Apostle Agyemang Bekoe Urges Christians To Uphold Holiness web

Apostle Agyemang Bekoe Urges Christians To Uphold Holiness

The International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, has advised church members, particularly the youth, to uphold holiness so as to experience a new move of the Holy Spirit in their generation.

Apostle Agyemang Bekoe said this yesterday (16th of May 2024) when he addressed participants of the Pentecost 2024 Conference taking place at Rudolf Weber Arena at Oberhausen, Germany.

According to the IMD, invoking the power of the Holy Spirit is impossible without personal holiness.

“His name is God the Holy Ghost,” he proclaimed, underlining the inseparable connection between living a holy life and experiencing the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Bekoe further stressed the importance of recognising the urgency of the times, stating, “We are not in a rush, but we are in haste; the King’s time is not on our side.”

He said that this call to action reflects a deep concern for the swift passage of time and the need for Christians to act with purpose and commitment.

Referencing Acts 2, Apostle Bekoe highlighted the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, as demonstrated by the early church’s experience on the Day of Pentecost.

He noted that speaking in the “language of the Spirit” (Tongues) signifies the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.

He further underscored the necessity of continuous movement and progress within the Christian life, warning that stagnation leads to a lack of spiritual vitality.

“If we stop moving, we will not have life,” he said.

He, therefore, encouraged beliecers to align their lives with the movement of the Holy Spirit and the pressing demands of the times


The Fire Of Pentecost Ignited In Adawso web

The Fire Of Pentecost Ignited In Adawso

Spontaneous songs of praise echoed through the air, setting the tone for an evening of intense prayer as Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, the International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, graced the Adawso Zone of the church on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, as part of the Koforidua Area Officers Retreat (Apostolisation).

In a spirit-filled sermon, Apostle Agyemang Bekoe ignited the spirit of the gathering, leading them in praise and fervent prayer, creating an atmosphere ripe for divine visitation.

The participants, primarily officers from the four districts within the zone – Adawso, Tinkong, Mangoase, and Kwamoso – were visibly inspired, responding with unrestrained singing, Pentecostal clapping, joyful dancing, and earnest prayers.

The auditorium, also called The Centre of Revival, swelled beyond capacity, with some participants left standing due to the overflow. Despite many having travelled great distances to Adawso, the zeal of the gathering remained undiminished, clamouring for more even as the service, lasting just under two hours, drew to a close.

Addressing the officers, Apostle Agyemang Bekoe articulated the importance of brief yet impactful church services, especially on Sundays, emphasising that it allows members ample time for personal endeavours beyond the church walls.

He stressed that short but inspiring sermons allow the church enough time to engage in intensive prayers. 

He encouraged church officers to lead the offering sessions with brief, personal testimonies bolstered by relevant scriptures to inspire members to give generously from the heart.

Accompanied by his wife, the International Missions Director will remain in the Koforidua Area throughout the week for this year’s Apostolisation, hosted by Area Head, Apostle Mike Kwame Etrue. Apostle Seth Dwamena Asante (Nkwanta Area Head), Prophet Benjamin Augustus Adobah (Rtd), and Elder James Yamoah are among the guest speakers.



Koforidua Area Begins 2024 Apostolisation

The Koforidua Area of The Church of Pentecost on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, began its All Officers Retreat (Apostolisation) to equip and unleash ministers and officers of the church for the church’s transformational agenda.

The annual teachings, prayers, and interaction programme takes place at four zonal centres in the Area.

The Koforidua Zone is held at The Central Tabernacle, Adawso Zone at the Adawso Central Church Auditorium, Nkurakan Zone at the Amanfro Central Church Auditorium, and the Akwapim Zone at the Amanokrom Church Auditorium.

All ministers and their wives in the Area meet in the morning for special prayers and teachings at the Adweso Central Auditorium, Koforidua.

The evening sessions are for both officers and ministers at the zonal centres.

The main speakers for this year’s Apostolisation are Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe (International Missions Director), Apostle Mike Kwame Etrue (Host), Apostle Seth Dwamena Asante (Nkwanta Area Head), Prophet Benjamin Augustus Adobah (Rtd) and Elder James Yamoah.

Opening the Koforidua Zone at The Central Tabernacle on Tuesday night, the International Missions Director (IMD), Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, who spoke on the “Characteristics of the Church Unleashed“ quoting from Isaiah 60:1-2; 21-22, described officers of the church as a unique people, a special and peculiar people chosen by God to carry out a mission.

