“Rescuing The Lost” Outreach Yields 30 Souls web

“Rescuing The Lost” Outreach Yields 30 Souls

Thirty souls were won during the “Rescuing the Lost” evangelism outreach organised by the Love Worship Centre in the Odorkor Area of The Church of Pentecost in collaboration with the Gomoa Kyiren District of the Church.

The event also saw 11 persons undergoing baptism by immersion, and over 50 believers rededicating their lives to Christ.

The outreach took place from Friday, May 24 to Sunday, May 26, 2024, under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Ebenezer Tetteh Kpalam, the Resident Minister of Love Worship Centre, and Overseer Daniel Adu (Gomoa Kyiren District Minister). The event was held under the theme “A People of God Unleashed to Save the Lost” (Luke 15:4-8, Mark 1:35-38, Ezekiel 37:1-10).

Before the outreach, a four-day retreat and prayer session was organised from May 20 to 23, 2024, to prepare and equip members through prayers and teaching sessions.

The participants left Odorkor for the Gomoa Kyiren District on Friday, May 24, 2024, energized by the Holy Spirit to preach and win souls for Christ. Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by Overseer Daniel Adu and the District Executive Committee members.

Pastor Dr. Ebenezer Tetteh Kpalam encouraged the team not to be afraid because the Lord was with them and would use them to perform miracles and win souls for Christ.

The participants, divided into their respective zones, engaged in various activities such as fasting and prayers, morning devotions, dawn broadcasting, house-to-house evangelism, evening services with the local assemblies, and rallies.

God manifested Himself mightily during these activities. A young man named Isaac, who had been suffering from a mental and spiritual attack for some months, received stability after intensive prayer and gave his life to Christ.

Additionally, after a morning dawn broadcast in the community information centre, a woman named Lydia Arthur, who had been sick and unable to walk for two years, was miraculously healed after intensive prayer. She walked without any assistance to the glory of God, participated in the Sunday service, gave her life to Christ, and was baptized.

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, during the closing session, the Evangelism Ministry Leader, on behalf of the Evangelism team, expressed gratitude to the District Minister, Overseer Daniel Adu, his wife Mrs. Lydia Adu, the district executive, and the entire membership for their hospitality and support during the outreach.

In total, 13 members participated in the evangelism outreach.

Report by Elder Kingsley Kofi Tayman & Love Worship Centre Media Team

We Urgently Need A Wave Of The Spirit In Our Time – Apostle Dr Jimmy Markin Calls web

We Urgently Need A Wave Of The Spirit In Our Time – Apostle Dr Jimmy Markin Calls

‘If there is ever a season and time when the nations and churches need a wave of the Spirit, it is today. There is an urgent need for revival and restoration in our churches now. There is urgency now in the nations of the world, and the Church of Christ for a restoration of all the things of old.’

This clarion call was made by the Evangelism Director of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Dr Amos Jimmy Markin, during a presentation on ‘The Waves of the Spirit’ at the maiden Pentecost 2024 Conference held at the Rudolf Weber Arena, Oberhausen, Germany, from May 15-18, 2024.

Referring to several scriptures to back his call, including Luke 24: 49; Psalm 32: 8; Job 32: 8, Proverbs 20:27, Apostle Dr Jimmy Markin, who is also an Executive Council Member of the church, indicated that the time has come for the Spirit of God to move with his power to turn the world back into righteousness and the fear of God.

He observed that the nations of the world have become so secularized that godliness does not matter to them anymore. In nations and lands previously Christian, the mention of God today is a taboo and unknown. Even in places such as Africa, Latin American and Asia where Christianity is thought to be growing, the nature of the average Christian’s life is very superficial, he bemoaned.  

He added that in the nations of the West, just as those in Africa including Ghana today, which is thought to be predominately Christian, there is nothing to show for it, since the churches have become places of merchandise, performing artistry, self-aggrandizement, sin and evil and a habitation of anything but God.

‘The Church today suffers because it neglects the Spirit and is not sensitive to him. The Spirit is the custodian or the gate keeper, the helper, and guardian of Church,’ he stated.  

