Bredi Assembly Church Building Dedicated

The Bredi Assembly church building of the Jema District in the Kintampo Area of The Church of Pentecost was dedicated on Friday, July 13, 2018, at Bredi in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The building was financed under the Community Based Church Building (CBCB) initiative of The Church of Pentecost Headquarters.

The ceremony was officiated by the Area Head, Apostle Gideon Obeng- Darko Debrah, and assisted by the Jema District Minister, Overseer Anthony Adzigbli.

Delivering a sermon titled “You Are God’s Special Dwelling Place” with 1Chronicles 17:4-5, Exodus 25:1-9 as Scripture references, the Asantekwa District Minister, Overseer Daniel Kwame Darko said that God desires, more than anything, to have fellowship with humans.

“God had always wanted to have fellowship with mankind after the fall. Now, the God who dwelled in the Tent of Meeting in the days of Moses now dwells in the human body as His Temple,” he said.

According to him, God demonstrated this lasting desire to dwell in mankind when he said in 1 Chronicles 17:5-7, that “For I have not dwelt in a house since the time that I brought up Israel, even to this day, but have gone from tent to tent and from one tabernacle to another.”

The Asantekwa District Minister said that just as people are eager to occupy their houses after completion, God is also eager to occupy the body of humanity after the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

“You are God’s special dwelling place. He gave a detailed description of the materials to be used for the building (your body) and the actual pattern for the building (your body),” he said.

Overseer Darko also stated that God has given believers specific instructions as to how to approach and worship Him.

He stated the purposes of the dwelling place of God as a place to worship, a place where His spirit resides, a place of having fellowship, and a place where His glory overshadows. Overseer Darko urged believers to be mindful of this and live holy and righteous lives in order to make their bodies a habitable place for God.

He again stated that the tent of Meeting contains Manna (which signifies the divine provision of God), Tablet of stone (which stands for God’s word) and the Staff of Aaron (which stands for the special calling of God). “So, as a child of God, you have received a special calling,” he said

Since the glory of God overshadows the temple and draws people closer to God, Overseer Darko challenged Christians to reflect the glory of God by upholding godly lifestyles at their various homes, workplaces, and schools, etc.

He explained that the present body they possess could be seen as an earthly tent, which would be destroyed one day. However, those who live righteous and holy lives will acquire another dwelling place which is not corruptible but a permanent body.

“In Ghana, some landlords or landladies can use some foul means to eject their tenants if they no longer want them to stay in the room or house again. Likewise, some Christians are using their bad behaviours and ungodly characters to eject Jesus Christ out of their bodies as His dwelling place,” he said.

Overseer Daniel Darko concluded by urging Christians to open up to God by leading righteous lives so that God would continue to dwell in them and use their bodies as His special dwelling place.

Apostle Gideon Obeng- Darko Debrah, on his part, added that whenever God dwells among people He gives instructions and commandments to them. He, therefore, urged Christians to keep their rooms and surroundings clean. He advised Christians to keep their communities clean by not littering around.

Bredi Assembly was established in 1999 and has since been presided over by Deaconess Grace Gyamfi till date. Deaconess Gyamfi has served as the Presiding Officer of the Assembly for the past 19 years.

Report by: Pastor Isaac Sunkwa, Kintampo Area Reporter

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