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Women’s Ministry Of The Church Of Pentecost Supports Religious Leaders In Akosombo

The Women’s Ministry of the New Combine District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost recently reached out to various religious leaders in Akosombo, donating stationery and other items to them.

Led by Mrs Esther Kesse, the wife of the District Minister, the team visited notable figures such as Togbe Avor, a renowned fetish priest in the area, as well as the Chief Imam and others.

During the team’s visit, Togbe Avor graciously interrupted his ongoing annual festival to receive the women. Surprised and touched to witness a Christian fellowship in his shrine, Togbe Avor expressed his gratitude and shared that even his own Christian family members had abandoned him since he became the fetish priest 19 years ago.

Togbe Avor’s appreciation led to a subsequent visit from District Minister, Pastor Martin Berko Kesse, accompanied by some elders, who presented him with a church diary as per his request.

Overwhelmed with joy, Togbe Avor confessed that The Church of Pentecost’s demonstration of goodwill would foster peaceful coexistence among religious leaders. He encouraged his followers and TV viewers to attend The Church of Pentecost.

The team then visited the Chief Imam at his residence in Akosombo, offering a hamper and various church souvenirs as a gesture of support. The Chief Imam praised The Church of Pentecost and emphasized that the women’s actions set an example of harmony among different religious groups.

He expressed his gratitude for the footprints left by the Women’s Ministry and shared that he regularly listened to the Pentecost Hour broadcast on the information centre in the town. He promised to encourage his Muslim brothers to tune in as well.

Finally, the ministry concluded their day by visiting Nene George Chawe’s palace, the Chief of Kokonor, in Akosombo. The chief warmly welcomed the team and requested a prayer service with his entire family. The Women’s Ministry then presented a hamper and various stationery items to the chief.

Impressed by the visit, the chief invited the church to fellowship with him and his family in the palace regularly.

Report by Esther Kesse.

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