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Yendi Area Dedicates New Area Office

The Yendi Area of The Church of Pentecost on Friday, June 22, 2018, held a dedication service to open its new Area Office.

The service, which was officiated by the International Missions Director (IMD) of the Church, Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi Addo; assisted by Apostle Isaac Nii Kotei Djani (Tamale Area Head and Executive Council Member), also brought together other ministers and invited guests.

The Yendi Area Office was first cited in the garage of the Area Mission House and was later moved to a summer hut on the compound of the Area Mission house. Several attempts to get a separate office for the administrative purposes did not yield any positive result. Later in 2016, Yendi Area Executive decided to relocate the Yendi District Minister into a new Mission House so that the plot of land in front of the old Yendi District mission house could be used to put up the new Area Office.

Speaking on the topic: “The House Builder” with Matthew 7:24-27 as his main Bible reference, Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi Addo explained that to remain in Christ simply means to know Christ personally and obey the His words.

He further hinted that what Christ requires of Christians is for them to listen to His word and do just as He says.
Throwing light on the meaning of a house, the IMD disclosed that a house may refer to a building or residence or a family including ancestors and descendants as stated by Joshua in Joshua 24:15 when he (Joshua) said to the people of Israel that as for him and his “house” they will serve the Lord.

He also pointed out that Jesus compares hearing and obeying His word to a wise and foolish builder. According to him, Jesus considers everyone who hears His words and obeys them a wise builder who put up their building on the Rock.

“Anyone who does listen but does not put into practice what the Lord Jesus says is described as a foolish builder who built his house on the sand. This house eventually fell when adverse conditions appeared,” he said.

Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi Addo further noted that the material things that make a house strong are usually hidden and that the glaring components only add beauty to the house.

He commended the Yendi Area Head, Apostle William Kojo Edzorhoho and the entire membership of the Area for the good work done. He, however, bemoaned the poor state of infrastructure in the country, particularly in the roads sector due to poor maintenance culture, and called on the leadership and the entire membership to adopt a good maintenance culture to ensure the longevity of the edifice.

The Yendi Area Office complex has five offices for the Area Head and other administrative staff as well as a conference room and a library.

Report by: Yendi Media Team

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