PENSA Kaneshie Sector Wins 22 Souls During Accra Mall Evangelism web

PENSA Kaneshie Sector Wins 22 Souls During Accra Mall Evangelism

On Easter Monday, April 1, 2024, the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) Kaneshie Sector, under the leadership of Pastor Frank Mansah Tandoh, embarked on a successful evangelism outreach at the Accra Mall.

The outreach was part of the ‘unleashment’ mandate of the Youth Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, led by Apostle Ebenezer Hagan, and in alignment with the Vision 2028 of the Church.

Preceding the evangelism at the mall, the sector conducted a virtual one-month prayer marathon in March.

Fifty-one devoted students and other PENSA alumni participated in the outreach. They were drawn from Pentecost University, Accra Technical University, Accra City Campus, UniMAC-GIJ, Korle Bu Nurses and Midwifery School, Kaaf University, and GH Media.

To the glory of God, 22 souls were won to Christ, while 66 individuals rededicated their lives to God.

In his closing remarks, the Kaneshie Sector PENSA Traveling Secretary, Pastor Frank Mensah-Tandoh, lauded all participating institutions for their active engagement in the exercise. He assured them that their labour in the Lord shall not be in vain.

The Accra Mall Evangelism concluded with a delightful feast.

Report by Salome Kwaw (PENSA-ATU)

Youth Urged To Fervently Propagate The Gospel web

Youth Urged To Fervently Propagate The Gospel

The Youth Ministry Director of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Ebenezer Hagan, has advised young people to passionately propagate the gospel message of Christ wherever they go.

The Youth Director gave this charge during his visit to the Kaneshie Zone in the Kaneshie Area of The Church of Pentecost, where he engaged the youth in an enlightening discourse on effective Gospel-sharing strategies.

Drawing inspiration from Luke 15:7-10, Apostle Hagan emphasised the profound joy in heaven when even one person turns to the Lord, underscoring the imperative of reaching out to all.

Apostle Hagan illustrated the first strategy using the account of Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, in John 1:40-42.  In it, he showcased the power of personal invitation, as Andrew brought his brother to encounter Jesus.

Furthermore, he stressed the significance of utilising probing questions as a gateway to Gospel sharing, citing the narrative of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:23 as a poignant example that clearly illustrates the second strategy.

Reading John 4:27-41, he highlighted the immediate evangelistic zeal of the Samaritan woman upon meeting Christ. “This is the third strategy to share the gospel,” he said.

Concluding, Apostle Hagan reiterated the three key strategies for effective sharing of the Gospel, which are extending invitations to the church, engaging with thought-provoking questions, and boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus.

In line with the five-year strategic vision of The Church of Pentecost, dubbed “Vision 2028,” the Youth Ministry is embarking on a strategic mission to reach everyone and take over everywhere for Jesus Christ. The strategic mission of the Youth Ministry is under the theme: “Grounding Young People in Christ, Reaching Everyone and Taking Over Everywhere for Jesus Christ.”

Notable attendees at the gathering included Mrs. Priscilla Hagan, wife of the Youth Ministry Director, along with the esteemed pastorate of the Kaneshie Zone in the Kaneshie Area.

Report by the Youth Ministry Media

The Ultimate Showdown Pensa-Knust Tetelestai Games Unleashes Spectacular Competition web

The Ultimate Showdown: PENSA-KNUST “Tetelestai Games” Unleashes Spectacular Competition

“All work and no play,” they say, “makes Jack a dull boy.” This Jack is not a dull boy but a holistically equipped young transformer. The much-talked-about Easter Convention of PENSA-KNUST climaxed on the 31st day of March 2024 could not have had a better finish without the socialisation and games, dubbed “Tetelestai Games.”

In the weeks leading up to the Easter convention, a massive publicity campaign was conducted. Anticipation fliers were shared across all social media platforms, and the nine departments were paired with the respective departments they would be competing against. The departments in PENSA-KNUST include Music and Drama, Evangelism, Bible Studies, Prayer Force, Ushering, Organising, Editorial, Media, and Transport. The members received this news with jubilation and eagerly anticipated this grand event to see which department would emerge victorious.

