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Navigate Life With Purpose & Integrity – Mrs. Mary Nyamekye Tells Young Ladies

Mrs. Mary Nyamekye, the wife of the Chairman of The Church, of Pentecost, has advised young women to navigate life with purpose and integrity, highlighting the importance of empowerment, choices, and personal growth.

She gave this advice yesterday at the ongoing “ABIDEDOES Conference” being organised by the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost.

Addressing the active nature of young women in various pursuits, Mrs. Nyamekye commended their strength and enthusiasm.

She encouraged them to take advantage of their youth, a season characterised by energy, freedom, and opportunitie, for learning and personal development.

Basing her presentation on Proverbs 31:13, she highlighted the importance of creativity and skill development, empowering oneself to become proficient in various aspects of life.

Drawing from Proverbs 31:25, Mrs. Nyamekye emphasised that empowered women find satisfaction in their skills and are filled with joy.

She explained that empowerment includes having the right and power to control one’s life, make choices, and influence positive social change.

“Such empowerment leads to a smoother life journey and instills boldness”, she added.

Speaking on the issue of choices, Mrs. Nyamekye encouraged participants to seek divine guidance when faced with challenging decisions.

She stressed that being directed by God ensures the right to make informed choices and the ability to influence change positively.

The wife of the Chairman also highlighted the importance of investing in oneself, which includes acquiring new skills, maintaining diligence, and nurturing big dreams.

She reminded participants that God has uniquely gifted them and that it is their responsibility to utilize those talents effectively.

Referencing 1 Timothy 4:12-16, Mrs. Nyamekye underscored the significance of being exemplary in character and faith.

She urged young women not to let others look down on them but to stand firm in their Christian devotion, setting a positive example in all areas of life.

Mrs. Nyamekye stressed the importance of integrity, honesty, and respect in personal conduct and interactions with others.

She advised participants to maintain good personal hygiene, including regular bathing and cleanliness.

Mrs. Nyamekye encouraged young women to learn how to cook, maintain a positive work attitude, and be punctual.

She stressed the importance of discipline, setting goals, and rising early to ensure productivity and personal growth.

Concluding her presentation, Mrs. Nyamekye advised young women to seek mentorship from experienced women in the Church, particularly their ‘mothers’, for guidance in various aspects of life, including marriage preparation.


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