biblical principles of life to help build a lasting personal relationship with God so that they will be able to make informed life choices to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

She noted that the vision of the Virtuous Ladies group is to aspire to be complete in Christ, reflecting God’s love in all spheres of life. The mission, therefore, is to equip women to achieve their full potentials spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially, she said.

With scriptural references to Proverbs 31; Luke 18: 16; Ephesians 5; 1 Peter 3; and Matthew 22: 37, the Area Coordinator identified the various characteristics of a virtuous lady as one who loves Jesus with all her heart; a faithful bride, a loving mother whose children, and takes care of her physical, mental, and spiritual health.

She added that virtuous ladies serve with love and kindness. They are also wise stewards of the gifts that God entrusts to their care, industrious and work with willing hands. They are also good managers of their homes, spend their time on that which is good, and are creative and also embrace beauty and godliness.

Also referring to Matthew 4: 4; Mark 1: 35; 2 Corinthians 5:17; and Titus 2; she charged members to be obedient to God’s word, pray without ceasing, cling to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and not forsake the gathering of the saints.

She also called on members of the group to have Jesus Christ as their role model.

Concluding her presentation, Deaconess Belinda Beatrice Asare said that being a virtuous lady is an undisputable quality every Christian woman should possess. “As virtuous ladies, our ultimate mandate on earth is to live for Christ and serve our homes, churches, communities, and generations,” she stressed.

Report by Gina Akua Padi.

Women’s Ministry Organises Virtuous Ladies’ Retreat

Women’s Ministry Organises Virtuous Ladies’ Retreat

It was a great spectacle to behold when thousands of young ladies of The Church of Pentecost converged at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh for the Virtuous Ladies’ retreat organised by the Women’s Ministry.

The 3-day training event, which officially opened on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, seeks to equip young ladies of the church and orient Women’s Ministry leaders about the Virtuous Ladies concept.

Speaking at the conference, the Director of the Women’s Ministry, Deaconess (Mrs.) Grace Lucy Yeboah-Asuama, stressed that the Virtuous Ladies wing is not distinct from the Women’s Ministry but should be seen as part of the ministry.

She, therefore, urged young ladies in the church to be interested in the activities of the Women’s Ministry because they are the ministry’s future leaders.

The Women’s Director also called on Ministry leaders at the various levels of the church to involve the youth in activities of the ministry.

The main facilitator for the retreat, Rev. Phillip Tutu, a minister of the Assemblies of God church and a leadership coach, gave an insightful presentation on leadership.

In his presentation, Rev. Tutu emphasized that leadership is not a title nor a position, rather leadership is influence.

He explained that leaders must first lead themselves before they could lead others or an organization.

He further noted that to lead one’s self is to develop or build one’s capacity, saying that” every leader has a responsibility to develop him or herself.”

Referring to 2 Peter 1:3, he said that God has endowed every Christian with the ability to be a good leader. He said that as a leader, one must aspire to be a person of integrity and to be spiritually healthy. “The Spiritual health of a leader is determined by how much of the word of God is in him or her,” he said.

He also noted that a leader must be a critical thinker, be able to make good decisions and must be a problem solver. “Life is full of decisions and problems, and a leader must be able to think critically, take good decisions and solve problems,” he said.

He also advised them to set personal goals, manage time and stress effectively and develop emotional intelligence.

Touching on how to lead others, Rev. Phillip Tutu mentioned “Coaching and Mentoring, Counselling, Delegating and Supervising, as well as Building trust” as some of the effective ways of leading others.

He advised leaders to ensure effective communication and to manage interpersonal conflicts among their followers. He urged them to build the capacity to accommodate and handle difficult people by making an effort to listen and understand them.

Rev. Tutu also advised leaders to manage the power and influence that comes with leadership positions well so that they do not lord themselves over their followers.

“As a leader, seek feedback from your followers and value diversity. Don’t expect everyone to be like you, allow people to be different and have a big heart to accommodate the Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic and the Choleric,” he said.

Virtuous Ladies is the youth wing of the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost which comprises all female members from ages 13 to 35 years.