Mamponteng District Embarks On Street Praise & Worship web

Mamponteng District Embarks On Street Praise & Worship

The Youth Ministry of the Mamponteng District in the Old Tafo Area of The Church of Pentecost, on Sunday evening, September 3, 2023, embarked on a street praise and worship programme at Fawoade School Junction. 

The event, held under the theme: “The Lord Reigns” – Psalm 97, was aimed at connecting all hearts to bring glory to the Almighty God and to save the pershing.

Members and non-members of the Church thronged the event venue and joined in singing praises to the Lord as some members of the Youth Ministry shared the Gospel with the passersby and distributed Gospel tracts as well.

The District and the Area mass choir enlivened the occasion with Pentecostal songs and later zoomed into a time of worship as many glorified the name of the Lord Jesus.

An altar call made by Elder Lord Agyin, saw five persons surrendering their lives to Jesus.

The District Youth Leader, Elder Samuel Odonkor, noted that the power of godly music is instrumental in renewing minds and breaking chains that have held people captive, acknowledging the power of worship to bring deliverance.

He stressed that street praise and worship is another means of winning souls for Christ and, therefore, called on other districts to replicate the exercise.

The District Assistant Youth Leader, Sylvester Obeng, hinted that the ministry will keep on organising such programmes at vantage points in the district to win more souls for Christ Jesus.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah & Dennis Owusu

Keep The Word Of God In Your Heart –Apostle Hagan Tells Christians wev

Keep The Word Of God In Your Heart –Apostle Hagan Tells Christians

The Youth Ministry Director of The Church Of Pentecost, Apostle Ebenezer Hagan, has advised Christians to keep the word of God in their hearts in order to build personal and intimate relationship with Him.

He gave this advice on the second day of the maiden edition of on ongoing “ABIDEDOES Conference” being organised by the Women’s Ministry of The Church Of Pentecost.

Drawing inspiration from sacred scriptures, specifically Genesis 3:8 and John 14:23, Apostle Hagan shed light on the timeless journey of communion between humanity and God, as witnessed in the Garden of Eden.

Apostle Hagan reaffirmed that the divine connection between God and humanity, as experienced in the Garden of Eden, endures to this day.

“Just as God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the Garden of Eden, He continues His work of drawing near to those who seek Him earnestly. This enduring invitation to communion remains an eternal beacon for nurturing personal intimacy with the Creator”, he asserted.

Apostle Hagan expounded on John 14:23, highlighting its profound message: obedience to God’s commands engenders a relationship of love between the individual and the Divine.

“As believers obey God’s precepts, they discover a reciprocated love from their Creator. This mutual love invites believers to extend the same love to one another, fostering harmonious relationships”, he said.

The Youth Director urged believers to set aside regular, dedicated time for personal devotions, emphasizing the importance of seeking God’s presence and understanding.

Quoting Psalm 5:3, he encouraged believers to prioritize moments of solitude with the Divine, allowing their friendship with God to flourish day by day.

Citing Jeremiah 33:3, he stressed the significance of daily seeking God and advised having a dedicated time to meet with God, ideally every day.

He aslo encouraged Christians to engage with God through His Word, meditating on His teachings, as exemplified in Joshua 1:8.

Apostle Hagan underscored the need for meticulous attention to the word of God, highlighting that God communicates with His children through His teachings.

“Building personal intimacy with God requires active engagement with His word, attentive listening to His voice, and a commitment to obeying His commandments”, he expounded.

Apostle Ebenezer Hagan encouraged believers to embrace the Word as a personal guide, recommending that they take notes during sermons to minimize distractions.

He also advised them to strive for holiness and purity in their daily lives, refraining from sinful practices.

“Building personal intimacy with God goes beyond dedicating time to Him; it encompasses living in personal purity”, the Youth Director added.

He reminded them that even when faced with desires like marriage, adhering to God’s plan ultimately leads to fulfillment.

Citing Psalm 119:10, Apostle Hagan stressed that living in purity involves walking in accordance with the Word of God and following His commandments faithfully.

Apostle Hagan concluded by reiterating the importance of grounding one’s Christian journey in the Word of God, as emphasized in Hebrews 12:14-15.

He reminded believers that living in alignment with the Word not only strengthens their relationship with God but also guides them to live lives marked by integrity, purity, and obedience to God’s divine will.

The “ABIDEDOES Conference” being organised by the Women’s Ministry of The Church Of Pentecost began yesterday, September 14, 2023 and is expected to end tomorrow, September 16, 2023.


PENSA-KNUST’s “Rural Evangelism” Yields 1,073 Souls web

PENSA-KNUST’s “Rural Evangelism” Yields 1,073 Souls

An evangelism outreach jointly organised by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) branch of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) and the Asokwa area of The Church of Pentecost recorded 1,073 souls.

