A-Lang Worship Centre Holds “Blood Convention 2018”

The maiden edition of the weeklong prayer festival dubbed “The Blood Convention 2018” is underway at A-Lang Worship Centre in the Odorkor Area of The Church of Pentecost under the theme: “The Blood of Jesus Speaks” (Hebrews 9:11-24 and Hebrews 12:24).

The event, which aims at highlighting the significance of the Blood of Jesus to believers, began on Monday, October 22 with Pastor Francis Broni (Resident Minister) and Probationary Overseer Abraham Eduam (Pentecost Theological Seminary) as main speakers.

Speaking on the theme of the event on the first day, Pastor Broni said that Jesus, through His blood, has reconciled humankind back to God. He explained that in the Old Testament it was impossible for humans to relate to God because of their depraved state. However, as a result of the Blood of Jesus shed on the cross on their behalf, they can now reach out to the Almighty God.

Juxtaposing the old and the new covenants, Pastor Broni cited an occurrence in Exodus 19 when the people of Israel were gripped with fear and could not approach the Lord when He summoned them on Mt. Sinai. He explained that due to their depravity they could not draw close to the Holy God. As a result, Moses, whom the Lord had consecrated, had to mediate between them and God.

Pastor Broni, however, stressed that because of the Blood of Jesus that was shed on the Cross, Christians have been redeemed from sin. For this reason, they can now approach the Throne of God with confidence and, therefore, do not need any human being to mediate between them and the Father.

“By virtue of the Blood of Jesus, who is the mediator of the new covenant, we (believers) are no longer at Mt. Sinai, where it is impossible to go before the Father unless through a mediator, instead, we have now come to Mt. Zion, the city of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, the joyful assembly of angels, and the Church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven,” he said.

Speaking on the topic: “Blood of Jesus Is Enough For Us” on the second day of the convention, Overseer Eduam emphasized that there is power in the Blood of Jesus and that it is all believers need for their journey on this earth. According to him, the Blood of Jesus has not only redeemed believers from sin, but it also has the power to heal them of all infirmities and open doors of opportunities for them.

The Kansaworodo District Minister, Pastor Michael Norshie, who graced the event on the third day, also highlighted the significance of the Blood of Jesus to all who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and have a personal relationship with Him.

In his sermon, he said that forgiveness can only come by the shedding of blood. He explained that this is why the blood of animals were used to purify the Israelites in the Old Testament. He, however, said that although the blood of animals could partially atone for the sins of humans, it could not fully redeem them from the clutches of sin because it is weak.

He further stated that human blood, although precious to God, could not atone for the sins of humans because it was impure and only seeks vengeance and not forgiveness.

“Jesus, therefore, had to come to the earth in human form because He needed unpolluted blood to atone for our sins once and for all,” he said.

Pastor Norshie also said that the Blood of Jesus grants believers the right to possess their inheritance in accordance with God’s covenant with His children.

The 2018 Blood Convention continues on Thursday (October 25, 2018) and Friday (October 26, 2018), after which it would be climaxed on Sunday, October 27, 2018, with a Communion Service.

Report by: Grace Danful

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