‘Sakawa’ Money Ritualist Surrenders To Christ

Mr. Patrick Padi, a public transport driver involved in money rituals, surrendered his life to Christ after he was delivered from occultism.

This spectacular event took place on Saturday, October 23, 2021, when his grandmother, Christiana Dedeyo, a deaconess of the Church, led him to the Ahomahomasu District Mission House to be prayed for over a persistent heart problem.

During the prayer session, the District Minister, Pastor Francis Danquah, received a word of knowledge and inquired of the gentleman whether he had been involved in money rituals (popularly referred to as Sakawa in Ghana). Patrick responded in the affirmative and led the minister and the prayer team to his house, where they discovered a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag containing about 150 bundles of $100 notes; sitting on top of the bag were some cowries tied together with “dwarf hair.’ 

Pastor Dankwa felt a sharp sensation in his body like an electric shock when he attempted to pick up the ritual items. He then rebuked the charm in the name of Jesus, after which he carried the bag to the church auditorium of Grace Assembly with the help of the prayer team. There, they continued to intercede for Mr. Padi in prayer until he broke free from the fetish spell. 

On gaining consciousness, Patrick surrendered his life to Jesus Christ; Pastor Danquah led him to accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour and baptised him in water the next day.

To the dismay of all, the ritual money in the bag transformed from US dollar notes into bundles of white papers.

Mrs. Evelyn Dankwa (wife of the District Minister), Elder Isaac Tetteh, Elder Kwaku Michael, Elder Samuel Donkor and Reindorf Okwabi were the members of the prayer team who assisted Pastor Danquah throughout the ordeal.

Report by Sylvia Henaku (Ahomahomasu District Media Team)


Couple Blessed With A Child After 14 Years Of Marriage

Mr. Micheal Tseyiboe and his wife, Rita Abena Yeboah, both of the Salem Assembly in the Ajumako Besease District of The Church of Pentecost, have been blessed with a child after 14 years of marriage. 

The couple tied the knot in 2007 and were optimistic about being blessed with the fruit of the womb. However, after trying for several years, the child was not forthcoming, although fertility doctors had declared them fit to give birth. After waiting for over a decade, the Lord surprised them this year with a bouncing baby girl. 

Exhorting congregants at the naming and dedication service for the newborn, the District Minister, Pastor Isaac Tenkorang, quoted Ecclesiastes 3:11 to stress the fact that, in God’s own time, He makes all things beautiful. 

He urged Christians to depend on God in all things and wait on His appointed time to receive the unimaginable promises that He has in store for them. 

Pastor Tenkorang also advised the elated couple to do well to train the child with principles, values and lifestyles of the Kingdom of God so that the child will grow up to become a respectable person in the Church and the society as a whole. 

Report by Pastor Joel Beddim (Mankessim Area)

Blind Lady Regains Sight2

Blind Lady Regains Sight

Madam Monica Jayo, a Muslim convert who went blind under strange circumstances, regained her sight when she was prayed for by the Sibi District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, P/Overseer David Boateng, and his wife, Hagar.

Mrs. Jayo, accompanied by her husband, Mr. Moses Labida, rushed to the District Mission house on Tuesday dawn (at about 4:30 am) to seek divine intervention after she lost her sight the previous day. 

Narrating her ordeal to the district minister, Monica revealed that around 4 pm on Monday (November 8, 2021), she was in the room when an image flashed before her eyes. She then felt something like a slap on the face and instantly went blind, causing the baby she was carrying to fall on the ground. Those in the house who heard her screams and the baby crying rushed into her room only to discover that she (Monica) had gone blind.

Her relatives, however, abandoned the couple to their fate because they thought her predicament was their punishment for converting from Islam to Christianity. 

Upon hearing what had happened, the Presiding Deacon advised the couple to go the Mission House and solicit prayers from the district minister. After hours of intensive prayer, Monica had her eyes restored to the glory of Jesus.

Witnessing the mighty work of God, Joe Labida, who escorted the couple to the mission house, surrendered his life to Christ and was instantly baptised.