He added: ‘The believer in Christ misses his or her direction and guide, because he does not know or recognize the Spirit. The young educated person misses his guide, because he loses his focus on the Spirit but only rely on the articulation and training of the mind.’

Explaining what the wave of the Spirit is, Apostle Dr Jimmy Markin disclosed that it is the periodic intervention of the move of God – the Holy Spirit – upon a generation, nation, community, people or individuals, who seek after God’s Spirit to intervene in their spiritual dryness.

According to him, there is a wave of the Spirit when the Holy Spirit comes to revive, restore, or brings a divine awakening upon a spiritually dead situation or people to make them alive to the consciousness of God.

He pointed out that a wave of the Spirit brings back an awareness of God consciousness as the Spirit revives spiritually dead situations. To the sinner, the Spirit brings an awareness of the existence of God, sin consciousness, and the sinfulness of sin, and repentance. To the already Christian, he brings an alertness and sensitivity of God and his Holy Spirit and desire to please him. He revives the church, God’s people, and bring them to their former position, or condition of first love, which used to exist in them.

‘When the Spirit sends forth his wave there is renaissance. What the churches need today is not articulation of words, but the Spirit. The missionary can only break new grounds and sustain it by the wave of the Spirit. The life of the child of God will flourishes only when he is touched by the Spirit,’ he said.


567 Souls Won In PENSA-UCC’s Missions Outreach At Komenda web

567 Souls Won In PENSA-UCC’s Missions Outreach At Komenda

The “Gospel Across Boundaries” missions outreach by the University of Cape Coast branch of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA-UCC) led by the Campus Minister, Pastor Frank Akonnor has concluded with one local assembly opened, 567 souls won and 259 rededicating their lives to Christ at Komenda, in the Central Region of Ghana.       

The outreach was held from Tuesday 23rd April to Sunday, 28th April 2024 under the theme, “One Name, Jesus Christ” with anchor scripture from Acts 4:12.

The PENSA-UCC team was divided into six groups according to the zones in the district with each zone comprising of about 25 students.

The outreach also saw 147 people baptised in water and 110 receiving Holy Spirit baptism with initial evidence of tongues-speaking.

During the outreach, the PENSA Ghana Coordinator, Elder Issah Nwenbe Jeln visited the team and encouraged the team to continue working for the Lord for their labour won’t be in vain, he then spoke to them concerning the upcoming PENSA conference and entreated the team to be involved in the various committees.

Throughout the outreach, there was a mighty move of God. Many signs and wonders followed the proclamation of the gospel. One of the most heartening miracles involved was the miraculous healing of a 70-year-old woman battling with a mild stroke, who could not move but received instant healing at the rally grounds and was able to move freely. Also, Maame Grace Owusu, a woman of about 50 years whose children have abandoned her for over 15 years received a conference call from her children a day afterthe team prayed for her.

Madam Angelina Baidoo, a heavily pregnant woman narrated that she woke up in the morning with severe abdominal pains so she decided to visit the hospital, on her way, she saw that service was ongoing and decided to join and visit the hospital afterwards, but a few minutes after she was prayed for, the pain left her.

At the closing session of the outreach, Pastor Frank Akonnnor remarked “indeed, God’s power is still at work. All glory be to God for the great feat achieved. It is our prayer that the souls won will be nurtured into maturity in Christ”.

Report by PENSA-UCC Secretariat Team

Midwife Who Won 170 Souls Honoured web

Midwife Who Won 170 Souls Honoured

Deaconess Rhoda Asibey Bonsu, a member of the Offinso Obusi District of The Church of Pentecost and a midwife at the St. Patrick Hospital Offinso-Maase, has been honoured for leading 170 persons into the saving knowledge of Christ last year.

Deaconess Asibey Bonsu’s remarkable achievement has been duly acknowledged by the Offinso Area, headed by Apostle Samuel Edzii Davidson. Out of the souls won, 162 have undergone water baptism.

