Couple Welcomes Quadruplets After 24 Years Of Childlessness web

Couple Welcomes Quadruplets After 24 Years Of Childlessness

Elder Godfred Kwame Asamoah Agyemang and his wife, Deaconess Louisa, of the Sunyani Central District of The Church of Pentecost, have joyfully welcomed quadruplets after patiently waiting and relying on God for the fruit of the womb for 24 years.

God graciously gave them three girls and a boy, namely Godfred Asamoah Agyemang Jnr (Adom), Ann Anima Asamoah Agyemang (Akyede), Maria Oduro Asamoah Agyemang (Ayeyi) and Louisa Pokuaa Asamoah Agyemang (Nhyira).

The naming and dedication ceremony for the quadruplets, which took place on Sunday, December 17, 2024, was officiated by Apostle James Gabriel Quardson (Sunyani Area Head), Apostle Robert Andoh (Essam Debiso Area Head), Apostle James Nana Ofori (Rtd), Pastor Stephen Dankyi Asante (Sunyani Central District Minister), and other ministers in Sunyani Area. 

Other dignitaries who graced the service were Odeneho Akosua Frema Dwabeng Ababio II (Queen of Domaa Ahenkro Traditional Area), Chiefs and other Queens in Sunyani and Domaa Ahenkro and Heads of Security Agencies.  

Elder Agyemang and his wife, Deaconess Louisa, got married on March 14, 1999, in Sunyani. Pastor Frederick Kweku Andoh, the then Sunyani District Minister, now Apostle and Area Head for Assin Fosu, officiated their wedding.

The couple, in an interview with Pentecost News, revealed they went through several miscarriages and sought medical attention and advice from gynaecologists and other specialists for 23 years but to no avail.

“We have faced numerous challenges, especially being a presiding elder who officiates naming service in the absence of my district pastor. Our situation sometimes discouraged and restrained my wife from attending church activities.

“We have suffered during this period of childlessness, but we never denied our faith in God,” Elder Agyemang said joyfully.

He, however, said they continued praying, believing God for a miracle, and his wife miraculously conceived in November 2022. 

“Our story looks similar to that of Abraham and Sara when God promised him at age 75 to be the father of many nations—but had to wait for 25 years before Sara conceived Isaac, their beloved son,” he said.

Elder Godfred Agyemang, popularly known as ‘ELLENGOZ,’ meaning “Evidence of God’s Glory,” described the societal pressure and stigmatisation as suicidal, emphasising the vital role their faith in God played in seeing them through their predicaments and cited Psalm 9:10, Romans 8:28 and Issaiah 1:21.

He encouraged couples not to be desperate for children during marriage but to understand that it is part of the benefit of marriage and always trust that God can do everything. 

Elder and Deaconess Asamoah Agyemang expressed their profound gratitude to all ministers, officers, members and everyone who supported them in prayers.

Giving the sermon at the naming ceremony, Apostle James Gabriel Quardson encouraged couples to remain righteous before God and be patient to wait and desist from behaviours that will resist God’s glory upon their lives. 

He further emphasised that God makes everything beautiful and perfect for those who wait on him faithfully. 

Report by Collins Obeng K. Jnr, Sunyani.

Miraculous Healing At Gador District Christmas Convention web

Miraculous Healing At Gador District Christmas Convention

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the Gador District in the Afram Plains Area of The Church of Pentecost witnessed a remarkable event at their Christmas convention, demonstrating the incredible power of faith and the healing touch of Jesus Christ. 

Mr Andrews Bokor of Tribu Assembly of the church, who had been paralysed and bedridden for a year, got healed.  

For an entire year, Mr Bokor had been confined to his bed, unable to walk or even sit. His wife, Mrs Osime Norvekeku, approached him after attending the convention’s first service. Her heart filled with hope, she urged her husband to join her in seeking divine intervention for his healing. However, feeling defeated and resigned to his condition, he initially refused, stating, “You know I can’t walk.” Despite this setback, Osime never lost faith in God’s power to heal her husband.

Upon hearing of the situation, the District Minister, Probationary Overseer John Mark Oppong Asare, and his elders agreed to visit their home in response to Osime’s plea. Upon arrival, they found Andrews appearing lifeless, with little hope for improvement. They offered heartfelt prayers, seeking divine intervention and healing for him.

