Tarkwa Area Women’s Ministry Donates To Ghana Prisons Service

The Tarkwa Area Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has donated some essential items to the Ghana Prisons Service, Tarkwa.

Led by the Area Women’s Ministry Leader, Deaconess Mrs. Elizabeth Adjoa Tutua Gyan, along with her Area executive members and representatives from various local assemblies, the delegation carried out this benevolent gesture on behalf of the Area Head, Apostle Dr. Daniel Okyere Walker, and his wife, Mrs. Irene Odi Walker, as well as all the women within the Tarkwa Area on Saturday, 11th May 2024

Deaconess Mrs. Elizabeth shared that the inspiration behind this noble act stemmed from the teachings of compassion and kindness found in the Bible, particularly in Matthew 25:42-46.

With this motivation in mind, the Women’s Ministry donated a range of essential items, including 300 carefully packed hot meals, 30 packs of drinking water, two bundles of toilet rolls, and 110 Bibles, all totaling Ghc16,500.00

These items were chosen to assist in the rehabilitation process of the inmates, fulfilling a direct request from previous visitations by the ministry.

This act of generosity perfectly aligns with the main church’s theme for the year, “A People of God Unleashed to Transform their World.”

It exemplifies the church’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others and fostering transformation within the community.

The donation was graciously received by Elder ADP Simon Kwaw Abofra, the commander of the Tarkwa Local Prisons, who is also a member of The Church of Pentecost at UMaT District.

He expressed heartfelt gratitude to the church for its instrumental and unwavering support in social intervention initiatives within the area, particularly at the Tarkwa Prisons.

Assisting the Tarkwa Prisons Commander in receiving the items was Overseer ASP. Joseph Apietu, who serves as the Chaplain of  Tarkwa Local Prisons within the Area and also serves as Resident Minister at Fanti Mines Worship Centre, and DSP Julius Destiny Kublenu, the Staff officer for the station.

Following the presentation of the donation, church members took the opportunity to offer prayers and words of encouragement to many of the inmates, sharing the transformative message of the Word of God. Eleven souls were won for Christ in the process and baptism arrangements has been made for all.

Report by Tarkwa Area Media

Raise the next generation to go far in life—Mrs Mary Nyamekye charges christian women wev

Raise The Next Generation To Go Far In Life — Mrs Nyamekye Charges Christian Women

The wife of the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Mrs Mary Nyamekye, has charged Christian women, particularly leaders, to intentionally identify children in the church and care for their spiritual, physical and material wellbeing to secure them a brighter future.

Speaking on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at the La Area Women’s Ministry Joint Service held at the Dr Wyatt Worship Centre, Accra Newtown, to kick-start the 2024 Women’s Week celebration, Mrs Nyamekye admonished women to take their rightful positions in the church as mothers and builders of the next generation.

Present at the well-attended service were Apostle Dr Dieudonne Komla Nuekpe (La Area Head and Executive Council Member of the church) and his wife, Mrs Juanita Toffa-Nuekpe, the Area Women’s Ministry Executive Committee members as well as the La Area pastorate and their wives.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Women of God unleashed to transform their world with values and principles of the Kingdom of God,’ Mrs Nyamekye stated that Jesus’ death has brought believers from darkness into the light as found in 1 Peter 2:9-10.

Using herself as an example, she mentioned how, at her second station, a teacher named Maame Manubea (now 74 years old) became her second mother by supporting her with prayers, advice and her children’s academics. She has since been visiting them even up until now.

Mrs Nyamekye urged women to take active part in the activities of the church and get closer to their pastors in order to receive blessings and also engage in intercessory prayers for signs and wonders to follow.

She recounted how at the inception of the church, women helped to carry the travelling boxes of pastors, supported the church financially and served in the local church.

Using the Proverbs 31 woman as a model, Mrs Nyamekye encouraged women in the church to respect their husbands, take good care of their children, have a gentle spirit, dress decently and be mindful of their speech, both in public and at home as is found in Proverbs 31:26.

She admonished women not to neglect the home by reading the Bible with their children, telling them stories of old, teaching them how to dress properly.

This year’s bi-annual Women’s Ministry Week celebration will run from 7-12 May 2024.

