Man On the Brink Of Suicide Surrenders To Christ At “Jesus Saves Crusade” web

Man On the Brink Of Suicide Surrenders To Christ At “Jesus Saves Crusade”

In a remarkable turn of events, a man teetering on the edge of suicide found salvation in Christ during the concluding day of the “Jesus Saves Crusade,” organised by the Darkuman District in the Kaneshie Area of The Church of Pentecost.

On the final day of the three-day crusade held at the Darkuman Circle station, a man, later identified as Nana Poku Serebour, courageously stepped forward during the altar call to surrender his life to Christ.

Before embracing Christ as his Lord and Saviour, Nana Poku Serebour handed over a “Rapid Rat Killer” to the Church elders, revealing his intent to end his life that very evening due to the overwhelming struggles he faced.

He expressed being an ex-convict, left homeless and jobless, with no connections to his family.

Nana Poku Serebour lamented his dire circumstances, citing profound suffering and a loss of hope in life as reasons for contemplating suicide. In a desperate act, he obtained a lethal substance with the intent to consume it in a hidden location.

However, the transformative power of the Crusade intervened. Upon hearing the word of God and engaging with compassionate brethren, Nana Poku Serebour had a change of heart, choosing to surrender his life to Christ.

Counselors provided additional guidance on Christ and salvation, helping him understand the profound significance of this decision.

The church leadership, moved by his plight, assured Nana Poku Serebour that they would support him in finding solace under the protection of God, providing assistance to rebuild his life and become a valuable member of society.

The man was overjoyed and grateful for his new life. He thanked God and the church for saving him from death and despair.

Report by Heizel Joshua (Kaneshie Area Media)

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