The Fire Of Pentecost Ignited In Adawso web

The Fire Of Pentecost Ignited In Adawso

Spontaneous songs of praise echoed through the air, setting the tone for an evening of intense prayer as Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, the International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, graced the Adawso Zone of the church on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, as part of the Koforidua Area Officers Retreat (Apostolisation).

In a spirit-filled sermon, Apostle Agyemang Bekoe ignited the spirit of the gathering, leading them in praise and fervent prayer, creating an atmosphere ripe for divine visitation.

The participants, primarily officers from the four districts within the zone – Adawso, Tinkong, Mangoase, and Kwamoso – were visibly inspired, responding with unrestrained singing, Pentecostal clapping, joyful dancing, and earnest prayers.

The auditorium, also called The Centre of Revival, swelled beyond capacity, with some participants left standing due to the overflow. Despite many having travelled great distances to Adawso, the zeal of the gathering remained undiminished, clamouring for more even as the service, lasting just under two hours, drew to a close.

Addressing the officers, Apostle Agyemang Bekoe articulated the importance of brief yet impactful church services, especially on Sundays, emphasising that it allows members ample time for personal endeavours beyond the church walls.

He stressed that short but inspiring sermons allow the church enough time to engage in intensive prayers. 

He encouraged church officers to lead the offering sessions with brief, personal testimonies bolstered by relevant scriptures to inspire members to give generously from the heart.

Accompanied by his wife, the International Missions Director will remain in the Koforidua Area throughout the week for this year’s Apostolisation, hosted by Area Head, Apostle Mike Kwame Etrue. Apostle Seth Dwamena Asante (Nkwanta Area Head), Prophet Benjamin Augustus Adobah (Rtd), and Elder James Yamoah are among the guest speakers.


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