Despite her demanding role as a midwife spanning a decade, her passion for evangelism remains undiminished, actively engaging in various outreach initiatives.

Reflecting on her motivation, Mrs. Bonsu shared a poignant encounter from her past, where a wise man’s words planted the seed of conviction within her.

“Years ago, a man told me that prioritising soul winning would bring divine blessings and reveal greater purpose,” she recounted.

Inspired by this message and fueled by Apostle Samuel Edzii Davidson’s evangelism retreat, she embarked on a fervent mission to share the gospel with all she encountered.

Grateful for the recognition bestowed upon her, Mrs. Bonsu reaffirmed her commitment to spreading the message of Jesus Christ tirelessly.

She urged fellow believers to embrace soul winning as a sacred duty, stressing that even amidst busy schedules, opportunities to impact lives abound.

Drawing from her own experience balancing professional responsibilities with evangelism, Mrs. Bonsu underscored the importance of seizing every moment to advance the kingdom of God.

“Despite my demanding role, I utilise my daily commute and work breaks to share the gospel,” she explained, highlighting the transformative power of unwavering determination.

Apostle Samuel Edzii Davidson, addressing the congregation, lauded Mrs. Bonsu’s exemplary efforts and encouraged others to follow suit, setting new benchmarks in soul winning. The enthusiastic response from attendees underscored their collective readiness to heed the call.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of Mrs. Bonsu and her family, Pastor Austin Fuachie extended heartfelt thanks to the leadership of Offinso Area and the entire congregation for their unwavering support and encouragement.

Mrs. Rhoda Asibey Bonsu, along with her husband Mr. Godfred Antwi and their three children, worships at the Central Assembly of the Offinso Obuasi District. Beyond her role as a midwife, she serves as the District Evangelism Leader, exemplifying unwavering dedication to both her profession and faith.

Report by Offinso Area Media Team.

PENSA – HTU “Agorve-Woe Outreach” Records 46 Souls web

PENSA – HTU “Agorve-Woe Outreach” Records 46 Souls

The Ho Technical University (HTU) branch of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) organised a five-day rural evangelism outreach at Heleglokope community within the Agorve-Woe District of the Church of Pentecost.

The event, which took place from Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28, April 2024 is an annual soul-winning initiative of PENSA-HTU held at the end of the second semester of the academic year. This year’s outreach was held under the theme “Jesus Christ, the Light of the World” (John 8:12).

The PENSA-HTU team, led by the ITI Travelling Secretary for Lower Volta, Pastor Edgar Kwasi Karikari and wife, Mrs. Bridget Karikari and the Pensa President, Elder Benjamin Antwi was received on arrival at Heleglokope by the Agorve-Woe District Minister, Pastor Francis Lamptey. He commended their passion for soul winning and prayed with them for a successful outreach.

The outreach was characterised by the following activities: Open air rally in the evenings, house to house evangelism during the day and Morning Prayer sessions with the members of the Ashiata sub-zone and the outreach team at Ashiata Church building.

At the end of the five-day event, 46 souls were won with 45 of the converts baptised by immersion. Thirty eight (38) of the converts received the Holy Spirit baptism.

The team also donated 10 plastic chairs and other freebies to the members of the newly inaugurated Assembly. Pastor Francis Lamptey offered great appreciation to the team for their kind gesture. He assured them that intensive discipleship programs will be rolled out to conserve the harvest and also ground the new converts in the Lord.

Report by Agorve-Woe District Media Team

PIWC-Michel Camp Embarks On Special Outreach web

PIWC-Michel Camp Embarks On Special Outreach

The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Michel Camp, organized a special outreach where they fed and evangelised to 500 people in orphanages, police cells, ghettos, and slums.

Shedding more light on the evangelistic outreach which took place on April 1, 2024, the Resident Minister, Pastor Lt. Franklin Kumi Lartey, said the activity was dubbed the “Matthew 25 Project,” drawing inspiration from Matthew 25:35-36.

The objective of the project, according to him, was to provide a hot meal to our brothers and sisters in orphanages, slums, police cells, and ghettos while sharing the word of God with them.