He charged church leaders to teach the members to realise that, having been chosen by God, whatever they do in their spheres is a ministry, saying, “Therefore, we should aspire to be best in whatever we do in life because it’s a ministry.”

The IMD explained that the unleashed church follows a pattern of teaching, is soul-focused in its effort to populate the kingdom of God, embraces all people from all races and backgrounds, is very spiritual and intentional in raising God-fearing believers, is very prayerful where God also responds with signs and wonders, and are heavenly minded.

Also, talking about raising Christlike believers to transform their world, Apostle Agyemang Bekoe noted that God-fearing Christians love God and their fellow human beings unconditionally, are submissive and serviceable, forgive their fellows, can sacrifice and are always on the move to share the gospel with others.

After his presentation, the IMD led the congregation in a special prayer to sharpen their spiritual antenna to do exploits for the Lord.



Missions Board Begins 2024 Meetings

The Missions Board of The Church of Pentecost has begun its end-of-year Missions Board Meetings, which is taking place from February 20 to 21, 2024, at the Pentecost Missions Transit Quarters in East Legon.

The meetings are to review the achievements and challenges of the church’s missions work in 2023 and plan for the future.

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, who opened the meetings with an exhortation, praised the Missions Director and the board members for their wise counsel and guidance that enabled the church to achieve such remarkable results.

He urged them to continue to have a vision for nations, not just churches, and to reach out to the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He also challenged the church to be a ‘seeing’ ministry, not just a ‘hearing’ one, and to demonstrate the power of God through signs and wonders.

He said that the church should bring great joy to the broken cities and transform them with love and grace.

He stressed on the importance of unleashing the potential of every believer, regardless of their age, education, or status, and equipping them for the Great Commission.

He concluded by advising Church leaders to include children in the unleashing agenda, who are also agents of transformation.

The meeting is being attended by the General Secretary of the Church, Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, the International Missions Director, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, Apostle Larri Banimpo (Executive Council Member / National Head for Togo), Apostle James Raj (Executive Council Member / National Head, India), Apostle Miezou Amalanon K. Ernest (President, CoP La Cote D’Ivoire), and Apostle Dr. Lord Elorm Donkor (National Head, CoP UK).

Also present were Pastor George Prah (Member, Missions Board), Elder Dr. Lawyer Ken Aboah (Member, Missions Board), Pastor Emmanuel Appah (Finance and Administration Director, CoP), Elder Prof. Owusu Korankye (Finance Board Chairman) and others.


Transform Your Own World – Apostle Agyemang Bekoe Tells Members web

Transform Your Own World – Apostle Agyemang Bekoe Tells Members

The International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, has indicated that church members are mandated under Vision 2028 to transform their world individually. 

He made this call on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at the opening session of the 2024 Apostolisation (Officer’s Retreat) in the Techiman Area when he spoke at the Ministers and Wives session at the Dwomor Central Assembly Auditorium. 

Apostle Agyemang Bekoe explained that under Vision 2028, not only are pastors directly in charge of ministry and transforming the world, but every single member of the church is mandated to take control of their spheres, which includes their homes, workplaces, and anywhere they find themselves for transformation.

Speaking on the theme, “A chosen people unleashed,” the IMD explained that a chosen people means selected people.

Drawing inspiration from 1 Peters 2:9, Apostle Agyemang Bokoe disclosed that when God chooses people, “they are hidden for a time but revealed after a time,” adding that, “The Church of Pentecost has gone through the hiding season and is now in the season of being revealed.” 

“Vision 2023 was the period God hid The Church of Pentecost, and Vision 2028 is the revelation period,” he said. 

He also stated that people whom God chooses are not ordinary people. He, therefore, called on ministers to make their churches extraordinary with the spirit of God present.

Another characteristic he noted is that chosen people do not fear the laws, dangers, and intimidation of the world, saying, “It doesn’t mean there won’t be fear or danger. But in the face of danger, courage is used.”

Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe admonished ministers to ensure that all their sermons and activities throughout the year align with the 2024 theme, “A people of God, unleashed to transform their world,” and Vision 2028 as a whole.