Report by La Area Media Committee

Chairman’s Wife Fellowships With Haatso Area Women web

Chairman’s Wife Fellowships With Haatso Area Women

As part of the National Women’s Week celebration, the wife of the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Mrs Mary Nyamekye, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, joined the Haatso Area Women’s Ministry for a remarkable service at the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC)-Atomic.

Mrs Nyamekye was accompanied by the Women’s Director of the church, Deaconess Mrs Philomina Mireku, and her deputy, Deaconess Mrs Vivian Amfo, the wife of the PEMEM Director, Mrs Martha Anane Denteh, and the wife of the Resident Minister of Dr Thomas Wyatt Worship Centre, Mrs Evelyn Anane.

Also present at the service were Apostle William Boakye Agyarko, the Hatso Area Head and his wife, the Area Women’s Ministry Leader, Deaconess Mrs Charlotte Amegatcher, the Resident Minister of PIWC-Atomic, Apostle Anthony Mensah, and other ministers and officers in the Haatso Area.

The Women’s Director, Deaconess Mrs Philomina Mireku, addressing the gathering, expressed her appreciation to women for their contributions in The Church of Pentecost. She called on them to continue serving the Lord diligently.

She admonished all women to fully participate in the week-long celebrations.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Women of God unleashed to transform their world with values and principles of the kingdom of God,’ with inspiration from 1 Peter 2:9, Mrs Mary Nyamekye indicated that the theme is a clarion call to all women to move from their comfort zone and reach out to others within their spheres and transform them with the values and principles of God’s Kingdom.

She indicated that even though Jesus’ disciples did not always go around proclaiming that they are His disciples, rather their characters portrayed them as such.

Mrs Nyamekye explained that the world has been corrupted so much that people do not feel remorseful even when they sin. However, Christians possess the light to heal the corrupt world and drive away the darkness.

This light, she explained, can be found in the Kingdom values and principles embedded in them, after accepting Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour.

She mentioned devotion, prayer, and care for others as some of the Kingdom values that can be used to transform the world.

The National Women’s Ministry Week celebration is taking place across all Areas, Districts and Local assemblies of The Church of Pentecost, and will be climaxed on Sunday, April 12, 2024.


Akuse District Women's Ministry Embarks On Outreach To Okada Riders web

Akuse District Women’s Ministry Embarks On Outreach To Okada Riders

In line with the ‘Unleashing Agenda,’ the Akuse District Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, kicked off the Women’s Ministry Week celebration with an outreach to Okada riders in Akuse in the Eastern Region.

The event, characterised by a spirit of compassion and service, saw 43 dedicated women of the church actively participating, with a focus on connecting with the Okada riders community.

During the outreach, a total of 40 Okada riders were engaged and given the word of God, resulting in 10 of them accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour.

In a gesture of support and safety, the Akuse District Women’s Ministry generously donated 30 pieces of security reflector overalls to the riders to enhance their visibility and promote road safety.

The riders also received valuable security tit bits from a security officer from the Ghana Prisons Service for the protection of themselves, passengers and other road users.

Report by Akuse District Media Team

Women’s Director Visits Nii Boiman District web

Women’s Director Visits Nii Boiman District

The Women’s Director of The Church of Pentecost, Deaconess Philomina Mireku, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, paid a visit to the Nii Boiman District in the Kaneshie Area as part of the National Women’s Week celebration.

Deaconess Mireku who was welcomed into the district by the Kaneshie Area Women’s Ministry leader, Deaconess Afua Owusua Danso, and the District Women’s Ministry executives encouraged the women not to allow the ban on drumming and noise making to discourage them from actively participating in the week’s activities.

She indicated that women have a huge role to play in the realisation of Vision 2028 and the 2024 theme of The Church of Pentecost and should not allow anything to prevent them from contributing their quota to the growth of the church.

Delivering the sermon on the theme, ‘The woman unleashed to make impact at the workplace,’ with inspiration from Acts 16:13-16, Mrs Comfort Ansah admonished women in the church to acknowledge that they have a duty to share the good news about the salvation of Christ to others in their workplaces so they can also come to the light and be saved.

She also encouraged women not to be fearful about evangelising to others, especially in their workplaces because if they do not do so, others will lose their lives and suffer in hell.

Continuing her message, Mrs Ansah highlighted regular prayers as one of the means through which women can cause transformation at their workplaces.

She admonished women about the need for them to deliberately exhibit lifestyles that conform to the values and principles of God’s Kingdom.