Members of the church donated various sums of money and items such as drinks, bottled water, clothes, rice, and cooking oil, totaling GHS 22,000.00, to make the project a reality.

On the Easter Monday holiday, members of PIWC spent the day sharing the gospel and distributing food to four ghettos around Kakasunanka no. 1 and Saki High Tension. Three police cells at Afienya and Community 25 were visited, and two orphanages were also included. Squatters in certain parts of Saki and Afienya Mobole were also ministered to.

Forty people gave their lives to Christ, with some availing themselves to be baptized, and others decided to join the Centre for fellowship.

To God be the glory.

Report by PIWC Michel Camp Evangelism Coordinating Team

2,081 Souls Won At ‘Tarkwa For Christ’ Crusade WEB

2,081 Souls Won At ‘Tarkwa For Christ’ Crusade

The four-day ‘Tarkwa For Christ’ crusade which took place at the forecourt of the E. K. Kyei Worship Centre in Tarkwa was climaxed on Saturday, April 13, 2024, with an overwhelming number of persons giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

The crusade, which was under the theme, “Jesus Christ; The Way, The Truth & The Life,” saw a total of 2,081 persons accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour, out of which 518 received baptism by immersion.

A total number of 313 persons who had already given their lives to Christ but had derailed from the Christian journey rededicated their lives to Christ, while 57 persons also received Holy Spirit baptism.

The crusade was preceded by a series of outreach programmes, including a football match outreach, a float, and a house-to-house evangelism by the Evangelism Ministry’s advance team.

As part of the crusade, the Evangelism Ministry, with support from Entrance Pharmaceuticals, conducted a medical outreach, during which patrons were screened and given various forms of medical support, including drugs for identified illnesses.

During the crusade, Apostle Dr. Amos Jimmy Markin (Director of the Evangelism Ministry and Executive Council Member), Apostle Apostle John Obeng Kesse (Suame Area Head), Apostle Anthony Mensah (Resident Minister of PIWC-Atomic), Pastor Isaac Kofi Annan (Mankessim Area), and Elder Dr. Samuel Nana Amo Tobbin (Chairman of Tobinco Group of Companies) impacted the congregants with Spirit-filled messages.

Elder Livingston Etse, Pastor Ahmed Anane Acheampong, Pastor Isaac Kofi Annan, and Pastor Hayford Nsiah Yatimbo gave living testimonies about how they were saved from the point of destruction following their association with devilish powers and ungodly social groups.

Pastor Emmanuel Keyi Baote, Elder Patrick Amoako, Sister Joyce Effah, Elder Gideon Ntumy, Sister Godgift Ama Cobbinah, and Elder Peter Adonteng also charged the atmosphere at the crusade with soul-inspiring and spirit-filled song ministrations.

Children were not left out of the crusade as a special service was held for them at the E. K. Kyei Worship Centre auditorium on Saturday morning.


Life Without God Is Meaningless web

Life Without God Is Meaningless- Apostle Jimmy Markin

The Evangelism Ministry Director and Executive Council Member of The Church Of Pentecost, Apostle Dr. Amos Jimmy Markin has asserted that living a life without God at the center of it is a meaningless life.

He made this declaration at the forecourt of the EK Kyei Worship Center on Friday April 12, 2024 during the climax of the ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade’.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Life is meaningless without God,’ Apostle Jimmy Markin said that, “life is the most important single pursuit of all men at all times”, while adding that regardless of the gender or social status of people, their greatest desire is to preserve their lives.

The Evangelism Ministry Director pointed out that, due to the great value of life, academics and philosophers put in several efforts to understand it whiles others are trying their best to live it  for satisfaction but to no avail.

Using the life of King Solomon as case study, Apostle Jimmy Markin indicated that, Solomon was a great Philosopher and architect.  Apart from that, he inherited great wealth and material things from his father David who was a mighty king. 