The following day, Andrews, bedridden for a year, rose from his sick bed and stood as if he had never been afflicted, bringing great joy and jubilation to the church and the entire community.

This glorious event took place on the first day of the Gador District Christmas convention, held at Tribu under the theme, “Jesus Christ, the Glory of God on Earth is Born.” 

The convention became more than just a gathering of believers; it was an incredible platform where the glory of God was manifested through remarkable healing and restoration.

Report by Probationary Overseer John Mark Oppong Asare.

Family Of Three Freed From Demonic Possession In Samoa web

Family Of Three Freed From Demonic Possession In Samoa

A family of three in Samoa has been freed from demonic possession after a team of Christian missionaries prayed for them.

The family, identified as Shalom Pasami (38), Tomasi Pasami (46), and Salvation Pasami (23), had been suffering from various symptoms of demonic oppression, such as nightmares, voices, and physical pains.

The missionaries, who belong to PENSA International (Oceania Bloc) of The Church of Pentecost, were conducting house-to-house evangelism in the island nation as part of their November 2023 mission trip.

They encountered the family and sensed a spiritual warfare going on.

Led by Elder Samuel Davis Yeboah and Deacon Michael Benson, the team of five engaged in an intense session of prayer and deliverance for the family.

According to the missionaries, the family was delivered from the evil spirits as prayers were going on.

They also testified that the family gave their lives to Christ at the end of the prayers and decided to join the Church.

Moreover, two neighbours who witnessed the deliverance brought their two sick children, aged two and four, to be prayed for. The children, who had feet issues and severe headaches, respectively, also received their healing.

The missionaries praised God for his faithfulness and power.

They said that they were glad to see the family and the children experience the love and freedom of Christ.

They also expressed their hope that more people in Samoa would come to know the gospel and be saved.

Report by Abigirl Maminimini (PENSA Australia Secretary)

Couple Welcomes First Child After 8 Years Of Marriage web

Couple Welcomes First Child After 8 Years Of Marriage

Deacon Solomon Nimako Frempong and his wife, Beatrice, both members of the Sunyani Central District of The Church of Pentecost, have joyfully welcomed their first child, marking the end of eight years of childlessness.

The couple was joined by relatives and well-wishers at the F.D. Walker Memorial Temple for the naming and dedication of their new bundle of joy.

Married in 2015, Deacon and Mrs Frempong have faced a prolonged struggle with the issue of childbirth.

During an interview with PENTECOST NEWS, the couple revealed that they underwent various medical examinations, consulting gynaecologists and other specialists for seven years, but to no avail.

“We have immensely suffered during this period of childlessness, but our God is faithful!” exclaimed Deacon Solomon with joy.

He recounted instances where some parents denied him the simple pleasure of playing with their children, not even allowing him to hold their hands because of the couple’s barrenness.

Deacon Solomon described the societal pressure and stigmatisation as suicidal, emphasising the vital role their faith in God played in seeing them through their predicaments. He cited Isaiah 43:19 and Philippians as their source of inspiration.

Through the advice and counsel of Apostle Mark Obeng Andoh (Rtd), the then Sunyani Area Head, and the prayer support of members of the Sunyani Central District led by Pastor Dankyi Asante, they remained steadfast in the Lord, and are grateful that God has intervened and given them a baby boy, whom they have named Miracle Nyametease Nimako.

Preaching at the naming and dedication service, Pastor Stephen Dankyi Asante encouraged Christians not to give up.

According to him, God makes everything perfect in His own appointed time, emphasising the necessity of trusting God in all circumstances.

Report by Elder Collins Obeng Jnr. (Sunyani Central District).

Man On the Brink Of Suicide Surrenders To Christ At “Jesus Saves Crusade” web

Man On the Brink Of Suicide Surrenders To Christ At “Jesus Saves Crusade”

In a remarkable turn of events, a man teetering on the edge of suicide found salvation in Christ during the concluding day of the “Jesus Saves Crusade,” organised by the Darkuman District in the Kaneshie Area of The Church of Pentecost.