April 1st, 2024, the day dawned with members already at the bus stops by 8:00 AM. The eagerness and enthusiasm were palpable. By 11:30 AM, all the members were gathered at the park, ready to commence the program. The games kicked off with racing competitions and sack races. The competitors sprinted off amidst cheering and encouragement from the crowd. This was followed by musical chairs, with rounds for both ladies and gentlemen. The musical chairs session was not only entertaining but also insightful and educational. Following this was the lime and spoon race, where competitors balanced a lime on a spoon and raced with it. The crowd cheered and jeered in good spirits, emphasising the importance of balance, focus, and speed in the race of life.

Subsequently, soccer matches were held with departments competing against their paired counterparts. The Local Central Committee (LCC) also faced off against the Shepherds and Stewards (S&S), creating a sight to behold as assistants teamed up to play against their superiors. This friendly competition not only helped relieve academic and other forms of stress but also fostered camaraderie and collaboration between members working towards the common goal of kingdom progression.

Concurrently, video games, chess, cards, ludo, table tennis, dame, and skipping were played under canopies raised outside the park. Members were free to choose any game to participate in and were visibly enjoying their time. The Resident Campus Minister, Pastor Jonathan Ebo Quaye, engaged in a game of table tennis with the members, breaking down barriers and showcasing his approachability and care for all.

Over 410 Members graced the PENSA-KNUST TETELESTAI GAMES at Atonsu Astroturf. A remarkable turnout! Water stations were set up to ensure members stayed hydrated, and food was provided to sustain their energy throughout the activities. At the conclusion of the soccer matches, the Ushering department emerged as the victorious department, followed by Bible Studies in second place. Gold and silver medals as well as a gold trophy were awarded to the departments amidst jubilation and cheers. Furthermore, student entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to sell their products during the socialisation event, allowing them to generate capital and promote their businesses. In addition to the focus on socialisation, members were actively engaged in evangelism even amidst the games.

As the day progressed and night began to fall, it was a heartwarming moment for the brethren of PENSA-KNUST to come together, socialise, and build lasting connections. Tetelestai!

Written by PENSA-KNUST Media Team

PENSA-Sunyani Sector Organises “Todah Praise” web

PENSA-Sunyani Sector Organises “Todah Praise”

The Sunyani Sector of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) has organised a grand Gospel Rock Show, dubbed “Todah Praise.”

The event took place at the Fiapre Central Assembly church on Sunday, February 25, 2023, where five choirs drawn from the institutions took turns treating students to melodious and edifying gospel tunes.

The event featured a rich tapestry of choirs, each representing a different institution: Gospel Envoy from the College of Health, Yamfo; Melodians from the Sunyani Technical University; Elohim Music from the University of Energy and Natural Resources; and Vessels of Praise from the Berekum College of Education.

In a short exhortation, Mrs. Nana Adowa Boateng, the wife of the Traveling Secretary, advised all gathered to have a heart of gratitude in every circumstance.

She added that though some experiences in life can be disheartening, a heart of gratitude would grant us peace in the midst of the storm.

To climax the programme, Elder Emmanuel Awortwe, a renowned gospel artiste in the Bono Region, led the house in a spirit-filled session of spiritual deepening and worship.

Report by PENSA-Sunyani Sector Media Team

Deborah Akanyare Is Valedictorian For 8th UENR Congregation web

Deborah Akanyare Is Valedictorian For 8th UENR Congregation

Miss Deborah Akanyare, a member of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani (UENR) branch of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA), emerged as the Valedictorian for the 2023 Graduating Class of the University.

Deborah, who served in the Ushering and Protocol department of PENSA-UENR during her school days, graduated with a 3.94 GPA from the Nursing Department.

Her academic journey reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a positive impact in the field of healthcare.

In her final year at UENR, Deborah took on leadership roles that not only showcased her ability to handle challenges with poise and competence but also inspired her peers.

As the Nursing Departmental President, Electoral Commissioner for the University Nurses and Midwives Association of Ghana, and Secretary for the National Health Workers and Students’ Prayer Network, she demonstrated exceptional multitasking skills.

Her diverse range of responsibilities allowed Deborah to cultivate a love for taking on multiple tasks simultaneously, all while diligently working towards achieving set objectives. This quality, coupled with her resilient spirit, sets her apart as an individual who thrives in dynamic and demanding environments.

Beyond her academic and leadership endeavors, Deborah finds joy and fulfillment in reading, praying, watching movies, and enjoying good music.

Deborah is enthusiastic about making a meaningful impact in the caring profession and in the Kingdom of God according to God’s purpose for her life.

