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Do The Extraordinary – Apostle Tiakor Tells Christians

The Director of the Children’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Fred Tiakor, has admonished Christians to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

“God is not a God of ordinary things. He is a great God and His children must be seen to be doing great things. He hates mediocre and supports advancement in progress. We must move from wherever we are and advance. Greater success lies ahead. We must move from good to better to best and even beyond. God has deposited great potentials in us to do exploits, “ he said.

Apostle Tiakor said this on Sunday, February 18, 2018, during a visit to the Akosombo District in the Agormanya Area after attending the 2018 Apostolisation in the Area.

Speaking on the topic, “Moving From Ordinary To Extraordinary”’ with references from Deuteronomy 1:6-8, 1 Corinthians 14:12 and Job 8:7, he indicated that Christians who want to settle with good things should know that good is the enemy of great.

“We should not stop at good, but move on to excellence,” he underscored, adding, “Excellence is doing things extraordinary.”

Recounting the circumstances surrounding the Israelites during their stay in Egypt, Apostle Tiakor said that the Israelites would have still been in bondage if they had not realized the need for a saviour.

“They would still have been ordinary people sojourning on a foreign land,” he stated, adding that the Israelites realized they have higher heights to attain, and until they move, they would not have been able to attain that which was before them.

“Make up your mind to make giant strides for greater exploits,” he stressed.

Touching on David’s encounter on the battlefield, he said: “David’s speech to King Saul proved him to be bold; his actions also showed vividly he wanted to move from an ordinary boy to an extraordinary man.

“David was unhappy with the present status quo of God’s people on the battlefield so he made great efforts to change it, knowing that he serves the God who is able to change the ordinary.”

Expounding further, Apostle Tiakor said that Christians serve a God of excellence, a God who wills His children the best in all aspect of their lives. “He never leaves nor forsakes us; He is able to help us apprehend that which is ours- the extraordinary. He helped Jabez in his time, so He will help you to achieve greater feats for His glory.

“The God of David and Jabez is mighty, so take the step and He will help you to break camps and advance.”

The Children’s Director shared some nuggets that will help one to attain excellence in all spheres of life. According to him, to do the extraordinary one must be voracious for the word of God, not give attention to the faithless people that surround him but always give heed to the word of God. He added that such people should be able to make excellent goals and be people-oriented.

“Look at the bright side of every gloomy situation and trust in God’s supernatural ability,” he stressed.

Concluding his message, Apostle Fred Tiakor asked Christians not to be complacent with their current status, but strive to attain higher heights in God’s kingdom. He, therefore, urged Christians to be strong and trust in God’s ability to do the extraordinary.

Report By: Ghunney Isaac Kow, Agormanya Area Reporter

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