On the final day of the three-day crusade held at the Darkuman Circle station, a man, later identified as Nana Poku Serebour, courageously stepped forward during the altar call to surrender his life to Christ.

Before embracing Christ as his Lord and Saviour, Nana Poku Serebour handed over a “Rapid Rat Killer” to the Church elders, revealing his intent to end his life that very evening due to the overwhelming struggles he faced.

He expressed being an ex-convict, left homeless and jobless, with no connections to his family.

Nana Poku Serebour lamented his dire circumstances, citing profound suffering and a loss of hope in life as reasons for contemplating suicide. In a desperate act, he obtained a lethal substance with the intent to consume it in a hidden location.

However, the transformative power of the Crusade intervened. Upon hearing the word of God and engaging with compassionate brethren, Nana Poku Serebour had a change of heart, choosing to surrender his life to Christ.

Counselors provided additional guidance on Christ and salvation, helping him understand the profound significance of this decision.

The church leadership, moved by his plight, assured Nana Poku Serebour that they would support him in finding solace under the protection of God, providing assistance to rebuild his life and become a valuable member of society.

The man was overjoyed and grateful for his new life. He thanked God and the church for saving him from death and despair.

Report by Heizel Joshua (Kaneshie Area Media)

A Child After 8 Years Of Marriage web

A Child After 8 Years Of Marriage

Mr. Selasie Ahiabor-Agbakeh and his wife, Gloria, christined their first child on Sunday, November 19, 2023 after 8 years of marriage

The event took place at the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Michel Camp to the glory of God.

The couple whose marriage was blessed in 2015 had to struggle with the issue of childlessness for a while.

“Sometimes I had to change jobs because of the humiliation I suffered. Other times we had to leave the compound house we rented before the two-year rent advance expired,” Mr. Ahiabor-Agbake said.

In some ways, their story is similar to that of Zachariah and Elizabeth because they did everything expected of a good Christian but still there was no child.

They spent money at fertility hospitals but to no avail.

However, as they prayed along their predicaments Mrs. Ahiabor-Agbakeh clearly heard the date 30th November one night in her sleep.

On that day, low and behold when they tested for pregnancy it turned out positive. Their joy knew no bounds.

“God did it this way so that the gynecologist will not take the glory,” Selasie said.

The Resident Minister, Pastor Lieutenant Franklin Kumi Lartey admonished the couple to take good care of the child and help her to grow in the Lord.

Report by PIWC-Michel Camp Media Team

Girl Miraculously Healed Of Speech Impairment web

Girl Miraculously Healed Of Speech Impairment

Vivian Amegah, a 19-year-old girl from Agadzi village in the Akenkansu District in the Akim Oda Area of The Church of Pentecost, who became mute under strange circumstances for a year, has been healed by the power of God.

Vivian Amegah experienced a psychotic episode soon after her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) mock examinations in November last year. Subsequently, she became utterly mute and could not write the BECE with her year group. She was taken to diviners and traditional healers and given a talisman, which was put around her neck.

The District Minister of Akenkansu, Probationary Overseer Dr Vicent Appiah, explained how the young lady had her healing:

“On the first day of meeting her, we prayed for her, and we saw how she struggled but could not open her mouth when we urged her to speak. The Holy Spirit also drew our attention to a thin brown thread around her neck, and when we inquired what it was for, her Auntie quickly said: “It is just a thread.” We then told her to remove it, but she hesitated, saying, “Grandma would be the best person to remove it when she comes home,” the District Minister said.

The District Minister continued that during a second visit on October 6, 2023, he gave her a Youth Bible and a reading torch and encouraged her to read Matthew 8 and 9 about the miracles of Jesus Christ.

Vivian Amegah narrated that on October 13, 2023, she suddenly spoke out some words of the Bible that she was reading in her mind. Out of shock, she stopped reading the Bible, and the speech also ended. She became mute again. On Sunday, October 15, 2023, she could not narrate this experience in church as she had only spoken transiently. The entire district persisted in prayer for her during the period.

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, as she got up and was preparing for church service, she suddenly spoke again, and this time, she remained vocal. She was the first person to report to church that day. As she gave the details of her testimony, all joined in to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the miracle. The District Minister prayed for her and, under the Holy Spirit’s direction, cut the thread (talisman) around her neck.

