Young Women Urged to Approach Exclusive Relationships With Care web

Young Women Urged to Approach Exclusive Relationships With Care

Mrs. Mary Nana Aba Mensah, the wife of the Resident Minister for the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Atomic, has advised single young ladies to be circumspect in choosing their life partners.

Speaking in a presentation titled “Dating Without Dying” at the ongoing “ABIDEDOES Conference” organised by the Women’s Ministry of The Church Of Pentecost, Mrs. Aba Mensah explained that modern dating often carries worldly connotations, driven by motives such as pleasure, financial gain, family pressure, or the pursuit of physical satisfaction.

She cautioned, however, that embracing the world’s perspective on dating can lead to bitterness, unforgiveness, depression, and even jeopardize one’s physical health with the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Additionally, she pointed out that such relationships often fail to culminate in lasting marriages.

Using Proverbs 6, Romans 12:2, and Proverbs 25:25 as scripture references; she emphasized that dating stands distinct from both a proposal and marriage.

The importance of personal boundaries was underscored, with Mrs. Mensah emphasising that boundaries are like protective walls for individuals and maintaining these boundaries is essential for emotional and spiritual well-being.

Mrs. Mensah encouraged individuals not to develop a sense of entitlement or ownership in the dating process, advocating for humility and mutual respect.

She also stressed that dating within a Christian circle can foster spiritual growth and ensure alignment of values.

She, however, advised single ladies to evaluate a potential partner’s circle of friends and their faith as a vital step in the process.

Mrs. Mensah advised beginning with group dating rather than immediately entering an exclusive relationship.

“This approach allows individuals to study the character and values of their potential partners from a distance before becoming more intimately involved”, she further explained.

She encouraged individuals to be themselves, not pretending or compromising their standards to impress someone.

Mrs. Mensah highlighted the importance of maintaining one’s values and integrity throughout the dating journey.

“When considering a potential partner, focus on spiritual attributes such as the fruits of the Spirit and doctrinal alignment, rather than being solely swayed by physical appearances”, she said.

The PIWC-Atomic Resident Minister’s wife advised against becoming overly emotionally involved during the dating phase, emphasising the importance of saving the deeper emotional connections for marriage.

Concluding her presentation, Mrs. Mensah urged individuals to find joy in their relationship with God, stressing that delighting in the Lord will lead to the fulfillment of desires from a place of spiritual strength and contentment.


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