Man Who Threatened To Divorce Wife For Converting To Christianity, Surrenders To Christ

Mr. Joshua Gyebi threatened to divorce his wife, Abigail, over her decision to accept Christ during a film evangelism outreach organised by the Evangelism Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, only to surrender his life to Christ after receiving the gospel message.

It all happened on Wednesday evening (October 12, 2022) when the Evangelism Ministry Advance Team held a film evangelism outreach at Ankra-Muano as part of preliminary activities in preparation towards the “Sefwi Nkwanta for Christ” crusade.

After the session, Mrs. Abigail Gyebi responded to the altar call and, together with others, was led to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour. Consequently, she and the other converts were transported from the event ground to a baptisery situated at the Nkwanta Central Assembly church premises for water baptism. A Holy Spirit baptism session followed after the water baptism. When the session ended, the evangelism team led the converts to board the vehicle to convey them back to the evangelism ground. 

Just as they began to board the bus, they saw a furious man on a motorbike approaching them.

He was so angry and started shouting at Mrs. Abigail Gyebi, whom they later found out to be his wife.

The man asked her why she had allowed herself to be conveyed to the church premises for water baptism.

The leaders of the church delegation, Pastor Emmanuel K. Turkson (Pataboaso Nkwanta District Minister) and Elder Albert Narh (Evangelism Ministry National Executive Committee coopted member), intervened and tried to calm him down, but Mr. Gyebi would not listen to them.

Instead, he began making phone calls to her relatives to inform them that he would no longer continue to stay with her as his wife.

After a while, he calmed down, so Pastor Turkson and Elder Narh began to explain to him what it meant to accept Christ as Lord and personal Saviour. 

Few minutes into the conversation, Mr. Gyebi offered to surrender his life to Christ and was led accordingly by the minister. He was ready to undergo water baptism as his wife had, but unfortunately the water in the baptisery had drained by then, so he was asked to come the next day to be baptised by immersion.

To the utter surprise of the evangelism team, Mr. Gyebi showed up early the next morning for baptism. They quickly led him to the church premises, where he underwent the religious ordinance.

Mr. Gyebi has since “reunited” with his wife, and both are dedicated to their new-found faith in Christ. To God be the Glory!

The “Sefwi Nkwanta for Christ” crusade officially kickstarts this evening (October 18, 2022) under the theme: “In Him Is Life” (John 1:4).

The Evangelism Ministry Directorate is organising the four-day event, in partnership with the Nkwanta District of The Church of Pentecost, at the Tanoso community park. 


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