To the glory of God, Vivian Amegah can now talk without any impairment. She intends to go back to school. 

Report by Samuel Ofori


The Miraculous Release Of Elder Cudjoe: A Testament To The Power Of Faith And Collective Prayer


The biblical teachings of Apostle James, specifically the passage from James 5:16 (NIV), unveil a profound truth about the efficacy of prayer: “…the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” This scriptural insight resonates deeply with many Christians who not only hold the Bible as the infallible word of God but have also encountered the tangible and miraculous results of their prayers. The core message of this verse is that prayer is not a futile or empty ritual; rather, it possesses inherent potency when offered by a righteous and faithful individual. It highlights the transformative nature of prayer when it emanates from a heart devoted to righteousness and faith.

For many believers, the verse from James encapsulates a lived reality. They have personally experienced the awe-inspiring outcomes of their prayers, ranging from profound healings to unanticipated promotions and divine protection. These real-life experiences reinforce their faith and validate biblical teaching. Such encounters with the miraculous power of prayer serve as a living testament to the truth of the scripture and provide a profound foundation for their unwavering belief in the divine efficacy of prayer.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that not everyone’s journey with prayer is marked by straightforward and immediate answers. There are individuals who, while accepting the truth of God’s word, confront the perplexing complexities of life, including persistent challenges and unanswered prayers. They grapple with the apparent disparity between the promise of powerful and effective prayer and the trials they face. This narrative explores the very essence of this struggle, using the story of an elder’s kidnapping to illustrate the intricate interplay between faith and prayer. It sheds light on the nuanced relationship between the biblical truth that “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” and the lived experiences of those who contend with hardships that seem to defy immediate resolution.

Through the lens of this narrative, the biblical truth that “…the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” is not dismissed or weakened. Instead, it is reaffirmed as a guiding principle that continues to inspire hope and perseverance. The challenges and uncertainties that some individuals face serve as a backdrop against which the timeless truth of prayer’s potency shines even brighter.

The story demonstrates that while there may be moments of struggle and doubt, the power of prayer remains constant, offering solace, strength, and eventual resolution. It underscores the idea that, even in the face of life’s complexities, the promise of powerful and effective prayer remains a guiding light for those who seek divine intervention and reaffirms the unshakable belief that this scriptural truth endures.


We received news on October 27, 2023, that a significant event had profoundly impacted Elder Emmanuel Cudjoe, who holds the position of National Deacon within The Church of Pentecost in South Africa. He was kidnapped during a church service in circumstances that remain shrouded in mystery. A video clip that went viral captured a chilling moment during the church service when a preacher abruptly ceased his sermon and fell to the ground, likely due to the command of armed robbers. Congregants, fearing harm, followed suit by taking cover, all during a worship service where the Word of God was being proclaimed.

The armed assailants seized money and valuables from some church members before abducting Elder Cudjoe, possibly with the intention of demanding a substantial ransom, as their initial motives had not been satisfied.


Following the departure of the assailants, the churchgoers gradually regained their composure and began to piece together the events that had unfolded. Elder Cudjoe was missing, and it was obvious that the assailants had taken him. Concerned church members began calling out his name, recognising that he had been present when the gunmen entered the church. News of this tragic incident swiftly spread globally, capturing the attention of the church leadership in Ghana.


Upon learning of Elder Cudjoe’s abduction, the leadership of the church in Ghana sprang into action. Recognising the urgency of the situation together with other people facing similar challenges, they issued a fervent call to the entire congregation, urging them to unite in a collective effort to seek divine intervention through prayer and fasting . With immediacy, a three-day fasting and prayer announcement was disseminated within the church community.


The response from church members was nothing short of extraordinary. Congregants from various regions, cities, and countries joined in unity, dedicating themselves to prayer and fasting for the safe return of Elder Cudjoe and other people facing similar challenges. This event underscored the unwavering support and solidarity of a tightly-knit church community during challenging times.


