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Elmina District Women’s Ministry Donates To Ankaful Mental Hospital

The Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost in Elmina District has donated some assorted items to the Ankaful Mental/Psychiatric Hospital, near Elmina in the Central Region.

The items donated included water (bagged and bottled), liquid soaps, washing powder, tissues, toilet rolls, bottled drinks, biscuits, antiseptics for cleaning, among others.

The Women’s Ministry delegation was led by the District Minister, Pastor Chris Ameyaw, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Awurakua Ameyaw, the District Women’s Ministry Leader, Deaconess Regina Christopher, her Assistant, Deaconess Dorcas Lomotey, the Secretary, Deaconess Catherine Buadu, and the Treasurer, Deaconess Veronica Naana Sampa, among others.

Presenting the items to the hospital, Pastor Chris Ameyaw stated that the donation was based on the love mandate Christ admonished believers to express in Romans 5:8, saying, “Irrespective of the status of a person, we need to fully demonstrate love through giving.”

He added: “When we were yet sinners, deserving punishment, Christ gave up His precious life for us by dying a vicarious death on the cross.  Since Jesus Christ gave unconditionally, all who are Christ-centered must also give to their neighbours, including patients at the hospital.”

He commended the hospital management and staff for their selfless service to patients.

The Deputy Director of Nursing Services (DDNS) of the hospital, Mr. Bismark Tuffour, and other management members of the hospital received the items.

They expressed their profound appreciation to The Church of Pentecost in Elmina and the Women’s Ministry for choosing the Ankaful hospital.

The DDNS described the donation as apt and timely since the facility was in dire need of them.

He added that the facility since its inception in 1965 had treated and discharged many clients (patients) with diverse mental and psychiatric challenges. He assured the church and the Women’s Ministry leadership that the facility is well equipped to heal any form of mental ailment.

Mr. Bismark Tuffour stated that effort has been put in place to ensure that clients are well taken care of. While applauding the church for the gesture, which he said will go a long way to complement government’s effort, he called on others institutions to emulate the gesture.

Report by Enjell Cherubim Senam Fiadzigbe, Elmina.

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Fire On The Heads Of Women: Historical Antecedents And Beacon Of Blessing Of The Ministry Of Women In The Church Of Pentecost


The Church of Pentecost (CoP) like other great institutions that seek to make a purposeful impact on life, naturally endorsed the establishment of special sub-ministries or functional ministries (previously called “movements” until 2012) that will mobilize, nurture and empower focus groups spelled out by gender and age within the church. This structure is, invariably, a tool for intentional discipleship. Beginning in the early 1940s, less than a decade after Rev. James McKeown landed on the shores of Ghana, the Young People’s Movement emerged. This group metamorphosed into the Witness Movement (now evangelism ministry), Youth ministry, and PENSA. Within this same period, by 1945, Rev. Adam McKeown, Mrs. Sophia McKeown, and Mrs. Christiana Obu organised the women to form the Women Movement (now Women Ministry). An official inauguration took place in 1952. Interestingly, the Pentecost Men Ministry (PEMEM) was formed many years later after the Women Ministry came into existence. PEMEM began operation officially in 1991 after the proposal for its formation was accepted in 1988. However, the organization of the men started somewhere in 1985. Thus the ladies, as an organised group, were in ministry long before PEMEM. The emergence of the Women Ministry, led to the improvement of the spiritual and socio-economic status of the ladies as they were trained in literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and public life. The women excelled in evangelism and disciple-making as well. Consequently, the contribution of their lot to the church cannot be erased from the annals of the CoP. Numerically, at the end of 2018, it was reported that women formed 62% of the entire membership of the CoP. Their ministry must continually be held in high esteem. In this very short essay, I shall make brief reference to the special work of mainly three women whilst mentioning others in passing, and discuss the transformation of the ministry of women in leadership per the foregoing reformation within the CoP. The ministry of women is significantly the eddies of the CoP

The Tears that Watered the Seed of Ghana’s Pentecostalism: Sophia McKeown and her Love for Mission in Africa

