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Breast Cancer Patient Receives Divine Healing

Mrs Martha Konja, a member of Nkyenenkyene Central Assembly in the Nkyenenkyene District of The Church of Pentecost, has been miraculously healed of breast cancer.

According to her, she started feeling heaviness and intense pain in her left breast in the last week of June 2020, which gave her sleepless nights for weeks. Subsequently, the breast began to swell and the pain became unbearable for her.

As a result, her family took her to the Krachi West District Hospital where she was diagnosed with breast cancer and referred to the Ho Teaching Hospital (Trafalgar) for medication.

Mrs Konja reported the sad situation to her District Minister, Overseer Frank Amoako Henneh, who assured her of God’s divine touch in difficult situations. He further arranged for three days fasting and prayers with the woman. The pain in the breast and the swelling stopped when she was being prayed for by the District Minister during the “Tweaduapon Nwunu Ase” Prayer meeting. Her affected breast was restored to its normal size after prayers.

Upon reaching the Ho Teaching Hospital, she was declared healed as no cancer was identified in her breast.

All glory to God for His divine intervention.

Report by Kete Krachi Area Media Team


Couple Give Birth After 10 Years Of Marriage

It was all joy at the Estate Assembly in the North Kaneshie District of The Church of Pentecost on Saturday, August 29, 2020, as Deacon Isaac Kofi Mensah, his wife, Mrs Lilian Mensah, and the entire church celebrated the birth of their newly born baby after ten years of marriage.

The couple who have been married for a decade without a child described their child as a miracle and a gift from God.

The christening and dedication ceremony for the baby was officiated by the District Minister, Pastor Evans Annaba Mensah, with support from the immediate-past District Minister, Pastor Franklin Agbovi Hushie (currently stationed at Ola District in Cape Coast Area), in whose tenure the baby was conceived.

In the brief but colourful and memorable event during which all COVID-19 safety protocols were adhered to, the District Welfare Chairman and a Children’s Ministry worker, Elder Michael Korletey admonished parents to train up their children in the fear of the Lord.

Reading from Proverbs 22:6, Elder Michael Korletey advised parents to be the first and ultimate role models to their children.

Thanking God for the gift of a child, the couple recounted the struggles and humiliation they had endured in the past ten years due to their inability to conceive.

“Although people kept saying things to my husband, he was resolute in his love for me and stood by me through it all. He never for once left me,” a teary Mrs Mensah said.

Mrs Lilian Mensah, also a Sunday School teacher at the Estate Assembly, expressed their appreciation to God for the wonderful gift of a child.

She thanked the ministers present, the District Presbytery, the North Kaneshie Estate Assembly Presiding Elder, Eric Okine, and the Local Presbytery for the support throughout the years.

An elated Deacon Mensah also added that “We thank God for what He has done for us. I want everyone gathered here today to believe that God is good, and He will come through for everyone at the right time. I am out of words to describe how grateful; we are to God.”

The baby was named Hepzibah Maame Afua Mensah and was dedicated to the glory of God.

Report by Jude Duncan and Gideon Fiifi Andoh, North Kaneshie District


Fetish Priest Gives His Life To Christ

Gameli Awudi, a 34-year-old renowned fetish priest who hails from Tsatee in the Kpalime District in the Ho Area of The Church of Pentecost, has surrendered to Christ.

Overseer Solomon Affram, the Kpalime District Minister, on a visit to the Tsatee local assembly on 26th July, 2020, shared the gospel with Awudi, who had been practicing this craft for more than a decade and had many clients in the Volta Region and beyond.

Confessing after giving his life to Christ, he said that he used his numerous amulets to work against unbelievers and lukewarm Christians alike and had caused many atrocities with it.

However, upon hearing the word of God, he surrendered his life to Christ and gave up all his charms and idols to be burnt. He and his wife are now members of the Church.

Report by Overseer Felix Brakatu, Ho.

Agormanya Elder Alfred

COP Elder Rescued From Unknown Assailants

Elder Alfred Kingsley Emad-Louis Nyhiraba Quaicoe, a member of the Nuaso Assembly in the Agormanya District of The Church of Pentecost, has escaped death after he was attacked by unknown assailants on his way home after a dawn broadcast in a nearby village at Kpong on 11th April, 2020.

Narrating his ordeal, he said that he usually goes for dawn broadcast on Saturdays during his leisure time to preach the gospel message in the communities around the Kpong Water Works.

However, on that fateful day after the dawn broadcasting, while he was returning home, just about 200 meters to his house, he saw two men on a motorbike who passed by him, during which one of them said in pidgin English: “That be the guy.”