Present at the service were Apostle Isaac Nii Kotei Djani (Techiman Area Head and the RCC Coordinator for Bono and Ahafo Regions) and Prophet Samuel Tetteh Doku (New Tafo Area Head).

The Techiman Area Apotolisation is divided into two sessions. The morning sessions will be attended by ministers and their wives from Tuesday, February 6, 2024, to Friday, February 9, 2024, while the evening sessions will be attended virtually by officers, proposed and potential officers from various zones and selected districts.


Seek Character In Addition To Charisma – Apostle Agyemang Bekoe To Ministers WEB

Seek Character In Addition To Charisma – Apostle Agyemang Bekoe To Ministers

The International Missions Director of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, has challenged Ministers of the Gospel to balance charisma and character in their ministries.

He explained that charisma and its power have become the most desirous among some Christians at the expense of character, even though charisma could be faked.

“Character as a fruit of the spirit in the life of the believer is always genuine and could not be faked and thus has to be desired,” he posited, adding, “A false scale is an abomination unto the Lord. The genuine must spread in order not for the fake to trend.”

Apostle Agyemang Bekoe further explained that character formation hinged on the fruits of the spirit will guide and guard the believer. So, it was important for believers to develop character and not be afraid to operate in charisma. 

Speaking on the topic, “The Personhood of the Priesthood for Moral Vision and Development” at the 2023 All Ministers Conference on Wednesday at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh near Kasoa, Apostle Agyemang Bekoe observed that some ministers by their actions and concentration focused on the workings of charisma at the expense of character. 

About the use of anointing oil and the working of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life, he advised Christians to yearn for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, which places character as its core and indwells in the believer.

“If you have the anointing oil (aleiphos) in your bag, it is time to seek the fruits of the spirit (Kleos) because the ‘aleiphos’ can be counterfeited whereas the ‘kloes’ cannot,” he admonished. 

The conference, which started on Tuesday, 19th, and will end on Friday, 22nd September, is on the theme: “Moral Vision and National Development: The Role of the Church.”


IMD Urges Church Leaders To Transform Local Churches Into Prayer Movements web

IMD Urges Church Leaders To Transform Local Churches Into Prayer Movements

The International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, called on ministers and elders of the Church to transform the local churches into vibrant prayer movements.

Speaking to participants of the Global Elders’ Retreat gathered at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) in Gomoa Fetteh and others at various satellite centres, Apostle Bekoe emphasised the vital role of prayer in the local church.

He explained that by embracing the vision of making the local church a powerful prayer movement, ministers and elders would usher in a transformative era of spiritual growth and impact within their congregations.

Drawing from James 5:13, Apostle Bekoe proposed that every local church service should feature a prayer session where congregants engage fervently with God in prayer.

He, therefore, urged church leaders to take the responsibility of leading their members in prayer by making the church a dedicated Prayer Centre, stating that when people are dissatisfied with the prayer life within the church, they often seek prayer elsewhere.

He acknowledged that some church members maintain membership in The Church of Pentecost while engaging in prayer fellowships outside the church premises.

To address this, he urged church leaders to satisfy their members’ spiritual needs by cultivating a robust prayer culture within the local church.

Quoting Ephesians 6:18, Apostle Bekoe noted the different types of prayer that should be practised in the local church, including the prayer of thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4), confession (1 John 1:9-10), intercession (Ezekiel 4:4), and supplication (James 5:13).

He urged Church leaders to ensure that intercession and supplication are integral to every local church gathering.

Apostle Bekoe presented four critical aspects of the local church as a prayer movement. Firstly, he described it as a Salvation Centre where people come for redemption and deliverance.

He emphasised that every church service should be seen as a deliverance service, as prayer plays a crucial role in bringing about lasting transformation.

Secondly, he described the local church as a Solution Centre, where answers are provided to complex problems. He encouraged church leaders to actively seek divine solutions to the challenges faced by their congregations.

Thirdly, Apostle Bekoe portrayed the local church as a Salvaging Centre where broken and battered individuals can find restoration and healing, saying that the church must be a source of redemption and wholeness for those in need.

Finally, the IMD highlighted the local church as an Encounter Centre, stressing that it should be a place where people genuinely encounter God rather than a mere entertainment venue.

“When people come to Church, they must encounter God, or God must encounter them. Whichever way, there must certainly be an encounter,” he said.

Apostle Bekoe urged church leaders to prioritise prayer over administrative tasks and ensure that the church remains a sacred space for encountering the presence of God.