Dubbed “Rural Evangelism,” the annual evangelism outreach is organised by PENSA-KNUST to provide its members with an avenue to propagate the gospel, heralding the second coming of Christ in rural areas. It also aims to equip the students as spiritual warriors to reach the nations at all times and everywhere.

The six-day programme commenced on Tuesday, August 29, and concluded on Sunday, September 3, 2023. It was themed “Jesus Christ! The Giver of Eternal Life,” drawing scriptural inspiration from Romans 3:23-24 and John 3:16.

Before the evangelism exercise, the student-missionaries (militants) embarked on a 15-day fasting and prayer period to spiritually prepare themselves for the task ahead. Training sessions were also conducted for the leaders of the various groups (commandants) and their chefs to equip them with the necessary skills for the crusade. An all-night session was organized for the church to pray for the success of the village crusade in the mission field.

The team was dispatched to 13 centers in all the districts of the Area, namely Sokoban Centre I, Sokoban Centre II, Kyekyewere Centre, Kurofoforom Centre I, Kurofoforom Centre II, Konkori Centre, Ahinsan Centre, Aduapong Centre, Appiadu Centre, Kwanwoma Centre, Asokwa-PIWC Centre, Bedaase Centre, and Bekwaimin Centre. Each center had a commandant who oversaw all the evangelistic activities.

The team employed various evangelism strategies, including dawn broadcasting, one-on-one evangelism, mini-rallies, movie evangelism, house-to-house evangelism, ghetto evangelism, mall evangelism, sports evangelism, schools’ outreach, Bible Studies, follow-up on the souls won, and intensive prayers in the various centers.

Their efforts yielded 1,073 souls, with 164 of them won through school outreach. Out of the total souls won, 157 were baptized in water, while 168 received Holy Spirit baptism.

It is also worth mentioning that God confirmed the gospel message with many signs and wonders. A woman paralyzed for six years miraculously rose up and walked. At Bekwaimin, a man who had been bedridden for three months with generalized edema received healing and began to walk again. Another woman with blurry vision regained her sight clearly.

Also, a woman received healing from epilepsy during one of the evening crusades. Another woman, paralyzed for 20 years, experienced instant healing. A man began to walk again after four years of paralysis, and a gentleman paralyzed for 16 years dropped his crutches and started walking.

The Resident Campus Minister, Pastor Jonathan Ebo Quaye, and the principal executives of PENSA-KNUST (President, Vice President, and Secretary) and the Financial Secretary visited all centers throughout the evangelism period, baptizing converts in water and the Holy Spirit.

He acknowledged the Asokwa Area Head, Apostles Peter Kofi Dzemekey, Apostle J.I.T. Buertey of PIWC-Asokwa, Pastor Johnson Asiedu of Ahinsan District, Pastor Isaac Baah Yeboah of Kurofoforum District, Pastor Elisha Tweneboa Kodua of Appiadu District, Pastor Michael Boachie of Konkori District, Pastor Kojo Aboagye of Sokoban District, and Pastor Samuel Otu Larbi of Kwanwoma District for their significant contributions to the success of the outreach.

Report by PENSA-KNUST Media Team

Youth Ministry Launches PENSA Discipleship Program Manual web

Youth Ministry Launches PENSA Discipleship Program Manual

The Director of the Youth Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Ebenezer Hagan, has unveiled a comprehensive manual for the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) discipleship program.

This event took place on September 9, 2023, at the ongoing PENSA Ghana Leaders’ Retreat (PGLR), held at the PENSA Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Building Site.

During the launch ceremony, the Youth Director passionately explained that the PENSA Discipleship Program (PDP) is a distinctive initiative born out of the Youth Ministry’s overarching vision: “Growing Deep Roots in Christ, Leading for Maximum Impact, Reaching Everyone, and Taking Over Everywhere for Jesus,” firmly rooted in the scriptures of Colossians 2:6,7 and 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20.

He emphasised that the program’s primary goal is to help young individuals establish godly connections and inspire one another to deepen their faith in Christ and actively pursue acts of goodness.

This newly introduced manual will be instrumental in training PDP leaders and will serve as the blueprint for the efficient implementation of the program.

Following the Director’s address, the Deputy Youth Director, Elder Professor Appau Asante, offered heartfelt prayers for the success of the PDP.

Apostle Hagan then formally presented the manual to the leadership of PENSA Ghana.

In response, Elder Samuel Boahen, the coordinator of PENSA Ghana, expressed gratitude on behalf of the organization and pledged full commitment to ensuring the effective execution of the manual.

The ongoing PENSA Leaders’ Retreat has drawn the participation of over 700 student leaders from the Church, PENSA Traveling Secretaries, resident campus ministers, and their spouses, along with members of the National Executive Committee of the Youth Ministry.

