Understanding ‘The Power Of Go’ For Excellence As A Christian Youth

Understanding ‘The Power of Go’ for Excellence as a Christian Youth

“GO” is an action word. When it enters an individual’s mind, it signifies that they are convinced of what needs to be done or must be done. In order to take action, one must understand what needs to be accomplished.

“GO” is also a commanding power that drives your original intent to align with your vision, enabling you to become the prosperous being you were created to be. As a result, youth who know when and how to act enjoy the benefits that life offers without experiencing failure.

In the entrepreneurial world, “GO” translates to taking risks. There are numerous productive opportunities available for youth to embrace. However, if this power is not activated to support your desire for what you yearn for, you will miss out on these opportunities.

Furthermore, “GO” is defined as “Redeeming the time…” (Ephesians 5:16). As a youth, it is expected of us to arise and shine. This means that in order to achieve excellence, we need to take action. It is essential to recognise that everyone has a destination, meaning everyone is on a mission based on their intent. If you are unaware of your mission, you will stumble and subject yourself to the misfortunes that arise from missing out on opportunities meant for you. Whether you aim to partner with a specific business or organisation, understanding and embracing your mission is crucial.

To excel in your field as a youth, make a significant impact, and transform your world, you must be willing to take risks. Your excellence demands your ability to take action. Whether it is promoting your products, building your brand, or showcasing your talent, among other initiatives, you must overcome shyness and timidity. This will enable you to take full responsibility and pave the way for success.

Remember, as a youth; it is important to rise and shine for excellence. Keep shining.

Thank you.

Written by Tonnie Baffoe

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