“As Church leaders, let us all rise in prayer and protect the spiritual boundaries of the Church,” he charged.



CACI-Chairman Pays Courtesy Call On Apostle Eric Nyamekye

The newly elected Chairman of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI), Apostle Samuel Amponsah-Frimpong, paid a courtesy call on the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, today at the Church’s General Headquarters in Accra.

The visit, according to Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong, was to thank Apostle Nyamekye for honouring the invitation to preach at his induction service, congratulate him on his elevation to the presidency of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), and wish him well in his new mandate.

The CACI delegation was received by a four-member team of The Church of Pentecost, including Apostle Eric Nyamekye, the General Secretary, Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi, the International Missions Director, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, and the Finance and Administration Director (FAD), Apostle Lawrence Otu-Nyarko.

In his speech, Apostle Amponsah was full of praise for the leadership of The Church of Pentecost for the great work in advancing the Kingdom business in Ghana and beyond.

He said that although both church organisations have a chequered past, it was time to build bridges and forge ahead for the advancement of God’s kingdom. He explained that the Christ Apostolic Church, The Apostolic Church, and The Church of Pentecost all emerged from the ministry work of Pastor McKeown and Apostle Anim and are cut from the same cloth.

He said that the prophetic message received by early members that the Church would grow to become a big ocean had been fulfilled as all three churches have gone on to become great Pentecostal churches in their own right.

“I, therefore, see this as a divine move of God because today when you put the population of all three churches together, you can see that we have indeed become a mighty ocean,” he said.

He explained that it is now time for the Body of Christ to come together and make more inroads for the Lord. He said that both Christian organisations have a lot in common in their emphasis on holiness, soul-winning, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

“We share in Apostle Nyamekye’s passion for Christians to dominate the earth. This is the mandate we have been given as Christians to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, and in so doing, we will be filling the earth with the culture of heaven.

“The Church of Pentecost and the Christ Apostolic church must stand together always because the things that bind us together are more than our differences,” he said.

He indicated that his leadership is willing to collaborate with other church organisations, particularly The Church of Pentecost, and expressed that they are looking forward to honouring the invitation the CoP has extended to CACI to participate in its upcoming General Council meeting next month.

According to him, the meeting would serve as an opportunity to learn from The Church of Pentecost.

“As a member of the Ghana Pentecostal Charismatic Council (GPCC), we are well aware of the awesome contribution of The Church of Pentecost to the Body of Christ. The Church of Pentecost is a gem in Pentecostalism, and we accept it!” he said.

Apostle Eric Nyamekye, on his part, thanked the delegation for the august visit. He also congratulated the new chairman and his executive on their election to serve the CACI at the highest level.

“The work of an Executive Council Member is very important, and that is why it is not by appointment but by election so that the people themselves would select who they prefer to serve them,” he said.

He urged them to do their best to live up to the confidence the church has reposed in them by always seeking the collective interest of the church over individual interests.

He advised them to pay attention to their policies and structures in order to build a strong church.

“You should not hesitate to amend their constitution and review their policies and practices to better serve the needs of the people. Otherwise, you would have an archaic constitution that does not serve the people’s needs,” he urged.

Apostle Nyamekye also advised them to always have in mind that they building a church – a community of holy people who walk in love and advance towards heaven – and not a mere social club.

“This means that for us, the most important thing is to ensure that the Holy Spirit does not desert our camp,” he added.

The Chairman welcomed the idea of both Christian organisations to forge closer ties and work together to build on the viable seed sown by their forebears.

Apostle Kumi-Larbi also took the opportunity to invite the CACI to the second edition of the All Ministers’ Conference (AMC2023), slated for September this year.

The visit concluded with an official group photograph of the leadership of both Christian organisations.

The CACI delegation also included Apostle Dr. Addai-Kusi (General Secretary), Rev. Stephen Acheampong (Field Director), Apostle George Peter Derry (Missions Director), Apostle Prosper Agbaglor (Evangelism Director), and Rev. Asumadu Kyeremeh (Director of Christian Education).



Missions Directorate Receives Massive Support From Madina Area

The Madina Area of The Church of Pentecost, led by the Area Head, Apostle Martin Seth Appiah, has donated a range of items to the internal and external missions of the Church.

