Leaders Are God’s Strategic Partners To Possess The Nations – Apostle Agyen Brefo Tells Christian Leaders

The Aflao Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Michael Agyen Brefo has stated that Christian leaders are God’s strategic partners in possessing the nations since everything stands on them.

Apostle Agyen Brefo made this remark on Friday, September 30, 2022 at the Shekinah Temple, Aflao, during his maiden engagement with officers within the Area.

Speaking on the topic, “Leaders are God’s Strategic Partners,” with Mark 6:7 and Luke 10:1-9 as scriptural references, Apostle Agyen Brefo hinted that the success of the Area depended much on the effectiveness of leadership.

Reading Genesis 12:1-3, he revealed that God’s purpose of calling Abraham was that through Abraham, all nations will be positively imparted and blessed, stating, “God’s idea to make Abraham into a great nation leads to His desire to use leaders to impact every sphere of our societies.”

The Aflao Area Head added: “Even though the descendants of Abraham spent 430 years in Egypt, God had still not abandoned his agenda of making Israel a great nation through which He will bless the world.”

He further explained that when the Israelites cried to God due to their slavery in Egypt, God called out Moses as their deliverer (Exodus 3:1-15). However, he said that it was during that encounter that God revealed his redemptive plans to Moses, yet he needed partners in executing the tasks given.  

 “Officers are in partnership with God, with the church, with the chairman of the church and with the Area Head; our vision is to overcome the kingdom of darkness. We must support the vision,” he iterated.

Apostle Agyen Brefo, then recapitulated that Aflao shall do exploits when all officers in the church are involved in the work of the ministry, urging them to do everything expected of them as leaders.

“The reason why we take our time to choose leaders is because we want to take the best. So as officers here, you are the best,” he explained.

He, also admonished them to work hard since there are still unfinished businesses to be done in the kingdom of God.

According to him, just as Apostle Paul left Titus in Crete to finish every unfinished task there, and appoint leaders, they (officers) have been called to partner the ministers of God to possess the nations.

“God’s method has always been man and it is not surprising that Jesus became man in order to redeem us,” he stressed.

He therefore advised the leaders to continue to fear God, be trustworthy in the discharge of their duty, and hate dishonest gains since God will reward those who serve him diligently.

Report By Pastor Francis Lamptey (Aflao Area Reporter)

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