After the attack

In the process, the two men rode back to where he was standing and stabbed him at the abdomen.

It took the grace of God to save his life after some people rushed him to the St Martins Hospital for medical attention.

We give glory to God for saving his life.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team.

idol 2

Idol Worshipper Accepts Christ

Mr Kammu Kassibe, a 35-year old idol worshipper, has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Saviour.

Mr Kassibe responded to the gospel on 3rd August 2020 during a house-to-house evangelism outreach undertaken by the Adubrim District of The Church of Pentecost.

According to him, he had been practising idolatry with his late father since he was about 12 years old. He also confessed to using the amulets and charms against many people, especially unbelievers, and also for others who came to him for assistance.

After surrendering to Christ, Mr Kassibe handed over all his amulets and charms to the Adubrim District Minister, Overseer Bismark Amoah, to be burnt.

Mr Kammu Kassibi, who lives at Dump, a small community near Adubrim, now fellowships with the Dump Assembly. To God be the glory!


God Restores Seth Adaklu

God Restores Seth Daklu

A man with mental illness received instant healing during the 2019 Christmas convention at the New Powmu Assembly in the Akosombo District of The Church of Pentecost.

During a prayer session at the convention on December 28, Seth was brought to the convention grounds by some town people. The District Minister, Pastor Kofi Okyire Appianing, together with the elders prayed for him.

After a short time of prayer, Seth was touched by the mighty power of Jesus Christ, and he instantly received healing. It was then that he gave his name as Seth.

A week later, he willingly gave his full name, that of his parents, siblings and his hometown in very clear handwriting.

With the support of the church, Elder Justice Adri and his wife provided free accommodation for Seth for four months. On April 3, 2020, Seth was reunited with his family at Ho Housing in the Volta Region.

The happy family, in expressing joy and appreciation to God, said that Seth had been in that condition since 2002.

Report by Richard Asante Wiafe, Akosombo.

Minister Blessed With A Child After Ten Years Of Marriage

Minister Blessed With A Child After Ten Years Of Marriage

It was a moment of joy when ministers and their wives as well as members in the Sawla Area of the Church met to witness the christening and dedication of the first child of Overseer William and Mrs. Irene Asare after ten years of marriage.

Delivering the sermon at the dedication service which took place at the Gindabour Central Assembly on March 10th, 2020, the Area Head, Apostle William Ohemeng-Kwakye, who could not hide his joy quizzed, “How can anyone understand God fully?”

Speaking on the topic, “The God we cannot fully understand” taken from Psalm 115:1-3; 42:1-3, Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye said that, God cannot be fully understood because He is sovereign.

He mentioned that man has many plans but humans depend on God for their achievements. According to him, many Christians ask a lot of questions when they are in difficult situations. This, he stated, sometimes causes others to question the existence of God. “However, we must admit that, God allows things to happen to us for His glory to be manifested in His own time,” he stated.

“Considering the fact that Overseer and Mrs Asare are ministers, a lot of people were expectant that God would do a miracle in their marriage as a prove of God’s faithfulness to the gospel they preach. Yet, God was silent while they persistently and earnestly prayed for a child. Thanks be to God, that in His own time, He has made things beautiful to prove His faithfulness and sovereignty to Overseer and Mrs Asare,” he said.

Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye, therefore, admonished Christians to fully accept the sovereignty of God and appreciate that God is Omniscient and wants His deeds to be known. He entreated Christians to trust in the Lord at all times, thank Him in all circumstances, pray at all times and have faith in the Lord in times of difficulties.

Overseer William Asare the District Minister of Gindabour District in Sawla Area, and his wife were blessed with a bouncing baby boy on 8th January, 2020, having married for ten years without an issue. In their response, they thanked God for His faithfulness by blessing them with a child after a decade of childlessness.

Report by Overseer Francis Kofi Gyimah, Changbalyiri District

Holy Spirit Arrests Fetish Priest After Failed Attempt To ‘Kill’ Area Head

Holy Spirit Arrests Fetish Priest After Failed Attempt To ‘Kill’ Area Head

Sule Habuga, a Beninoir who has lived and worked as a fetish priest for about 40 years, was arrested by the power of the Holy Spirit after a failed attempt to ‘kill’ the out-going Sefwi-Wiawso Area Head, Apostle John Obeng Kesse.

The incident happened when the Area Head, Apostle John Obeng Kesse was officiating the dedication of the Graceland Assembly church building in Ackaakrom District of the Sefwi-Wiawso Area on December 19th, 2019.

