Dansoman Area COPCOM Holds Seminar For Ministers, Officers

The Church of Pentecost Counselling Ministry (COPCOM) in the Dansoman Area has organised a five-day seminar for ministers and officers in the Area.

Speaking at the event which took place at PIWC Dansoman, SSNIT Flats in Accra, the Area Head, Prophet Ebenezer Kofi Appiah, stated that COPCOM will help deal with sensitive areas in life. He stressed the need to have counselors in the church to help address psychological issues and mental health affecting members.

Treating the topic: ”Basic concept and knowledge and skills in counseling,” Pastor Samuel Asante said the concept of counseling as defined by experts is “an intentional and professional helping-relationship that aims at providing adequate, relevant and timely information to aid a client in making informed decisions toward the restoration of sound mental health.”

He stated that the basic principles and practice of counseling include recognizing the dignity and the worth of the client, strictly observing ethical standards, recognizing the uniqueness of the individual, among others.  

Overseer Dr. Perez Sepenu in a presentation on “Marital Communication” said that 85% of divorce is caused by lack of communication in marriage. “Communication is the driving tool to keep the marriage alive. If it ceases friendship in a marriage dies. Good communication is an art or skill that must be learned,” he indicated.

Elder Eric Addo also spoke to the topic, “Personal Experience of Trauma.” He defined trauma as “wounds or hurt, unexpected threatening and severely distress situations that demand that one reacts in novel ways, in the way one thinks, feels and behaves. It results in shock and fear.”

According to him, cultures respond to trauma differently, while children also view trauma differently from the way adults do.

He said trauma can be caused by tragedies (calamities); natural disasters, diseases, and accidents.

It can also be caused by evil deeds (atrocities) such as bombings, rape, violence, crime, physical and mental abuse. This, he said, normally leads to far deeper and longer-lasting damage than tragedies.

Speaking on “Grief Counselling,” Deaconess Mercy Amoakohene said grief is very powerful and no one can master it. “It takes control of man’s nature. It is now experienced by every person as part of life,” she disclosed.

In his closing remarks, Prophet Appiah said that in life there are many challenges and God has given man the wisdom to tackle them. He said the church needs to identify individuals with such talents in counseling to handle them.

According to him, crises management is essential, and “as Christians, we must be ready to handle problems in life.”

He called on counselors to be ready to learn more, and allow the discerning spirit to function effectively in counseling. “God’s goal is to ensure peace in life while that of the devil is to inflame conflicts,” he said.

He added: “The devil sometimes steals the joy in marriage by creating misunderstanding. Remember God has an interest in marriage.”

The seminar was attended by 165 participants drawn from the various districts in the Area.

Report by Pastor Isaac Ennin Quaicoe.

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