The culmination of this narrative can only be described as a miracle. Amazing news about Elder Cudjoe’s release from captivity spread rapidly and extensively on the evening of the first day of the announced fast. The timing was nothing short of miraculous, as it occurred mere hours after the commencement of the church’s period of fasting and prayer. This reminded me of Peter’s incident in Acts 12:1-11 where he was miraculously released from prison. The palpable joy and relief that swept through the Early Church is not different from our present day. The congregation reaffirmed their faith and belief in the potency of collective prayer.


The story of Elder Cudjoe’s release offers poignant lessons: Faith Can Move Mountains

The deeply held belief that “the fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much” is not a mere platitude but rather a profound and guiding truth that encapsulates the unwavering faith of The Church of Pentecost. It signifies that faith is not a passive concept but a dynamic force capable of bringing about transformative change. In the context of the story of Elder Cudjoe’s release, this conviction was not just an abstract theological concept but a living reality that played out in the lives of the congregation.

Again, the phrase “the fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much” carries with it the idea that when individuals who possess righteous hearts and deep faith come together in prayer, their collective supplications have a significant impact. It reflects the understanding that prayer is not merely a ritualistic act but a powerful means of connecting with a divine force that has the ability to bring about tangible results.

In the face of the distressing situation involving Elder Cudjoe’s kidnapping, the unwavering faith of The Church of Pentecost was not shaken; instead, it was reaffirmed. This incident served as a real-world testament to the potency of faith in action. It demonstrated that, even in the most challenging and dire circumstances, the power of faith can surmount obstacles that might seem insurmountable to others.

It can be identified that the church’s faith was not passive but active, prompting them to turn to prayer as a means of seeking divine intervention. In doing so, they exemplified the understanding that faith is not detached from action but rather spurs individuals and communities to act in alignment with their beliefs. This faith, which can “move mountains,” signifies a dynamic force that can overcome the most daunting of challenges and pave the way for miraculous outcomes.

This incident served as a powerful reaffirmation of this guiding truth, not only for the church members but also for anyone who encounters this remarkable story. It illustrates that faith, when unwavering and actively applied, can indeed move mountains and bring about incredible, life-altering results, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.


In the narrative of Elder Cudjoe’s safe release, the unity and unwavering support of the church community emerge as central themes. This unity is not merely a passive concept but a dynamic force that played a pivotal role in this harrowing situation. It demonstrated the profound impact that a closely-knit church can have, serving as a wellspring of strength during times of crisis.

The unwavering support of fellow church members provided more than emotional solace; it became a tangible source of hope and resilience, ultimately influencing the outcome of the predicament.

Again, at its core, this unity was a product of a shared sense of purpose and a deep-seated connection among the members of The Church of Pentecost. In moments of crisis, this shared purpose became a driving force that brought the community together. Members were bound by their mutual care and concern, ensuring that no one felt alone or isolated in their distress. This communal approach fostered an environment of compassion and empathy, where every member of the congregation shared in the burden of Elder Cudjoe’s situation, providing vital emotional support.

Also, the unity within the church community was more than symbolic; it was a source of remarkable resilience and determination. Members drew strength from one another, reinforcing their commitment to the cause—praying fervently for the safe return of Elder Cudjoe.

This wellspring of strength empowered the congregation to remain steadfast in their faith and their collective endeavour to seek divine intervention. It was this unity that allowed them to mobilise their resources and coordinate their actions effectively, facilitating a collective prayer and fasting effort that transcended geographical boundaries.

Finally, the pivotal role of unity in this narrative serves as a testament to the extraordinary power of a church in times of adversity. It demonstrates that unity is not a mere abstraction but a practical force capable of influencing the outcome of challenging situations. In a world often characterised by division and individualism, this story offers a compelling reminder of the strength that can be harnessed when people come together with a shared sense of purpose. It illustrates the profound impact that unity can have in fostering resilience, empathy, and hope during times of crisis, making it a wellspring of strength that can overcome even the most daunting challenges.


The remarkable timing of Elder Cudjoe’s release, occurring just as the collective prayer and fasting began, is a testament to the profound impact of a church when they come together in supplication. This synchronicity is not a mere coincidence but a powerful demonstration of the efficacy of collective prayer. It reinforces the belief that when a community unites with a shared sense of purpose and faith, their prayers can yield extraordinary and almost immediate results.

This remarkable alignment of events serves as a tangible reminder of the dynamic force that faith-based communities can generate when they come together to seek divine intervention.