Sule Habuga, who has now given his life to Jesus Christ, confessed that he purposely went to the church service to challenge Apostle J. O. Kesse. According to him, he spiritually shot the Area Head three times and threw other spiritual weapons at him but none could hit his target. After several unsuccessful attempts, the popular fetish priest decided to run away from the auditorium, but he could not escape, due to the presence of the Holy Spirit. He indicated that, he was trapped by fire at the gates which, he said, was also around the entire church building.

The Area Head who had had an intuition about the whole development made an altar call in the middle of the service. However, nobody responded to the call. According to reports, the Area Head specifically walked to this unknown person (Sule Habuga) who was in “Rasta hairdo” and told him to give his life to Christ. Realising that he has been overpowered by the Holy Spirit, Sule knelt down to accept Jesus Christ and was prayed for. During the prayers, the evil spirits began to manifest violently, but with the help of some pastors and elders, he was overpowered and fell to the ground powerlessly.

Later, when he was given water to drink, he vomited a copper ring he had swallowed long ago. He was baptised by emersion after the church service had ended. When he was coming out of the water, Sule had a supernatural encounter of an opened heavens, and according to him, he saw many people in shiny clothes happily moving about.

He then gave out his idols and amulets to be burnt by Overseer Robert Dwumah, the District Minister of Ackaakrom District, and some elders. He has since been baptised in the Holy Spirit and fellowships at Graceland Assembly.

Sule now shares his newfound faith in Christ and the peace that he is enjoying. He stated: “Now I don’t walk in fear any longer.”

Report by Overseer Alex Ansah-Nyarko.

COVID-19 Patient Turns Missionary At Isolation Centre

COVID-19 Patient Turns Missionary At Isolation Centre

Testing Positive For COVID-19

On April 17th, 2020, I voluntarily took the COVID-19 test during a random testing the COVID-19 team was conducting in our area. I anticipated the results would be negative because I was mostly indoors, observed the safety protocols and only went out when my Local Assembly was distributing food items to members. However, on Monday, April 27, I received a call that my test came out positive, so I should prepare to be taken to an isolation centre the following day. The news hit my family and I. I called back and asked which isolation centre they were taking us and I was told it was the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC). I sighed with a bit of relief because as a member of The Church of Pentecost, I consider PCC as my home.

Arrival At PCC And Becoming A Missionary

I arrived at PCC on 28th of April 2020 around 4:00 pm. During the registration, one of the members of the medical team asked whether I was an elder of The Church of Pentecost, and I nodded. I didn’t know how he knew, but I guess it was because of the PEMEM Lacoste I was wearing.

On Wednesday morning, the leader of our block, Mr Ben, called for a devotion, which I attended. It was mainly prayers, and no message was preached. We had a meeting after the prayers. During the meeting, most of the people were angry that they didn’t know why they had been sent there, because according to them, they were not sick. While tempers were high because of the effect of the isolation on their families and businesses, I felt the need to explain briefly the relevance of being isolated from people to them. I pleaded with them to relax, for we are in ‘Yesu Krom’ (The City of Jesus Christ), so in no time, our Lord will turn all our “positives” into “negatives.” All of them shouted a big “Amen.” That was when I felt the burden to preach the Word.

I prayed for strength and approached the leader, Mr Ben, for permission to preach the gospel message as part of the devotion, and he gladly welcomed the idea. On Thursday, I woke up at dawn, prayed into the meeting for about 45 minutes before stepping out for the devotion. I preached on Isaiah 7:1-14, and from verses 4 and 7, I assured them that, no one was going to experience the effect of the pandemic, for God Himself was going to give us a sign (Verse 14).

During the prayer time, the place was charged, people prayed, and it was even difficult to stop them. After the devotion, people’s faith was lifted, and you could hear people singing soul-lifting songs in their rooms as compared to the previous day when it was more of insults and the expression of anger. The next day, the attendance almost doubled. I was led to preach from 2 Corinthians chapter 5. Taking inspiration from one of our Chairman’s sermons, I preached that, even though God will heal us from COVID-19, it didn’t not mean that we would never die or fall sick, for this earthly tent will surely be removed one day. I did an altar call, and many people raised their hands and accepted Jesus. Others rededicated their lives to Christ. I continued to preach about the eternal glory and damnation that awaits people who live for Christ or otherwise, respectively.

From that day, people came to my room after the devotion to seek counselling and prayers. For most of the afternoons, I gathered some of the youth, and we had Bible studies together.