According to her, character communicates a lot to people than words and so there is the need for women to exhibit character traits that will only draw people to God, instead of driving them away. This, she said, includes being time conscious and abiding by the rules and regulations governing their workplaces.

Mrs Comfort Ansah also called on women to pay their tithes and give offerings faithfully, since it is an avenue for divine blessing.

As part of the service, the Kaneshie Area Women’s Ministry honoured the Women’s Director with a special hamper ahead of the Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday.  

Report by Kaneshie Area Media

Agorve-Woe District Women’s Ministry Donates To Keta Municipal Hospital, Dzidzorve Clinic web

Agorve-Woe District Women’s Ministry Donates To Keta Municipal Hospital, Dzidzorve Clinic

The Agorve-Woe District Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has donated assorted items worth GH¢2,000.00 to the Orthopaedic ward of Keta Municipal Hospital as well as the Dzidzorve Clinic.

The items donated included baby diapers, soaps, drinks, biscuits, toilet rolls, bags of water, amongst others.

The event, which took place on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, was to demonstrate the Church’s social responsibility to the children at the health institutions and the general public.

The outgoing District Women’s Ministry leader, Deaconess Esther Dziewornu in her address stated that “Christianity can only be meaningful to our society when we show them the love of Christ. This love of Christ compels us to give genuinely with no strings attached.”

The medical administrator at the Hospital Mr. Farouck Adams Iddrisu and the In-charge of the Dzidzorve Clinic, Madam Adatorwovor who received the items on behalf of the hospital and the clinic respectively, were delighted that the church had shown their facilities such act of benevolence.

Present at the event were Pastor Francis Lamptey and wife, Mrs. Linda Lamptey (Agorve-Woe District Minister), Ms. Sarah Mensah (Nursing officer and Paediatric nurse and in-charge, children’s ward), Mrs. Dafeamekpor Deenu (Nurse Manager), Staff of the Keta Municipal Hospital children’s ward, staff of Dzidzorve Clinic, Agorve-Woe District and Local Women’s Ministry Executive.

Report by Agorve-Woe District Media Team

Odorkor Area Women’s Ministry Donates 150 Pieces Of Wax Prints web

Odorkor Area Women’s Ministry Donates 150 Pieces Of Wax Prints

The Odorkor Area Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has generously donated 150 pieces of cloth (6 yards each) to be distributed among the Yendi and Goaso Areas, as well as the Church in Zimbabwe.

The donation was presented to the Area Head, Apostle Isaac Tetteh Juddah, by a delegation from the Women’s Ministry, led by the ministry leader, Deaconess Mrs. Cynthia Ankomah, for onward distribution to the beneficiaries. The brief presentation ceremony took place at Area Office in Accra.

Speaking to PENTECOST NEWS, Deaconess Ankomah stated that the cloths would be evenly shared among the three beneficiaries, ensuring that each receives 50 pieces.

Report by Odorkor Area Media Team

New Combine District Virtuous Ladies Organise Entrepreneurship Training web

New Combine District Virtuous Ladies Organise Entrepreneurship Training

The Virtuous Ladies’ wing of the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost in New Combine District has organised a three-day free entrepreneurship training for young ladies and persons living with disabilities (PWDs) in Akosombo and its environs.

The Network for Societal Transformation, headed by Elder Okyere, led the training, which was sponsored by the church for 100 young ladies, 50 of whom were members of the church and 50 non-members from the community, including Muslims. The PWDs were also sponsored to participate in the training, providing them with free transportation and feeding.

The training covered a variety of business skills, including the production of Communion Wine, Laundry Soap, Azuma Blows Soap, Hair conditioner, Fish farming, Snail farming, Biodigester, Tom Brown, Banana bread, Cake, Local drinks, Wedding hats, Fascinators, Wedding Bucanes, Stretch Mark Creams, Christmas hampers, Bridal make ups, and Spring roll, among others.

According to the organisers of the training, the programme was aimed at addressing the economic crisis in Akosombo and its environs, where unemployment has led some young ladies into social vices such as prostitution, fornication, stealing, and drug addiction, resulting in high rates of teenage pregnancies in basic schools in the area. The training provided young ladies with sustainable job opportunities through skill training.

The programme ended with a graduation ceremony for the participants, who were given certificates of participation.

