Promote The Interest Of God – Pastor Hagan Advises Christian Youth

Promote The Interest Of God – Pastor Hagan Advises Christian Youth

The Youth Director of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Ebenezer Hagan, has advised young Christians to promote the kingdom of God in every aspect of their lives.

He charged the youth to stand up for God and set good examples in order to promote the ‘Possessing the Nations’ agenda.

He said this on January 22, 2023 during a visit to the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) – Legon Sunday Service held at the Mensa Sarbah Hall.

Speaking on the topic, “Repositioning God’s Faithful Ambassadors in Babylon,” Pastor Hagan explained Babylon as a strange land in which a Christian may find himself.

Using Hosea 11:1-3, and Genesis 19:30-38 as scripture references, he mentioned that when the Israelites went into captivity, they strayed from the Lord and worshipped other gods, cautioning them not to joke with the power of a strange environment.

The Youth Director, therefore, admonished Christian youths to stand on their grounds anytime they find themselves in a strange land.

“Have a wide understanding when walking with God. If you want to be successful as God’s ambassadors in Babylon, you must stand. Let them know that you are a child of God. Bear the consequences.”

Expounding on the features of Babylon, Pastor Hagan noted that it has unfavourable conditions with antichristian leadership figures.

“They bring decrees against the practice and growth of the Christian faith,” he said, adding, “The demands of Babylon are destroying young Christians. If you are God’s faithful ambassador in Babylon, you are not there to serve, but rather to manage. Any Christian who does not affect lives around him is not a good Christian.” 

Pastor Hagan revealed that in Babylon, the pleasures of the world are unlimited. This, he said, can cause believes to lose their spirituality.

“Babylon contains the things we eat and enjoy. The pride of life, the lust of the eye, sex, occultic power, and the war against God’s faithful ambassadors. But as a Christian in Babylon, you need wisdom; be the guy on top of the bar, an excellent guy who does the work and brings in results,” he admonished.

Citing Daniel 6:1-3, Pastor Hagan noted that Daniel was a man of excellence who worked with professionalism, saying, “Your professionalism will take you high even when your enemies are against you.”

He ended his sermon with a charge to young Christians to provoke the interest of God anytime they find themselves in a strange land.

“When the Lord raises you up in the land of Babylon, provoke the interest of God. Use your office to promote the interest of God. Let the kingdom of God benefit from you. That is the meaning of possessing the nations,” he stressed.

In attendance were the campus Pastor of The University of Ghana – Legon, Pastor Kwadwo Obeng, Elder Emmanuel Agyei (President, PENSA UG – Legon) Elder Ransford Arthur Cole (immediate past PENSA President, UCC), and the student body.


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