He is now a member of The Church of Pentecost. Together with the couple, Joe worships with the Biyandor Assembly of the Sibi District in the Nkwanta Area.

Report by P/Overseer David Boateng

Young Man Buried In Coffin For 2 Weeks Delivered2

Young Man ‘Buried In Coffin’ For 2 Weeks Delivered

Can Elvis Chi, a 26-year-old Cameroonian national was delivered from the hands of the devil during the 2021 Children’s Ministry National Week celebration which took place from September 6-12, 2021.

The Obuasi Kunka Central Assembly Children’s Ministry under the leadership of Elder Robert Boateng organised a Holy Spirit prayer session as part of the Week’s activities. During the prayer session, the young man stormed the place and was prayed for during which he vomited a magical ring he had swallowed some four years back in pursuance of spiritual powers.

According to him, there was a civil war in his country in 2017 which made him lose his four sisters through gunshots by soldiers. To revenge the atrocities on his family, he decided to get spiritual powers that could help him revenge the death of his sister and protect his life.

He visited a fetish priest in Nigeria called ‘The Great Okuku’ based in Enugu State who buried him alive in a coffin for two weeks and gave him two rings – one on his finger and swallowed the other one in a concoction prepared with water from a dead body. After going through that, he became powerful that no metal including bullets and swords could penetrate his body. He also became invisible (who could appear and disappear) before his opponents. He was nicknamed by member of his gang as “The Spirit.”

He said he was given the assignment to kill 1000 soldiers but managed to kill only 207 and burned about 30 churches.  He said that on October 27, 2019, the war became severe that 57 members of his gang were killed in one of their operations but he managed to escape to Nigeria with the help of his evil powers.

Up till now, he said, no family member can trace his whereabouts, since they believe that he has been in the war. He wandered from Nigeria to Benin through to Togo and finally landed in Ghana in search of greener pastures. However, the Spirit of Okuku would neither let him have peace nor be successful in any job he found himself until he completed the assignment of killing the 1000 soldiers.

On one fateful day in Kumasi, while working as a loading boy in a bus station, a lady evangelist approached him and said, “ Jesus Loves You”  which he laughed and ignored in several attempts but the evangelist managed to deliver a New Testament Bible to him before leaving. The first miracle of the Bible, according to him, was that he wanted to place it in his bag but he heard a voice to rather place it in his friend’s bag. Soon after he had obeyed the voice, his bag was stolen but the Bible was safe in his friend’s bag.

Chi and his friend later moved to Obuasi to find a job but the spirit of Okuku kept on tormenting him such that it would appear to him anywhere he went, slept, and threatened to kill him which made him restless in a manner that he even attempted suicide on several occasions but the knife he grabbed to kill himself turned to a wooden stick and when he threw it away it turned back to a knife.

He tried consulting several fetish priests for help but to no avail after taking all his money and sleeping in shrines for weeks.

But on that fateful evening of his deliverance, Elvis decided to pick his New Testament Bible, and not knowing where to go, he landed in Kunka Central auditorium of The Church of Pentecost where the Children’s Ministry was having a Holy Spirit Encounter. He was touched by the Holy Spirit and vomited the ring and was subsequently delivered of the evil spirit that was tormenting him.

Kunka District Minister Pastor Benjamin Sarpong Mensah prayed for him and later presented a Bible to him.

Elvis Chi came to church the following Sunday a happy man and testified that the evil spirit that was tormenting him had fled and that Jesus Christ has set him free. He is now happily fellowshipping with Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Obuasi.

Report by Ebenezer Asare McKeown.


11-Year-Old Boy Leads Father To Christ

It was a great moment to behold when Mr. Isaac Annan stepped forward to rededicate his life to Christ in obedience to an altar call made by his 11-year-old son, Eugene Acquah Annan, at an evangelism rally last Saturday in Accra.