A Preacher Called To Lead A Demonstration

On Friday, May 1st, 2020, we took our first test. On Monday morning, we had a meeting with one of the doctors, because people had sent reports out that the treatment we were receiving in terms of quality of food and water was poor. During discussions, it slipped out that our test results were in, and that we would be given our test results that day. When we waited till the following Thursday, and the results were still not in, rumours started circulating that the number of people who tested negative was only ten and that was why the doctors were finding it difficult to break the news to the over 200 people at the centre.

On Friday morning, while I was outside the building, someone rushed to tell me that my attention was urgently needed. When I went there, people had gathered and had started planning for a demonstration. Some even threatened to leave the premises if they didn’t receive their results that day. I was told to lead the deliberations. What a big task! I pleaded with them not to start a demonstration without first informing the medical team and the authorities. So, I entreated our leader to inform the leader of the medical team of our intention to embark on a demonstration the following day if they did not not release our results to us. I further cautioned the people that it is not the building that was withholding their results, so they should be careful not to damage any property in their rooms or outside their rooms, and they all agreed.

While we were still deliberating on how to go about the demonstration, someone informed the security officials, and the leader of the military team rushed into the building to implore us to exercise patience. While we were interacting with the military officer, all the doctors and other medical team rushed into the facility to explain things to us. Tempers were so high that people were not even willing to listen to the explanation from the medical team. That was the first time I met Elder Dr. Dominic Demateh Nuerty, one of the leaders of Medical Team A. He patiently explained to us that our results came the previous night, and they have been up the whole night trying to sort out individual slips from out of the pool of results they had received. Together with Dr Fredua Agyemang, leader of Medical Team B, they assured us that, by lunch time, the results would be presented to us, and the second test will be conducted for us. Knowing that some of the people were not willing to listen to doctors, I stood among the people and explained in Twi to the understanding of the people that our request was going to be granted. We later engaged those who had concerns to explain issues to them further.

The First Negative Test And Faith Lifted

In the afternoon of May 1st, we assembled to receive our results as promised. The previous day, I had a vision that buses were conveying us from the facility, which I told the people of the great miracle God was going to do among us. When they called out the names of the first ten people, I was the 6th person. We were told we were all negative. Though I was negative, I was not yet happy because I was hoping to hear many people testing negative. I stood by to listen to the other results. They called the next 30 people, and they were also told they were all negative. Then I started laughing. People walked to me and told me, “Elder, God is real and He is alive.” They called out the next set of names and they were also negative. By the end of the exercise, almost 90% of us had tested negative. Some young people rushed to me and carried me should high, with shouts that, “you are a prophet!”

He Who Began A Good Work Will Bring It To Completion

We were moved to Block C, and that evening, we converged to thank God for His goodness towards us. People who were previously not fellowshipping with us now joined our fellowship. Our faith in the Lord had been built up and it grew stronger and stronger. Being confident that He who started a good work will surely complete it, God laid it on my heart to preach to them about living a Christian lifestyle after leaving the premises. The call to holiness and total dependence on God was welcomed by the people.

On Thursday, May 14th, 2020, our second test results came in, and more than 200 people tested negative for the second time. Our joy was made complete because the Lord visited us that day. The extent of jubilation was indescribable. Before we left the facility, I gathered all the people outside the facility, and we blessed God for His goodness, healing, and deliverance. As seen in the vision earlier, buses were brought to convey us home. The Church of Pentecost gave each person a Bible, Stream of Living Water Devotional Guide, and a face mask.

Post-COVID-19 Testimonies

Ever since we returned home, I have received countless calls (and continue to receive calls) from some of my colleague patients, most of whom I do not even remember, about how their lives have changed because of their encounter with the Lord at the isolation centre. They accepted the Word and have now made a personal commitment to remain steadfast in the Lord. Some of them indicated that they experienced genuine repentance there. Some have built their daily devotional life.

Narrating all that had happened to my deputy, the Assistant District Children’s Ministry Leader at my Local Assembly, he remarked that, “If God had asked you to go to the facility and the gospel, you would not have accepted to go. Therefore, He allowed you to get the virus so that He will plant you as a missionary among the people so that you can preach the gospel to the brokenhearted.”

When I look back at how God demonstrated His mighty power at the Convention Centre and saved lives and performed signs and wonders among the people, I am convinced that He indeed sent me there as a missionary to preach the gospel.

Beloved, the “Possessing the Nations” agenda is still on and we must see every event that unfolds in our lives as an opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. His divine power is always at work to confirm the Word we preach with signs and wonders.

By Elder Michael, Haatso Area