This annual retreat, which serves as a nurturing ground for current and future leaders within the Church and the nation, is designed to equip, refine leadership skills, and unleash the spiritual gifts of all participants to have a profound impact on campuses and the nation as a whole.

Report by Youth Ministry Media Team

Unite For The Cause Of The Lord – Mrs Georgina Manu Advises Christians web

Unite For The Cause Of The Lord–MrsGeorgina Manu Advises Christians

Mrs Georgina Manu, the wife of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) Travelling Secretary for Mampong Sector, has called on Christians to unite for the cause of the Lord.

She made the call recently when preaching at Akenten Appiah Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED)Asante Mampong Campus on the theme: “Unity is Strength” at the handover service of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA).

She stressed the need for the newly called executives to come together and advance the cause of the work of the Lord.

She said marriage vows can unite people for one cause. She said blood is thicker than water; hence, it binds family members together. Therefore, the blood of Jesus has bonded all Christians together. 

Mrs Manu charged Christians to put aside every form of language, class, and tribe when they come together because the blood of Jesus binds them together.

Using Acts 2:1-4 and Psalm 133: 1-4 as scripture references, she emphasised the need for Christians to eschew pride, status and class but rather work together for a common goal in preparing the saints for Heaven. 

She said the disciples of Jesus united with one goal: waiting for the promised Holy Spirit; hence, God poured out the Holy Spirit unto them.

“The disciples had their breakthrough because they were together,” she pointed out.

She concluded her message by saying that Jesus Christ was humble to the extent that he washed his disciples’ feet, saying, “Loving one another is the key to unity.” 

Report by Patrick Okyere Osei – AAMUSTED PENSA Secretary

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Doblo Gonno District Repairs Broken Doors & Windows At Methodist Government School

The Schools Outreach Ministry (SOM) of the Doblo Gonno District in the Achimota Area of The Church of Pentecost has successfully repaired all broken doors and windows at the Methodist Government School within the Doblo Gonno community.

This initiative is aimed at bolstering safety and security on the school premises both during and after school hours.

The District SOM team, who holds fellowships with staff and students on Wednesday mornings, saw the need to address some key challenges faced by the school, including incidents of theft, and unauthorised activity such as smoking and defecation occurring at night in classrooms without doors.

The intervention has significantly improved the atmosphere at the school, particularly for the dedicated teachers and students of the school.

The school authorities have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Pastor Kwabena Darko-Mensah, the District Minister, the SOM Executive Committee led by Deaconess Comfort Achiaa Kobia, and the entire church for their timely and invaluable support.

Report by Doblo Gonno District Media Team

PIWC-Ho Organises Orientation, Prayers For BECE Candidates web

PIWC-Ho Organises Orientation, Prayers For BECE Candidates

The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) in Ho has organised a preparation seminar for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in the church. 

Speaking at the event, which took place on Saturday, August 5, 2023, in the church’s auditorium at Mawuli Estate in Ho, Mr Joseph Mawuena, a Chief Examiner and the Regional Vice-Chairman of the Scripture Union took the candidates through the ‘dos and don’ts’ before, during and after the examination.

Quoting 2 Timothy 1: 7 and Isaiah 47: 10, Mr Mawuena asked the candidates, numbering about 60, to be confident, bold and not afraid.

He advised them to desist from learning deep into the night and refrain from engaging in any substances or drugs in their efforts to study.

“Prepare yourselves psychologically, spiritually and physically. Go early and know your sitting place and have the search by invigilators,” he said, adding, “Search yourselves first and be sure of having no unwanted items.”

Mr Joseph Mawuena asked the candidates to “own the answer booklet by writing how your name is registered for the exams. Write your index number and the name of the paper.”

He further advised them to read the instructions carefully and be conversant with the rubrics, saying, “It is necessary to write your index number; know it off head. Subject yourself to the instructions and pass well. Read through the questions and make your selections. Answer your questions in the order you can easily tackle. A fresh question must be started on a fresh page.” 

He asked the candidates to comport themselves and not be in a hurry to go out after they had finished answering the questions.

The Presiding Elder, Albert Abakah-Yawson, assured the candidates of the provisions of God in the examination.

The Resident Minister, Pastor David Francis Akayue, and Pastor Isaac Aboagye of Godokpe District took the candidates through a prayer session.

The church presented pens, pencils and other souvenirs to the candidates.

Report by Enyonam Dormevenu, Ho.

Mamprobi District Fellowships With Sempe 1 JHS BECE Candidates WEB

Mamprobi District Fellowships With Sempe 1 JHS BECE Candidates

The Schools Outreach Ministry (SOM) of the Mamprobi District in the Dansoman Area of The Church of Pentecost met with the final-year students of Sempe 1 Junior High School at Mamprobi to pray with them and encourage them ahead of their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which commences on Monday.

