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At The Father’s Business With A Famous Heart, Not A Famous Face

Quite often, in our social media-crazed world, being in the limelight and in people’s faces seems like the goal. Social media platforms are more about numbers than content. Success is measured by the number of friends, followers, retweets, etc. Everyone seems to be affected by the ‘fame thirst’ induced by new media. Thus, people do even the unimaginable just to get attention. They crave to have a famous face.

When Samuel was sent to Jesse’s house to anoint one of his sons as the next king of Israel, he had no idea who the chosen lad was. He arrived when all the older children of Jesse were at home. For whatever reason, the grown-ups were at home while the youngest shepherded their father’s flock. The older ones were ‘online’ to be seen and heard by the gathering. Samuel saw them, analyzed them, and was pleased with what he saw – they were the type who would be famous with the people. However, God had a different view of the situation. He was looking at the heart that was famous with Him, not the face that was famous with the people.

Divinely prompted, Samuel inquired about the one who was not with the crowd; the absent one, the one behind the scenes, the silent but efficient one. Jesse responded that the youngest son was tending the sheep (1 Sam. 16:11). Perhaps, motivated by the fact that he had met all the older ones at home, Samuel thought the youngest would not have gone far from home; he might just have turned the corner to feed the sheep with the grass that grew around the neighborhood. The old man thus remarked, ‘We will not sit until the lad comes’ (1 Sam. 16:11). However, the next verse is very instructive. When David arrived on the scene, God told Samuel to ‘arise, anoint him. This is the lad’ (1 Sam. 16:12).


Something happened between ‘We will not sit until the lad comes’ and ‘Arise, anoint him. This is the lad.’ What happened is the revelation of David’s dedication to the task of shepherding his father’s flock. David was not at his father’s business haphazardly. He would not just feed anything to his father’s flock. He went looking for the best – the still waters and the greener pasture. The waters are still away from human activity. Where people are, the water is usually rough and polluted. Sheep fear the wobbling of water because they tend to think their moving reflection in it means they are drowning. They need it still to have the confidence to refresh themselves, and that is found far from people. The grass is green away from the crowd. The grass is green in secret places. David knew this and was not going to be seen driving the flock around the neighborhood only for people to see and commend him for being the most devoted of Jesse’s children at the expense of the nourishment of the flock. He ensured the sheep had enough to eat and rest in comfortable places – he made them lie down in plenty. Lions and bears are in the deep. For David to encounter them in his shepherding task shows the diligence he attached to tending the flock. He went to the deep, facing peril and risking his life to offer the best to the flock. We notice from Psalm 23 that David’s thought on shepherding is about leading and not driving. He knew where he was taking them, so he led. Far away from prying eyes, far away from destructive criticism and distracting praise, David was not a people-pleaser but a God-pleaser. He went about his father’s business with apt dedication. He had gone so far from home that Samuel had to relent on his word of not sitting down until David came. The wait was long.


Anyone famous with God has a heart that pleases God. Samuel was told that humans look at appearances – those who put up a show; the ‘Yɛ mayɛ hwɛ’ instead of ‘Nyamesompa’ people usually get the attention. Such people get what fame with the people produces – praise and recognition of men. But those with famous hearts find favor with God. People with famous hearts are identified and groomed in the secret place of God (Psalm 91). People who have set their hearts right with God do not struggle to attract His blessings upon whatever they do. They enjoy bliss with God, and God provides a famous witness (endorsement) for them when the right time comes. They do not have to put up a front to have a famous face. The young man who was away from the people’s faces was soon anointed before the people (1 Sam. 16:13), while those who spent all their time being famous with the people only witnessed the beginning of the fame that comes with dedication. When your heart is famous with God, it will be testified of you that ‘the Lord is with him’ (1 Sam. 16:18). The commendation of your competence will not only come from God but also from men. God will aid you to have favor with Him and humanity (Prov. 3:3–4, Luke 2:52).


People with a famous heart do not come to the limelight without trials and tests of their resolve. They are people who fight and win secret battles before they win the spectacular ones. Sometimes, what they achieve behind the scenes, away from public view, is far larger than what comes to light. They learn to depend on God and not the cheers of the crowd. When the time came for David to be fully revealed, he came in the simplicity of his secret victories (1 Sam. 17:33–36). People who rush into the limelight without the necessary secret place preparation will fall before their Goliaths. They will only seek vainglory when they should be getting well-groomed for the main task. While his brothers were at home, David was fighting lions and bears. When the time came for them to face Goliath, David’s brothers went into hiding because they had no secret place battles. They had spent so much time in the shallow places that they had no deep sense of coming face-to-face with giants. To get a famous face with the people begins with a famous heart with God and being dedicated to the Father’s business when no one is watching. It is not a show-off but a show of modesty. It is training to succeed in secret so that when it is time for the spectacular, you will be well prepared.


Long before anyone heard of David, God had spoken through His servant that He would choose a man ‘after His own heart’ to replace Saul (1 Sam. 13:14). The chosen man after God’s heart was the one whose heart God had searched. The man who can cry out to have God create in him a clean heart (Ps. 51:10). God knew him and the dedication of his heart even before David knew what the future held for him. God’s heartbeat was in tandem with David’s. He was a man given to pleasing God rather than people, and David exhibited that many times (2 Sam. 6:20–22, 12:19–23). At the end of his eventful life, it was testified that he had shepherded the people of Israel with integrity of heart and skillful hands (Ps. 78:72). It was first with integrity of heart (a famous heart with God) before people saw his skills. David’s demonstration of integrity was not just about being upright but also accepting when he erred (2 Sam. 12:2, Ps. 51). David appreciated the importance of setting his heart right with God and serving Him even if people did not notice, rather than succeeding before the people without God’s endorsement. In everything we do, let us be about the Father’s business with a famous heart; to abide with Him rather than to do the bidding of the people against the will of the Father. If it is done for the Father (God), no matter how long it takes, you will be noticed and they will come looking for you (1 Sam. 16:1–5, 11) and wait until you come (1 Sam. 16:11–12).


Indeed, the earnest expectation of creation eagerly awaits the revealing of those with famous hearts (Rom. 8:19). Wait and prepare for your revelation. It is not yet time. Do not rush when it is not yet time for you to be known by the people. If you rush it, you may get there empty (2 Sam. 18:22–30). Be a child of God and be about the Father’s business. Into the deep we must go rather than focusing on the shallow. In the shallow places, people see us, but in the deep we find God. When others idle at home, be found deep in the field. When others think you are just around the corner, prove to them you have labored far from your comfort zone. The anointing for the next level comes after time spent in the deep and a long wait (Luke 4:1, Matt. 3:1). Your time will come to have a famous face. In the meantime, work on having a famous heart with God by being about the Father’s business.

Written by Pastor George Osei-Asiedu

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