He explained that Solomon as a philosopher, decided to pursue wisdom but ended up being foolish. In his pursuit for this wisdom, Solomon added 700 wives and 300 concubines. But one thing that was certain is that even with all the wealth, material things, wives and concubines Solomon had, he never got the satisfaction he desired in life.

Apostle Jimmy Markin called on people who have the urge to live life us they want to know that, King Solomon and many others before them had engage in such lifestyles many years before them but didn’t end them well and so should rather pursue a God-centered life.

“A wise man is the one who knows that someone has tried something that didn’t work and so wouldn’t do same,” he said.

Another thing the man of God emphasized on is the fact that, just like Adam and Eve had the option of choosing between the Tree of Life which gives eternal life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil but chose the latter, all humans have an option to choose between a meaningless life which is without God and a meaningful life which has God at its center.

The Crusade saw over a thousand people giving their lives to Christ, with many others rededicating their lives.


God Intentionally Connects Us For Prosperity web

God Intentionally Connects Us For Prosperity – Elder Amo Tobin

The Chief Executive Officer of Tobinco Group of Companies and National Executive Committee (NEC) Member of the Evangelism Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Elder Dr Nana Samuel Amo Tobin, has revealed that God intentionally connects people for prosperity.

Speaking on Thursday morning, April 11, 2024, at the ongoing ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade,’ Elder Nana Tobin revealed that it is not by accident that peoples paths cross but rather by the engineering of God from the beginning of creation.

He explained that God has engineered life in such a way that He makes it possible for His people to meet, work and live with people who are wealthy and can transform their lives.

Elder Nana Tobin used his life story as an example, narrating how in his quest to expand his chemical shop business from low quantities to larger quantities, shared 200 complimentary cards in India and Mumbai to potential customers.

According to him, God through His will to connect people, made the CEO of S.M Pharmaceutical Company get in touch with him and gave him drugs to sell on credit. This, he said, transformed his business and finances.

Elder Samuel Amo Tobin indicated that not only does God connects people for wealth creation, He creates such connections for the salvation of lost souls.

He indicated that God has placed Christians close to unbelievers so that they can share with such persons the gospel and invite them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.

“Sometimes people will die and go to hell not because they want to, but it is because Christians didn’t share the word of God with them and invite them to church,” he lamented.

He narrated how God connected Saul to Ananias after he went blind on the road to Damasus so that Saul will receive his salvation through his healing as captured in Acts 9:10-19.

The ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade’ is seeing spectacular attendance as thousands of people patronise the crusade for divine encounter.


Jesus Is The Only Accredited Source Of Salvation web

Jesus Is The Only Accredited Source Of Salvation – Apostle Obeng Kesse Affirms

The Suame Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle John Obeng Kesse, has asserted that Jesus Christ is the only accredited source of salvation.

Apostle Kesse made this proclamation when delivering a sermon at the evening session of Day 2 of the ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade.’

Speaking on the theme, “The Testimony Of God About His Son” Apostle Kesse said: “The heavens have accepted a particular man and has given Him an accreditation that He is the only one through whom mankind will be saved.”

In his exposition, he revealed that God gave a personal testimony about His son Jesus in Matthew Chapter 3: 16-17 after He was baptised by John.

“The personal testimony of God was the first time God’s audible voice was heard giving a testimony about His son,” he said.

According to him, Jesus declared His ‘messiahship’ when He openly decreed that He came to die for the salvation of mankind.

The Suame Area Head explained that being a messiah means being a pastor, prophet and a king. That is why Elijah who represents the prophets and Moses who represents the priesthood appeared to Jesus to hand over their power and authority to Him.

Apostle John Kesse called on all and sundry to acknowledge that as captured in 1 John 5:12, whoever believes in Jesus Christ will have eternal life but whoever does not believe in Him is bound to perish in hell.

He added that Jesus is still in the miracle-working business and whatever He does, confirms that He is a man approved by God to heal and deliver mankind from diseases and bondages.

The second day of the ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade’ ended with 102 souls won, out of which 81 received baptism by immersion while 17 received Holy Spirit baptism.

A total number of 14 persons rededicated their lives to Christ.