History holds that in 1935, during a convention in England, a prophecy came forth calling Rev. James McKeown to missions in Africa. The prophecy came in his absence but he refused to respond to the call because of reservations he had concerning the practice of prophesying in his church at that time. Sophia, who was older and educated to a more advanced level than James, had to convince her husband to respond to the call to Africa. It took her incessant tears to urge James McKeown to finally respond to the call. Where would we have been now if not for the tears of Sophia? These tears watered the seed of the idea of the CoP which was in the mind of God. What lessons can we learn from this virtuous lady who sacrificed her comfort to live in the “death zone of Africa.”? Africa was then regarded as the graveside of the white man because most of the white missionaries who came to Africa could not excel in work on the continent. They either die due to the “unfriendly” weather or go back home due to a lack of progress in the missionary work. Sophia did not only persuade her husband to come to Africa but she became actively involved in missions herself. Though from the West, she was well incarnated in Ghana and this led to a great impact on the holistic development of the women and the church at large.

Christiana Obu, the Stone, and Eunice Addison, the Voice

Available records show that after school, Christiana became a pupil-teacher, and businesswoman. She generously used her money to support Pastor James McKeown when the church was facing financial crises. She also did interpretation for him. She came into contact with Pastor McKeown during a trek he made to Saltpond. She responded to an invitation to meet McKeown. She became McKeown’s convert. Christiana together with other women, Prudence Anaman, Clara Anaman, and Maame Halleluyah pastored churches in the early days of the church, during the chairmanship of Pastor McKeown when getting men for leadership roles became a difficult task.

On the part of Eunice Francisca Stephanie Nana Afoa Addison, she became a conduit of divine music in the church. She contributed many of the songs that are sung in churches in Ghana today. She impacted others with this gift. This reception of spiritual songs has remained a significant part of the theology and praxis of the CoP. Usually, when a new song is being sung, one would likely hear a CoP member ask “Who received this song.” It is normative. I think the whole phenomenon must be studied further. This will contribute greatly to the ongoing development of Pentecostal pneumatology in particular and theology in general.

Eunice was also once the presiding deaconess of the Merry Villas assembly during a time in which the chapel of the assembly was closed down due to some crises. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah intervened for the assembly to get back to their auditorium. During her home call service at the Trade Fair Centre at La on May 4, 2013 (I was present at the meeting), Eunice was referred to as “the great apostle of God” by Apostle Opoku Onyinah when he was offering the benediction to close off the meeting. Indeed, many women in the CoP are walking in the apostolic. Their leadership in the past and present is a growing appreciation of the use of women by the Holy Spirit in the building of the Kingdom of God.

The Growing Ministry of Women

Classical Pentecostalism since its inception has seen the great influence of women around the world. Due in part to the full reliance on the activity of the Holy Spirit, there is much flexibility that offers people of different socio-economic persuasions to be engaged in missions. The renewal of modern Pentecostalism owes much to the pneumatic phenomenon of speaking in tongues by one Agnes Ozman in a time when the renewal of this spectacle as seen in the Acts of the Apostles was being desired. Agnes was a student in the Bethel Bible School in Topeka, Kansas. This school was established by Charles Fox Parham. Parham is widely held as the father of modern Pentecostalism. Other women including Agnes Beckdahl, Grace Agar, Elizabeth Sisson, Jessie Wengler, and Maria Gerber, among others, played critical roles in shaping the classical Pentecostal movement. Nevertheless, immediate cultural tendencies and how Pentecostals have appropriated aspects of especially the Pauline corpus of the Bible impinges on the extent of the participation of women in Pentecostal leadership. Unlike the African Initiated Churches and the neo-pentecostal churches of Africa, the CoP is no different from the general classical Pentecostal take on women in ecclesiastical leadership. However, the ministry of women concerning leadership is growing steadily.  

In the formative years of the CoP, the contribution of women in various ways is arguably summed up in the Pastor James McKeown’s idea of handing over the leadership of the CoP to the women if he had the leeway to do so as reported by Christine Leonard in the book, A Giant in Ghana.Women began taking leadership roles at various levels. With time (beginning from 1965), it became the practice that the women’s ministry is led by general leaders who are males. They are deputized by women. In 1994, under the chairmanship of Prophet M. K. Yeboah, this structure of the leadership of the women’s ministry was changed to have a woman being the general leader though with a male patron of the ministry. In 1995, the designation “general leader” was changed to “director.” During the chairmanship of Apostle Opoku Onyinah, in 2015, the women’s ministry from the national to the local levels began to be fully handled by the women without the need for male patrons. Also, the constitution was amended to allow women to become part of the General Council, the highest decision-making body of the CoP. Under the present leadership of the CoP, women have been co-opted into the Executive Council, and Area, District, and Local Executive Committees.