This rally was organised by the Mt. Carmel Assembly Children’s Ministry of the Pentecost University (PU) District in the Odorkor Area at Sowutuom (close to the Police station) as part of the recently held ‘National Ministries’ Rally;’ jointly organised by the Youth, Men, Women, Evangelism and Children’s Ministries of the church nationwide.

At the said event, the 13-year-old Karen Baah-Botwe preached a compelling gospel message on the main theme of the rally: “Behold, Jesus Christ Is Coming, Are You Ready? With Scripture readings from Revelation 1:7 and Matthew 22:44, Karen preached on the second coming of Christ and what it means for all those who have not accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour. She then admonished all and sundry to believe in Jesus Christ and be saved in order to escape the Lord’s wrath on His imminent return.

After the sermon, Eugene, also a Sunday School child of the Assembly, was called upon to lead the altar call and encourage unbelievers in the audience to respond to the message by surrendering their lives to Christ. As he called out to all who were yet to do so, Eugene saw the session as a great opportunity to call out his father, a backslidden Christian, to rededicate his life to Christ.

Without hesitation, his father obliged and stepped forward to accept Christ amidst great cheer and amazement from the audience. Together with two other adults and two children, Mr. Annan was led to dedicate his life to Christ to the glory of God.

In an interview with PENTECOST NEWS after the event, Mr. Annan said, “I have finally come to the realisation that indeed Jesus is Lord, and now I am ready to follow and serve Him willingly.”

The outreach was preceded by an aggressive house-to-house evangelism exercise led by the children and the distribution of gospel tracts to passersby.

The National Ministries Rally was held from September 20-26, 2021, under the theme: “Behold, Jesus Christ is Coming, Are You Ready?” The Youth Ministry led the service on Monday, the Women’s Ministry led on Tuesday, whilst the Evangelism and Men’s ministries spearheaded the services on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was, however, earmarked for an intense prayer session with new converts for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. The Children’s Ministry, on the other hand, spearheaded the service on Saturday. The weeklong exercise was climaxed on Sunday morning with the Gospel Sunday service.



Two Pastors, Others Miraculously Saved In Gory Accident

The Resident Minister of Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, Pastor Musa Yahaya, together with his wife Rejoice, 2-year-old son, and Pastor Michael Fiifi Bortsie, the Koforidua Sector Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) Traveling Secretary, were miraculously saved from a near-fatal road accident on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. 

They were aboard a Toyota RAV4 vehicle returning to Koforidua in the afternoon after attending a naming ceremony of a colleague pastor at Kwamoso, near Koforidua. 

Toyota RAV4 vehicle

Pastor Yahaya, who doubles as the Koforidua Area Secretary of the church, narrated to PENTECOST NEWS at the Eastern Regional Hospital that, while descending towards Osubetor stretch of Koforidua-Mamfe Highway, he noticed that an oncoming Nissan Pick-Up vehicle with registration number GR 1933-19 had veered off its lane with a broken shaft after hitting a pothole. 

He said he attempted to slow down and swerve to the shoulders of the road on a bridge. “However, the driver of the Pick-Up vehicle lost control of his vehicle and violently rammed into the driver’s side of my car,” he explained. 

According to him, the impact forced his vehicle to somersault four times and landed in the process with the tyres hanging upside down.  

By the mercies and grace of God, he together with his wife, baby boy, and the colleague pastor escaped with minor injuries and were rushed to the regional hospital, where they were treated and discharged. However, the two-year-old baby miraculously survived unhurt. 

“The Lord has been gracious to us. Praise Him with us,” Pastor Yahaya said. 


“Let Your Benjamin Go” 01

“Let Your Benjamin Go” – How A Stolen Car Was Retrieved After Acting On The Word Of God

This testimony is meant to glorify God and to strengthen the faith of believers. It narrates how 64-year-old retiree, Elder Charles Owusu Koduah, who worships with Tanoso Bethel Assembly in the Kwadaso Area of The Church of Pentecost, received a miracle after obeying the word of God.

“Let Your Benjamin Go,” is the title of a message delivered by Pastor Fred Appiah Baah, the Kwadaso Agric District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, on Sunday, 30th May 2021. The sermon was aimed at making believers understand that when one sacrifices something precious to God, God would replenish it.