The District Minister, Pastor Martin Berko Kesse, advised the trainees to value the opportunity given them to obtain new skills and put their learning into practice, working hard and preserving their bodies for Christ until they marry.

A competition was held between the PWDs, with the two top performers receiving GHC 1,000.00 each from the district, while the National Coordinator for Ministry to Persons with Disabilities (MPwDs), Pastor Alexander Nyame, promised to top it up with an additional GHC 1,000.00 each for the other three participants.

The event was graced by the National Coordinator for (MPwDs), Pastor Alex and Mrs Nyame, CEO for Networking Group for Societal Transformation, Elder Kumi Aboagye,  the MP for Asuogyaman Constituency, Honourable Ampem Darko, who supported the programme with an amount of GHC 2000.00, Nene Chawe, and Mrs. Esther Funny, the Headmistress of AIS Complex Basic School.

The initiative was commended by the community people and Nene Chawe, an Elder of the Apostolic Church, Ghana, for its inclusivity and aiming at solving societal issues.

The church was urged to continue its efforts for other churches to emulate it.

Report by Raindolf Botcway.

PIWC-Obuasi Organises “Daughters Of Zion” Conference web

PIWC-Obuasi Organises “Daughters Of Zion” Conference

The Virtuous Ladies wing under the Women’s Ministry of the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Obuasi, organised a six-day programme for young ladies, dubbed the “Daughters of Zion” (DOZ) Conference.

The programme, held from Tuesday, March 19 to 25, 2024, brought together ladies with a special interest in women’s affairs, including non-members, to equip them as agents of transformation in their spheres. The participants attended with official outfits, which was the dress code for the evening.

The event commenced with an intense worship and praise session, after which the Resident Minister, Pastor Samuel Addo Annor, spoke on the topic “Daughters of Zion, Unleashed to Transform their World, Famous, Yet Eager for Divine Wisdom.”

On the second day, members adorned outfits with flamboyant colours, which portrayed the colours of their temperaments. Mrs. Andria Blessed Annor spoke extensively on the topic “The Home as an Equipping Centre.”

Mrs. Keizia Agyare took her turn on the third day and enlightened participants on the topic “The Unleashed Woman and Her Finances.” The dress code for the event, which was mainly interactive, was smart casual wear.

The DOZ conference took a cultural turn on the fourth day, as participants attended the service robed in brightly coloured African prints, beaded bracelets, and necklaces. Deaconess Mrs. Regina Boamah spoke on the topic “The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord” during the service.

The ministry organised an outreach to the St Jude Hospital, Obuasi-Bedieso, where they evangelised to patients and staff and also donated some items, including bedsheets, disinfectants, bleach, toilet rolls, and others, to support the hospital.

The conference was climaxed on Sunday, March 24, 2024, as the Church received the visitation of the Area Head, Prophet David Kankam Beditor. He spoke on the topic “Unleashed Deborah to Transform Her World.”

Report by PIWC Obuasi Media.

Women's Ministry Director Makes Historic Visit to Hometown web

Women’s Ministry Director Makes Historic Visit to Hometown

Deaconess Philomina Mireku, the Women’s Ministry Director of The Church of Pentecost, made a significant visit to her hometown, Gomoa Dawurampong, in the Central Region during her two-day working trip to the Winneba Area.

At the Dawurampong Central Assembly auditorium, she met with the districts in the Dawurampong zone.

Delivering a message titled “The Unleashed Woman: Casting All Her Burdens Unto the Lord” (1 Pet 2:9-10; 5:7), she encouraged women to entrust all their burdens, including marital, health, and financial struggles, to the Lord.

After the service, Deaconess Philomina Mireku visited her maternal and paternal family members, offering support and encouragement.

She urged her family to maintain their faith and commitment to serving the Lord.

Pastor Richard Atobrah (Campus Minister, PENSA-UEW) prayed for the family, while Apostle Daniel Tackie (Area Head, Winneba) offered blessings.

Deaconess Philomina Mireku was accompanied by Apostle Daniel Tackie (Area Head, Winneba), Deaconess Vivian Amfo (Deputy Director), and Mrs. Comfort Quampah (an executive member).

The gathering also included a cross-section of ministers and Area Women Ministry leadership, highlighting the significance of the occasion in fostering spiritual connections within the community.

Report by Pastor Emmanuel Foster Asamoah