Concerns have been shown especially the academia with regards to the CoP’s lack of ordination of women into full-time ministry. This is seen in the writings of Allan Anderson, Paul Gifford, J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, and Charles Prempeh, among others. Considering the development of the ministry of women in the CoP over the years and their obvious active participation in the life of the CoP, there are indicators that the place of women in the CoP would continue to appreciate. Their impact would continually be felt. The ministry of women is, in all regards, a sign of blessing for the CoP.


Many other women have played remarkable roles at various levels in the churches in all inhabitable continents on which the CoP is found. Historically, the ministry of ladies has helped to set the church up for great strides. Their contribution is a benchmark to direct the course of the future well-being of the church. It comes as no surprise when the CoP envisioned consciously maximizing and utilizing the resource of women. Towards this, intentional reflections on the dealings of the Holy Spirit with men and women alike must be on the go. May the fire of the Holy Spirit that comes upon women burn its way into enabling a remarkable influence of the women in the Church throughout the world.

By Elder Dr. Stephen Ofotsu Ofoe

Women's Ministry Supports Catholic Special Vocational School

The Church of Pentecost Women’s Ministry Supports Catholic School

The Assakae District Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has donated items worth over GHS 5,000.00 to the Catholic Special Vocational School at Fijai in the Western Region of Ghana as part of this year’s weeklong National Women’s Ministry celebration.

The items, which include mini bags of rice, toiletries, sanitary pads, bars of soap, bags of rice, sugar, Gari, loaves of bread, a mini bag of powdered pepper, crates of eggs, washing powder, Dettol, Fante kenkey, tissue papers, cooking oil, soft drinks, packs of bottled water, and a water closet seat, among others, were presented to the Headmistress of the school, Mrs Rose Kwofie, on Sunday, May 1, 2022, during a short presentation ceremony at the school premises.

Presenting the items on behalf of the ministry, the District Women’s Leader, Deaconess Lydia Acquah, indicated that as women in the church, they have been equipped to show love and care to the needy and less privileged.
“It is our responsibility as Christian women to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by sharing what we have with the needy and less privileged to ignite hope and joy in them as our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ would have done if He were here,” she affirmed.

The Assakae District Minister, Pastor Ernest Perbi-Asare, took the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the students, parents and staff present and challenged them to rely on God to constantly meet their needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.

Mr. Eric Adu, the Assistant Headmaster, commended the Women’s Ministry for the donation describing it as “very timely,” and appealed to other Christian organisations to emulate their gesture. 
In attendance were Deaconess Gladys Yankey (District Assistant Women’s Leader), Deaconess Genevieve Tuckson (District Women’s Secretary), Deaconess Vivian Dora Koramah Marfo (District Women’s Finance Secretary), other ministry executive committee members, officers and members of the Church.

Report by Assakae District Media Team

Akosombo District Women’s Ministry Gives To School, Orphanage

Akosombo District Women’s Ministry Gives To School, Orphanage 

The Women’s Ministry of Akosombo District of The Church of Pentecost has made separate donations to two institutions in their catchment area.

The first donation was made on March 11, 2022, to Akwamu West Anglican Primary School, where learning materials such as exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners were handed over to the Headmaster of the school who shared them among the pupils.

On Easter Monday, April 18, 2022, another donation of foodstuffs and provisions was made to the Heart For Ghana Orphanage to assist the inmates to have a good feel of the Easter festivities.

On both occasions, the women were led by the District Women’s Ministry Leader, Deaconess Mrs. Emelia Mausuor, and the wife of the District Pastor, Mrs Esther Appianing.


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Bethel Women’s Ministry Donates To Akosombo New Combine CHPS Compound

The Bethel Assembly Women’s Ministry in Akosombo New Combine District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost has donated assorted items to the New Combine Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Compound, near Akosombo in the Eastern Region.

