Apostle Agyemang Bekoe Urges Christians To Uphold Holiness web

Apostle Agyemang Bekoe Urges Christians To Uphold Holiness

The International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, has advised church members, particularly the youth, to uphold holiness so as to experience a new move of the Holy Spirit in their generation.

Apostle Agyemang Bekoe said this yesterday (16th of May 2024) when he addressed participants of the Pentecost 2024 Conference taking place at Rudolf Weber Arena at Oberhausen, Germany.

According to the IMD, invoking the power of the Holy Spirit is impossible without personal holiness.

“His name is God the Holy Ghost,” he proclaimed, underlining the inseparable connection between living a holy life and experiencing the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Bekoe further stressed the importance of recognising the urgency of the times, stating, “We are not in a rush, but we are in haste; the King’s time is not on our side.”

He said that this call to action reflects a deep concern for the swift passage of time and the need for Christians to act with purpose and commitment.

Referencing Acts 2, Apostle Bekoe highlighted the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, as demonstrated by the early church’s experience on the Day of Pentecost.

He noted that speaking in the “language of the Spirit” (Tongues) signifies the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.

He further underscored the necessity of continuous movement and progress within the Christian life, warning that stagnation leads to a lack of spiritual vitality.

“If we stop moving, we will not have life,” he said.

He, therefore, encouraged beliecers to align their lives with the movement of the Holy Spirit and the pressing demands of the times


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