The donation was made on Thursday, April 13, 2023, at the Church’s General Headquarters in La, Accra.

The items included one Tricycle (Aboboyaa), four motorbikes, 86 bicycles, one generator set, 11 pieces of Kente cloth, 22 GTP Wax Print, 335 High-Target Wax Print, 106 materials, 18 jackets, 25 suits, 105 headgears, 33 shirts, 107 singlets, 15 boxes, five towels, and 33 sacks of sewn clothes, among others.

The areas set to benefit from the donations are Bawku, Tumu, Bolga, Yendi, Atebubu, and Afram Plains (Maame Krobo District).

The Madina Area also donated USD 1,610.00 to support the Ganta District of the Church in Liberia, which is aslo supported by the Fire Stone Worship Centre.

In a brief interview with PENTECOST NEWS on the sidelines of the presentation ceremony, Apostle M.S. Appiah said, “As a missionary for fourteen years, where I served in Nigeria (6 years), South Africa (3 years), and the United Kingdom (5 years), respectively, I know the challenges that happen in the missions’ front, where it is worse in the internal missions. I felt that we should put things together as an Area, ensuring that the missions work meets the Great Commission agenda of believers.”

He also revealed that each Area has special needs, especially in the Northern sector, where getting money to acquire some of these items is quite challenging, stating, “We also realized most people in the Northern sector used bicycles and tricycles as their means of transportation.”

The International Missions Director (IMD), Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, on behalf of the Missions Board of the Church, thanked Madina Area for their kind gesture, saying, “The Lord who touched the heart of the leadership will bless you abundantly.”

He indicated that the items would be swiftly distributed to the designated areas as soon as possible. Apostle Bekoe called on members and “Friends of Missions” to never relent in supporting missions by giving their missions offering and donating always to push the work of God across the globe.

The delegation from Madina Area included Pastor Patrick Anto (Madina Area Secretary, Adenta Housing District Minister & Madina Area Missions Chairman), Pastor Joseph Boachie Agyemang (La-Nkwantanang District), Pastor Essel Kofi Annor (East Legon District), Pastor Joshua Yirenkyi-Smart Jnr. (Adjiringanor District), Pastor Daniel Appiah (James Mckeown Worship Centre), Elder Philip Atiemo (Madina Area Estate Officer), and Deaconess Gifty Opare Zowonu (La-Nkwantanang District Women’s Ministry Executive Member).

Also present at the presentation ceremony were Pastor Gideon Boadu Yirenkyi (Personal Assistant To IMD & Resident Minister of Firestone Worship Centre) and Deaconess Ruth Adjabeng (Accounts Manager, Missions Office).


PIWC-Graceland Donates $20,000.00 To Support Missions Work

PIWC Graceland Gives Massive Support To Missions

Pentecost International Worship Centre, Graceland (PIWC-Graceland) in the Teshie-Nungua Area of The Church of Pentecost (CoP) has donated $20,000.00 to the International Missions Office in support of the CoP’s external branches in Tanzania, Lesotho, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, and the Osogbo Area in Nigeria.

The Church has also donated 20 pieces of wax prints, an undisclosed cash amount to the Bawku Area pastorate Ministers and their wives, a motorcycle valued at GHC 12,000.00 to the Ekye Amanfrom District in the Afram Plains Area, and GHC 60,000.00 towards the upkeep of Missionaries’ children in Ghana.

The donation was made today by a church delegation led by the Resident Minister, Pastor Felix Okyere Anti, at a short ceremony held at the CoP’s General Headquarters in La, Accra.

In a brief remark, the International Missions Director, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, commended the Church for the wonderful gesture, emphasising the importance of the support to missionaries’ children in Ghana.

“Your donation demonstrates your commitment to supporting those in need around the world and will help to advance the work of missions in the Church,” he said.

The PIWC-Graceland entourage included Elder Joseph Tawiah Ahinde (District Executive Committee Member), Elder Miguel Ekow Andoh (District Administrator), Elder Samuel Ainoo, and Deaconess Edith Delali Ametepey (Assistant Women’s Ministry Leader).

Staff from the Missions Office, including Pastor Gideon Boadu-Yirenkyi (Personal Assistant to the IMD), Mrs. Victoria Kumi-Woode (Administrative Manager To IMD), and Deaconess Ruth Adjabeng (Accounts Manager), were also present at the ceremony.