Her aspiration is to bring hope and support to individuals at their most vulnerable moments, demonstrating a dedication to the well-being of others.

Report by Nii Ayi Douglas


PENSA-Kaneshie Sector Holds “Sector Day Out”

The Kaneshie Sector of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) orchestrated yet another exhilarating edition of its annual revelry-themed “Sector Day Out” last Saturday, March 9, 2024.

Spearheaded by the Traveling Secretary, Pastor Frank Mensah-Tandoh, the event unfolded its vivacity at Accra Academy, and the day was full of exciting moments.

The competing schools went head-to-head in games like football, volleyball, races, draft, tennis ball, and Ludo.

The roll call of participating institutions included Accra Technical University, Pentecost University College, UG Accra City Campus, Korle Bu, Kaaf University, UniMac GIJ, and GH Media School.

The culmination of the day witnessed Kaaf University emerging triumphantly as the overall champion, while Accra Technical University nabbed the football trophy after a riveting final against Kaaf University.

The final standings unveiled Kaaf University at the zenith, Korle Bu securing a commendable second place, and Accra Technical University grabbing the third spot.

UG Accra City Campus clinched the fourth position, followed by Pentecost University at fifth, UniMac GIJ at sixth, and GH Media School rounding up the seventh position.

In a heartwarming address to the participating institutions, the Sector Working team members expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering commitment and sportsmanship displayed by the institutions, making the event an unparalleled success.

As the day drew to a close, everyone left with a mindset to do even better next year, eagerly anticipating an even better “Sector Day Out.”

Written by Salome Kwaw (PENSA-ATU)

292 Students Accept Christ During Apeguso SHS Outreach web

292 Students Accept Christ During Apeguso SHS Outreach

Two hundred and ninety-two students of Apeguso Senior High School surrendered their lives to Christ during a three-day outreach organised by the Schools Outreach Ministry of Apeguso District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost.

The event, which started on Friday, February 9, and concluded on Sunday, February 11, 2024, featured Morning Devotion, Dawn Broadcast, Gospel Presentation, Purity and Leadership Seminars, Movie Night, and Celebration Service.

Held under the theme, “The Enabling Power of Christ for Academic Excellence” (Philippians 4:13; John 15:5; 2 Timothy 1:7), the event focused on equipping students holistically and unleashing them for excellence.

Speaking on the theme, “Keys to Excellence and Fulfilment in Life: the Case of Daniel” on the opening day of the event, Pastor Clement Amankwa, the Apeguso District Minister, revealed that true fulfilment in life is premised on peace with God, which is possible through conversion and the New Birth. In response to the gospel, 167 students gave their lives to Christ.

An altar call made on Saturday, February 10, in the aftermath of a Movie Documentary on the reality of Heaven and Hell, saw 125 persons surrendering their lives to Christ and 80 others rededicating their lives.

Among the new converts was the daughter of a Fetish Priest. She was responsible for beating drums at the Shrine and had the chance to attend church for the first time. She responded to the gospel in tears and requested to be baptised in water.

Another student confessed that she was chosen to replace the fetish priest in her hometown and felt she had been liberated through the prayer sessions and, thus, surrendered her life to Christ.

Several students testified to their willingness to reform and yield their lives to Christ after the Seminar on ‘Breaking Free from Addiction’ held on Saturday afternoon.

Over 700 persons attended the program, including Mrs. Victoria Asabea Badoo, the Headmistress; Rev. Samuel Gadasu, a teacher and a pastor with Light House Chapel; Ps. Joseph Nickson; Elder Daniel Lomo, a teacher and the District Secretary; Elder Benedict Foley, District SOM Coordinator; teaching and non-teaching staff and students of Apeguso Senior High School.

Report by Apeguso District Media Team

“Female Christian Teachers Caucus” Inaugurated At Apeguso SHS web

“Female Christian Teachers Caucus” Inaugurated At Apeguso SHS

The School Outreach Ministry (SOM) of the Apeguso District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost has succeeded in instituting a teachers’ prayer group at Apeguso Senior High School.

The group, known as the “Female Christian Teachers Caucus,” aims to mobilise Christian female teachers for prayers and sharing their expertise in promoting unity and excellence among the teachers in the school.

The prayer team, inaugurated on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, by the School Outreach Ministry, brought together all female teachers in the school, including Mrs. Victoria Asabea Badoo, the Headmistress of Apeguso Senior High School.