Speaking at a short ceremony held on March 22, 2022, the Nurse-in charge of New Combine CHPS Compound, Rubby Awuni, thanked and appreciated the church for the kind gesture shown to them.

She explained that the donation was among the first social support shown to them since the establishment of the facility in 2017.

Mrs. Esther Kesse, wife of the Akosombo New Combine District Minster of The Church of Pentecost, in her response, commended the staff of the health facility for their commitment and hard work towards the health of members of the community.

She, however, advised them to continue serving the people wholeheartedly in patience and love.

Pastor Martin Berko Kesse, Akosombo New Combine District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, prayed for the staff and patients of the facility.

Deaconess Rose Teye, Bethel Assembly Women’s Ministry Leader, presented the items to them on behalf of the ministry.

Report by Pastor Martin Berko Kesse, Akosombo.


Worawora District Women’s Ministry Donates To Volta School For The Deaf & Blind

The Worawora District Women’s Ministry in the Hohoe Area of The Church of Pentecost, as part of activities marking Ghana’s 65th Independence Day, has donated assorted items worth GH₵ 5,310.00 to the Volta School for the Deaf & Blind in Hohoe.

Among the various items donated were three (3) computers, stationeries, 80 bowls of maize, bags of gari, toiletries, 10 gallons of liquid soap, soaps, 26 bags of sachet water, clothing, among others.

Dr. Michael Mawuli Castro Cudjoe, Headmaster for the school, receiving the items on behalf of the students and staff, expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the church for remembering the students.

He said that the items will further boost the morale of the students and build up their confidence to study hard.

The students demonstrated their joy and gratitude through dancing in sign language.

Present at the ceremony were Mrs. Elizabeth Ahiakor (wife of the Hohoe Area Head), Mrs. Margaret Opata (wife of the Worawora District Minister), Deaconess Happy Osibi (Hohoe Area Women’s Ministry Leader), and her executives as well as the Worawora District Women’s Ministry Executives, among others.

Report by Pastor Alex Kojo Adjani (Area Media Committee Chairman).

Virtuous Ladies Gives To Akuse Female Prisons

Virtuous Ladies Gives To Akuse Female Prisons

The Virtuous Ladies Wing of The Church of Pentecost’s Women’s Ministry at Akosombo New Combine District has visited the Akuse Female Prisons and donated various items to the facility.

Items such as bags of rice, toilet paper, and detergents were donated to the inmates during the visit, which took place recently. The gesture was intended to help with the inmates’ maintenance.

Chief Superintendent Joyce Annor Owusu, the prison Officer-in-Charge, who accepted the items on behalf of the inmates, thanked the church for forming a wonderful group called the ‘Virtuous Ladies,’ which is made up of young and professional women in the church who are equipped to support society. She was very pleased with the donation.

During a conversation with the inmates, one of them revealed that she used to be a very stubborn lady who refused to listen to her mother’s and loved ones’ advice. According to her, she was a member of a male gang of armed robbers who went on a robbery spree one night and was arrested as a result.

She stated that she has been incarcerated for the past nine years. She lamented the fact that her daughter was now in senior high school and wondered how the young lady was paying her bills. She advised young ladies to take good care of themselves in order to avoid ending up in such life-altering situations

In a related development, the Virtuous Ladies of Akosombo New Combine District again conducted a school evangelism campaign at Tortibo D/A Junior High School, where 36 students gave their lives to Christ. (Tortibo is a suburb of Akosombo). The ladies gave new mathematical sets to all forty (40) students.

The Headmaster, Mr. Morrison Edem Tawiah, who received the items on behalf of the school, thanked the group for their generosity. He invited the Virtuous Ladies to visit and engage their female students once a month in order to instill their good character in the female students so that they, too, could become virtuous ladies.

Report by Mrs. Esther Kesse, Akosombo.

Nkawkaw Area Women's Ministry Organises Entrepreneurship Training For Women

Nkawkaw Area Women’s Ministry Organises Entrepreneurship Training For Women

The Nkawkaw Area Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has organised a three-day entrepreneurship workshop and exhibition for women in the Area.

The event, which took place from December 13th to 15th 2021, was targeted at empowering women in tackling societal challenges of unemployment with vocational and entrepreneurial skills. It also sought to inculcate the habit of saving in the women.

