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Stay Focused And Remain Grounded In The Basic Message Of Christ – Apostle Ofori

The Dean of Ministerial & Formation Training at the Pentecost Theological Seminary (PTS), Apostle Samuel Ofori, has asked church leaders to make conscious effort to focus on Christ and stay put in His basic message regardless of the circumstances they may find themselves.

According to him, those who remain in the basic message of Christ are firmly established. Such people, he said, are able to weather any storm in life and could not be carried away by any perverse teaching.

Apostle Ofori said this on Friday, March 16, 2018, at New Tafo Central auditorium during the New Tafo Area Apostolisation Retreat.

Using 1 John 2:24-25 and Acts 1:8 as his main Bible texts, he stressed the need for believers to remain in the basic message of Christ. He explained that Apostle John, being the only apostle left among those who walked physically with Jesus, saw the need to write to believers, admonishing them to hold fast to the basic message so that they could not be swayed by erroneous teachings that were prevailing at that time.

“We are also in a time where false teachers and their erroneous teachings abound, therefore, we need to hold the basic message of Christ in high regard in order not to be used as prey by these false teachers and prophets,” he added.

Apostle Ofori further explained that Apostle John also wrote the letter to the church for them to know that they had eternal life. He said John wanted the Christians to know that the word that they had preached to them was the real word of God full of eternal life. “In our Christian journey what matters most is eternal life and that should be our primary focus,” he stressed.

Referencing Colossians 1:13, he said that Christ has delivered believers from the domain of darkness and transferred them into His kingdom, hence there is no need for further deliverance. He also noted that Satan who had power over death was also defeated by Christ, therefore death has no power over Christians (Hebrews 2:14-15), saying, “Christianity brings total freedom to believers.”

He identified the three offices held by Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry as High Priest, Prophet and King. According to him, Jesus’ priesthood was characterized by His righteous living, whilst His prophethood was evidenced by speaking the mind of God and preaching the gospel to people.

Touching on His kingship, Apostle Ofori said that Jesus was much concerned about the physical and spiritual needs of man. “As church leaders and as we have been ordained as priests, prophets and kings, we need to live in total righteousness, preach the genuine gospel and then see to the physical and spiritual growth of the members,” he advised.

Interspersing his sermon with his childhood experiences and personal testimonies, Apostle Ofori emphasized that God is still alive and His power is still at work. He, however, stated that the attitudes of some believers sometimes make them feel that the power of God is not as effective as it was in the times past.

He, thus, cautioned believers against queer attitudes and asked them to always seek the presence of the Holy Spirit by living a righteous life, saying, “Righteousness brings the anointing and power of God” (Hebrews 1:9).

“Use whatever gift you have to the advantage of the Church and avail yourself to be used mightily by God in expanding His Kingdom,” he concluded.

In attendance were Apostle Samuel Osei Asante (New Tafo Area Head and Executive Council Member), Apostle Gideon Obeng-Darko & Mrs. Mabel Effie Debrah (Kintampo Area Head), Mrs. Dorothy Ofori (Wife of Apostle Samuel Ofori), the Area pastorate and their spouses.

Report By: Emmanuel Nana Nsiah, New Tafo Area Reporter

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