The simultaneous release of Elder Cudjoe and the commencement of collective prayer illustrate the potency of unified faith. When individuals within a church join their hearts and minds in prayer, they tap into a source of collective spiritual energy that transcends individual efforts. This shared faith creates a powerful resonance that reaches a crescendo when the community prays in unison. The release of Elder Cudjoe can be seen as the tangible manifestation of this shared faith, demonstrating that when a church aligns its intentions and beliefs, they can influence the course of events in profound and unexpected ways.

The extraordinary timing of Elder Cudjoe’s release bolsters belief in the transformative power of prayer, not as an isolated individual act but as a communal endeavour. This miraculous outcome reaffirms the conviction that collective prayer can produce tangible and immediate results, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. It serves as a real-world example that inspires and strengthens the faith of not only the church members involved but also anyone who encounters this story. This extraordinary event demonstrates that the collective prayers of a church can create a ripple effect of positive change, underscoring the profound impact of united supplication within a religious context.


The remarkable release of Elder Cudjoe from the clutches of armed robbers stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith and the efficacy of prayer. This narrative, shared by The Church of Pentecost, reinforces the belief that the fervent prayer of the righteous truly avails much. It serves as an inspiring example of the strength that unity within a church can bring, offering hope in the face of adversity. In a world riddled with uncertainty, this story reminds us of the extraordinary outcomes that are possible when a community comes together in earnest prayer, seeking divine intervention.

Written by Pastor Emmanuel Forster Asamoah (Abasraba District)

Couple Welcomes First Child After 21 Years Of Marriage web

Couple Welcomes First Child After 21 Years Of Marriage

Mr. Anecham, a member of the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) in Navrongo, and his wife, Mrs. Anecham, a deaconess of The Church of Pentecost at the Kwamo District, experienced a profound joy as they welcomed their first child after enduring a 21-year wait.

Surrounded by relatives, fellow church members, and well-wishers, the couple celebrated this divine blessing during the naming and dedication ceremony for their new bundle

Their hearts overflowed with gratitude to God, as He had chosen this appointed time to bestow upon them the precious gift of a son. This miraculous moment arrived after five unsuccessful attempts with IVF, a testament to the power of faith and divine intervention.

Deaconess Anecham offered words of encouragement to Christian couples facing similar struggles with infertility, urging them not to rely solely on their own understanding but to place their trust in God’s appointed time.

The well-attended dedication service took place at the Israel Assembly on October 22, 2023.


43-Year-Old Woman With Mental Health Challenges Miraculously Restored web

43-Year-Old Woman With Mental Health Challenges Miraculously Restored

Alice Akua Amidu, a 43-year-old woman from Techimam-Ayigbe, received healing through fervent prayer at the Soma Central Assembly church auditorium in the Sawla Area of The Church of Pentecost.

For more than four years, Alice had been battling severe mental health issues, a predicament that deeply affected her and her family.

Her sister, Rosalina Sabago Kongo, recounted their journey of seeking help, which included visits to traditional healers, “Malams,” and herbalists. Unfortunately, these efforts proved futile and, instead, exacerbated Alice’s condition to the point where she wandered the streets, talking to herself, and occasionally exhibiting aggressive behaviour, even brandishing a knife at passersby.

One incident involved Alice menacingly pursuing a woman with a machete, saved only by a Good Samaritan who opened his door to protect her from harm.

On Friday, August 11, 2023, Alice Akua Amidu was brought from Ayigbe in Techiman to the Soma Assembly for prayer and divine intervention.

During the prayer session, Alice’s distress escalated, necessitating the assistance of men to restrain her from causing harm to others present.

Under the guidance of District Minister Pastor Christopher Atuah-Yeboah, along with the support of church officers and leaders, fervent prayers were offered for her.

Shortly after the prayers, Alice regained her composure and self-awareness. She was then led to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour.

Alice was subsequently baptised in water and she received Holy Spirit baptism, resulting in her complete healing.

This miraculous incident brought immense joy to her family and bolstered the faith of the church members, reaffirming their belief in the Lord’s power to heal.

Report by Overseer Jones Dwomoh Amankwah (Sawla Area Media Team)