Get A TIN Or Be Out Of Business- GRA Warns

The Ghana Revenue Authority has begun a strict implementation of the Tax Identification Number (TIN) policy that will make it impossible for anyone to transact any business or live a meaningful life without it.

The eleven digit number is a unique identification of taxpayers that will ensure tax compliance, help to properly monitor and broaden the tax net.

From April 1, it will be impossible for anyone to clear goods at the port, register land at the Lands Commission; obtain a tax clearance certificate from the GRA or even open a bank account, without a TIN.

One cannot register a company at the Registrar General’s Department nor register a vehicle at the Driver and Vehicles Licensing Authority without a TIN.

That is not all. One cannot obtain payment for jobs done for government or bid for a contract in any government agency. In the event that a person is duped, ejected by a landlord or any other issue that will require that he files a complaint at the court, the person will not be able to do same without a TIN.

If one becomes so frustrated because of the inability to do all that and decides to leave the country, one cannot even obtain a passport without TIN.

At a press conference in Accra Tuesday, the Commissioner-General of the GRA Kofi Nti told journalists every individual, whether in the formal or informal sector must obtain a TIN.

Over one million people have so far been issued with TINs and the number is expected to double in the coming days, Mr. Nti hinted.

Joy News’ Komla Adom who was present at the press conference decided to test if the promise of a stringent implementation regime has begun.

He proceeded to the Passport Office to find out if personnel are demanding TINs before proceeding with the issuance of passports.

Officers said they were yet to implement the TIN policy at the Passport Office but promised they will do that in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner-General of the GRA, Kofi Nti has cautioned he will take punitive measures against officers who attempt to take money before issuing TINs.

He said the TIN is free and does not cost a pesewa.


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