Genesis 42:36-38 and Genesis 43:1-14, the main texts used for the sermon, talk about Jacob who refused to let his sons take his beloved son, Benjamin away to Egypt.

Pastor Fred Appiah Baah emphasized that since it is not easy to let go whatever is precious to someone, the greater sacrifice one makes brings greater reward to him.” He further emphasized that “when one gives what was originally decided to give, it is not worthy to be described as a ‘benjamin’ but when one gives beyond what was originally planned, then his/her offering becomes a ‘benjamin.’”

Elder Owusu Koduah was inspired and motivated by the sermon and borrowed money from someone to add up to what he had originally decided to offer and brought it to the Lord. He ended up going home with nothing on him after the service.

Elder Owusu Koduah had bought a Nissan Urvan which was worth GH¢ 17,000.00 from his pension benefit in 2018. The vehicle was stolen a few months after it was purchased and since then it has been an issue of a back and forth with the police. But after acting on the word of God with faith on the said day, he mysteriously got hold of the person who stole the vehicle about two years ago.

The most exciting and interesting thing about this miracle is that the person is ready to refund the money or the car that was stolen. Halleluyah!


Pastor Daughter Saved From Gory Accident 012

Pastor, Daughter Saved From Gory Accident

Overseer Samuel Odoom of Kwabeng District of The Church of Pentecost in the Suhum Area on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, narrowly escaped death after the vehicle he was driving involved in a gory accident.

The grisly accident occurred at Osino when he was travelling from his base at Kwabeng to Suhum for an official assignment.

In an interview with PENTECOST NEWS, Overseer Odoom indicated that the accident occurred as a result of a burst tyre, and in the process, it ran through a bridge, smashed into two trees, and ended up somersaulting four times.

Earlier on Sunday, June 6, 2021, his daughter also had a  gruesome accident at the same spot when she was travelling to Accra after visiting them, leaving many passengers on the bus severely injured.

But to the glory of God, both the pastor and his daughter escaped unhurt. “This is definitely a miracle and I’m so grateful to God,” he said.

Report by Samuel Danso.

Man Runs To Christ 01

Man Runs To Christ, Talisman Burnt

A 42-year-old man, Alexander Twumasi, last Sunday [April 25, 2021] was rescued by the Holy Spirit from satanic oppression after he ran to Christ in search of the peace of God for his soul.

According to Elder Godfred Asare, leader of the El-Shaddai Revival Centre of The Church of Pentecost in Konongo, Alex entered the church while service was in progress with visible signs of distress. During the altar call, he quickly moved forward to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

Elder Asare said that while praying for Alex, the Holy Spirit revealed to him that some charms were around his waist. He said that Alex confirmed having those charms and magical rings on him which were tormenting him, but was afraid that when they are removed he would die.

Assuring him that he would not die, he brought out the charms to be burnt and instantly received his freedom after he was prayed for.



Woman Surrenders Her Fetishes To The Lordship Of Jesus Christ

An 82-year-old woman, Cecilia Dawuso, who has been an idol worshipper her entire life, has given her life to Jesus Christ at Asempaneye in the Apeguso District of the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost.

This occurred when the Presiding Elder of Asempaneye assembly, Elder Erasmus Gbedze, preached the gospel on the local information centre in the weekly dawn broadcast.

After spending decades in servitude to the deity, Madam Cecilia confessed of several negative impacts it has had on her life and her family after her initiation into it when she was five (5) years old. She has broken her arm and gone through several injuries, all in the name of appeasing the deity.

Madam Cecilia confessed that when the Elder was preaching the sermon, she strongly felt the urge to surrender her life to Christ and “see the power in Jesus Christ.”

The District Minister, Overseer Samuel Malack Arthur, led her to Christ and prayed for her total liberation. She brought out all her fetishes and charms to be burnt.

To the glory of God, Madam Cecilia Dawuso has been baptised in water. 

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team.