Also present were Pastor Clement Kofi Amankwa (Apeguso District Minister and Agormanya Area Media Ministry Chairman), Elder Daniel Lomo (Apeguso District Schools Outreach Ministry Leader), and Elder Benedict Foley, among others.

Speaking on the topic “His Divine Power,” with reference to 2 Peter 1:3-4, at the inauguration service held at the school’s premises, Pastor Clement Kofi Amankwa explained that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ has been given power over sin and evil.

He explained that believers must keep themselves pure to continue accessing the power and glory of God and, therefore, urged the gathering to exercise this power by depending fully on the Holy Spirit and abstaining from sin and anything that weighs them down.

Pastor Amankwa also advised them not to look elsewhere for power but to remain faithful to God in all circumstances, and God Himself would provide them with power to perform wonders.

He further explained that God’s divine power is the source of the believer’s energy, granting believers in this life and beyond the power to partake in the divine nature with exceedingly great and wonderful promises sufficient to keep them from falling.

He emphasised that through holiness, faith in God, and a disciplined prayer life, Christians could overcome every obstacle, enhancing excellence in all spheres of their lives.

The Apeguso District Minister, therefore, urged the teachers present to remain hardworking, united, prayerful, and peaceful in the school to make a positive impact. He further admonished the gathering to make the prayer team effective and vibrant.

Report by Apeguso Media Ministry Team

New Tafo Area Spends Over GHS 100,000 On Education Of Members web

New Tafo Area Spends Over GHS 100,000 On Education Of Members

The New Tafo Area of The Church of Pentecost, under the headship of Prophet Samuel Tetteh Doku, spent a total amount of GHS 108,619.39 on educational sponsorships to support needy but brilliant members in the Area at various levels of education last year.

Disclosing this at the 2023 End-of-Year Area Presbytery meeting held on Friday, February 2, 2024, at the M. K. Yeboah Memorial Temple, the Area Deacon, Elder Dr. Stephen Sarfo Kantanka, detailed that out of the 22 beneficiary students, 15 of them are at the Pentecost University (PU), while the rest are in other public universities.

He indicated that GHS 95, 537.00 out of the total amount was spent on the 15 students studying at PU, with the remaining GHS 13,082.39 for the 7 students in other public universities, which mostly involved the payment of admission fees, academic fees, and facility user fees for both fresh and continuing students.

He emphasised the Area’s commitment to sponsoring the educational pursuits of members.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah

KNUST SRC President Pays Courtesy Call On PENSA-KNUST Campus Pastor web

KNUST SRC President Pays Courtesy Call On PENSA-KNUST Campus Pastor

Miss Yvonne Osei Adobea, the newly-elected Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), paid a courtesy call on Pastor Jonathan Ebo Quaye, the PENSA-KNUST Campus Minister of the Church, on February 4, 2024.

The SRC President was warmly received by Pastor Jonathan Ebo Quaye, his wife, Mrs. Joanna Dwomoh Quaye, and the PENSA-KNUST President, Elder Emmanuel Asare.

According to Miss Adobea, the purpose of the visit was to thank the leadership of PENSA-KNUST for the support she received during the electioneering period and to share her vision with them, seeking future collaboration.

Miss Osei Adobea shared with Pastor Ebo Quaye her insightful vision for KNUST and discussed an admirable ongoing project focused on increasing bed spaces on campus.

She also emphasised her commitment to dispelling misconceptions surrounding women in leadership roles and paving the way for other women to follow in her footsteps.

The SRC President further expressed her readiness to make herself available to PENSA-KNUST whenever called upon.

She then offered a heartfelt prayer that the altar established in PENSA-KNUST would always remember her and that the flame of James McKeown would continue to burn brightly in the church.

She ended her remarks by reiterating her sincere and profound hope that her tenure would demonstrate exemplary Christian leadership.

On his part, Pastor Jonathan Ebo Quaye extended heartfelt congratulations to her for achieving the major milestone of becoming the first female SRC President of the institution.

He also thanked Miss Adobea for her continuous support towards PENSA-KNUST and the broader Christian community on campus.

“We are also grateful to you for your unwavering dedication to spiritual matters within the campus environment,” he said.

He reassured her of PENSA-KNUST’s steadfast support, love, and prayers for a successful tenure in office.