The facilitators were Mrs. Grace Aniakwaa (wife of the Area Head), Mr. Joshua Nii Quaye, Mrs. Millicent Ndedeh, Mrs. Beauty Buabeng, Mrs. Harrienta Danquah and Mrs. Wendy Gyimah.

Notably among the courses covered were the making of Powerzone (Thick/light Bleach), Liquid Soap, Washing Powder, Bar Soap, Disinfectant, Floor Cleaner, Shower Gel and Hair Shampoo.

With over 500 participants, the trainees left the exhibition centre skilled in the making of Body Cream, Asaana, Millet Drink, Fresh Yogurt, Soya Bean Khebab, Koose, Pastries and Cakes, Fried Rice and many more. They were also given certificates and training manuals as part of the packages.

The participants in return showed their appreciation to the Area Head and his wife, Prophet Foster and Mrs. Grace Aniakwaa, as well as the Area Women’s Ministry led by Mrs. Gifty Addo, for their thoughtful initiative in empowering them.



PIWC-Sakumono Women’s Ministry Visits New Life Orphanage

The Women’s Ministry of Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Sakumono, as part of the activities marking the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, has visited the New Life Orphanage at Nungua, Accra to put smiles on the faces of the inmates.

Items worth about GHS 12,000.00 and a cash donation of GHS 2,000.00 were donated to the Home during the visit which took place on Saturday, December 18, 2021.

The items donated included bags of rice, breakfast cereals, buckets, assorted drinks, biscuits, bottled water, cooking oil, clothes, and shoes. Others were toilet rolls, sanitary pads, baby diapers, among others.

As part of the visit, members of the ministry fellowshipped with the inmates. In an exhortation, the wife of the Resident Minister for PIWC-Sakumono, Mrs. Eunice Owusu Sekyere Kwarteng, quoted 2 Timothy 3:15 and Luke 2:52 and asked the children to read their Bibles and pray every day and strengthen themselves in the word of God.

“The mother of all mothers who caters for children is the Lord Jesus Christ,” she said and added: “Society may forget about you but our Lord Jesus Christ will remember you. Therefore, take the word of God seriously and grow in it.” 

She prayed the favour of God upon their lives, and an excellent spirit for them to learn and be obedient to the mothers of the Home.

Presenting the items on behalf of the ministry, the Women’s Ministry Leader for PIWC-Sakumono, Deaconess Isabella Orhin, said the ministry was touched by the plight of the children and wanted them to have a great Christmas.

“As Christians, we strongly believe that children are a gift from God and must have the right to live irrespective of the circumstances surrounding their gestation and birth,” she said.

Receiving the items, Nii Afotey Botwe II, the head of the Home, thanked the church for the kind gesture. He called on other churches to also come to their aid.

Currently, the orphanage houses 92 inmates, made up of teenagers and toddlers.

Report by Yaa Asantewaah Adu Boahene.     


UMaT District Women’s Ministry Donates To Terebrebie Clinic

The Women’s Ministry of the UMaT District in the Tarkwa Area of The Church of Pentecost has donated some items to the Teberebie Community Health Centre.

The items, which include towels, sets of pillows, toilet rolls, liquid soap, bars of Keysoap, nose masks, and detergents, were presented by the District Women’s Ministry Leader, Deaconess Esther Addison, on behalf of the ministry, at a short presentation ceremony on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. 

The District Minister, Pastor Bright Nyamedor, advised staff of the clinic to work diligently, bearing in mind that God will reward them for the acts of service they render to humanity. He also advised them to put the items to good use. 

Receiving the items, Mrs Agnes Akosah, the Officer-in-charge of the centre, expressed delight at the wonderful gesture. She expressed gratitude to the Church and assured them that the items would serve their intended purpose.

The Chief of Teberebie, Nana Bonsu, an Elder of the Church, commended the Women’s Ministry for the donation describing it as “unprecedented,” and encouraged others to emulate the Church’s example. 

Present at the ceremony were Mrs. Esther Nyamedor (Wife of UMat District Minister), the District Women’s Ministry Executive Committee members and some delegates from the local assemblies.

Report by Area Media Team