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Elder Seth Peasa Testifies About The Super Power Of Jesus Christ

The Leader of the El-Bethel Prayer Centre of The Church of Pentecost in Ho, Elder Seth Yao Peasa, has testified about the supernatural power of God which saved him from death.

Speaking on Friday, 23rd March, 2018, during the monthly prayer programme at Ho, Elder Peasa showed three different letters of summons from the Nogokpo Shrine which is located in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region.

The letters were dated 2nd January, 27th January and 14th December all in 1996, and copied to the Paramount Chief of Ho, Togbe Afede and had a police permit. This came about because he (Elder Peasa) at the time was owing some people and because of his inability to pay the money, the people consulted the shrine to collect the debt on their behalf by using some juju on him.

According to Elder Peasa, when the priests of the shrine realised that he was not acting as their letters demanded, a thunder was sent to strike him dead, but the thunder turned against the Secretary of the shrine, one Ahaliga, who got hurt in the leg. The strange development later led Ahaliga to surrender his life to Christ when his charms and amulets failed to save him.

When Ahaliga heard that Elder Peasa was still alive, he came to him to verify if indeed he (Elder Peasa) is a human being. Currently, Ahaliga is an evangelist in neighbouring Togo.

Elder Peasa added that because of God’s power, the intention of the letters were rendered futile and he is alive to the glory of God.

Report by: Enyonam Adjorlolo Dormevenu, Ho.

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