The meeting, which took place on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, was part of the team’s routine visit to the school for weekly devotions.

Deacon Akuffo Owusu, the SOM Coordinator for the Mamprobi District, shared the word of God with the students and also encouraged them to go all out to make their school, guardians, and themselves proud.

He advised them to put in all their best effort in the exams as the hour is now, which would remain essential throughout their educational journey.

Again, he urged the students to remain calm like Jesus, drawing inspiration from John 2:1-10.

Sister Abigail Antwiwaa, one of the team members, led the BECE candidates in a time of intensive prayer for God’s grace to abound for them before, during, and after their exams.

Report by Mamprobi District Media Team.

A-Lang Worship Centre Organises Special Service For BECE Candidates web

A-Lang Worship Centre Organises Special Service For BECE Candidates

The Schools Outreach Ministry (SOM) of A-Lang Worship Centre in the Odorkor Area of The Church of Pentecost has organised a special service for final-year students preparing to sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The event, which took place at the Doxa Auditorium on Sunday, July 30, 2023, aimed to prepare the students spiritually, psychologically, and physically for the examination.

The service was chaired by the Resident Minister, Apostle Dr. Christian Tsekpoe, who was also one of the speakers for the event. Other speakers were Mrs. Olivia Tsekpoe (Wife of the Resident Minister), Elder Kwame Owusu Ansah (a retired Educationist), and Deaconess Priscilla Koranchie (a teacher).

Using Proverbs 14:12 as a foundational text Apostle Dr. Christian Tsekpoe, who is also the Head of Department for the Pentecost School of Theology and Mission (PTSM) at the Pentecost University, encouraged the students to approach the exams with confidence.

He also advised them not to take any opportunity in life for granted and to see the exams as one of such opportunities they have been given.

He interspersed his presentation with his personal testimonies and life experiences to encourage the students to remain focused regardless of the challenges life throws at them.

The other speakers also touched on time management, rules and regulations for the examination, as well as the need for the students to trust and rely on Jesus in every endeavour.

After the presentations, the Resident Minister led the congregation to pray for the candidates.

All 45 candidates who took part in the service comprised members of A-Lang Worship Centre, students of St. Lutterodt Academy, and members of Santa Maria English Assembly.

To the glory of God, four of the students, including a Muslim, responded to the altar call to accept Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour.

The candidates were each presented with a mathematical set, a necessary tool for the examination.

In all, 65 people participated in the event, including Elder Isaac Danful (Assistant Odorkor Area Chaplaincy Ministry Leader and English Assembly Presiding Elder), Elder Eric Ogoe (District SOM Coordinator), Deaconess Esther Danful (Assistant District Evangelism Ministry Leader), Brother Gideon Okyere (English Assembly Youth Ministry Secretary).

Report by A-Lang Worship Centre Media Team.

Ekroful District Teens Conference Records 146 Souls web

Ekroful District “Teens Conference” Records 146 Souls

The English Assembly and Schools Outreach Ministry (SOM) of Ekroful District in the Agona Swedru of The Church of Pentecost successfully held the third edition of the “Teens Conference” on Saturday, July 22, 2023, under the theme: “An Excellent Spirit” (Daniel 6:3).

Held in partnership with The Tonnie Institute – Africa, the event aimed at impacting the lives of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in Aboso, Benso, Ekroful, and Akropong communities as they prepared for their final exams.

Elder Tonnie Baffoe, the Presiding Elder of the English Assembly & Schools Outreach Ministry and the Ministry to Teens Coordinator of Ekroful District, addressed the students, encouraging them to stop viewing Mathematics as a difficult subject. Instead, he advised them to embrace and love the subject as it would remain essential throughout their educational journey.

Elder Baffoe, who also serves as the Team Lead of The Tonnie Institute – Africa, urged the students to be mindful of their lifestyles.

He stated that many adults are eager to help teens and youths but often feel discouraged due to perceptions of disobedience among the younger generation. To counter this, he encouraged the students to embrace the power of obedience, drawing inspiration from Apostle Paul’s words in Ephesians 6:1.

Mr. Felix Dare, a key member of the Institute and the Head of Administration of Transforming World – International, emphasised the importance of actively engaging with matters of faith to lead excellent lives in and beyond school.

The event achieved great success, with a total attendance of 335 participants. Most notably, 146 individuals gave their lives to Christ during the conference.

Elder Tonie expressed heartfelt gratitude to the District Minister, Pastor Edward Asamoah Antwi, and his wife for their unwavering support. He also extended his thanks to the officers and members of Ekroful District, the Gomoa Central Directorate, as well as the Area Schools Outreach Ministry and the Ministry To Teens of the Area, all of whom contributed significantly to the event’s success.

Report by Ekrofi District Media Team