43-Year-Old Woman With Mental Health Challenges Miraculously Restored web

43-Year-Old Woman With Mental Health Challenges Miraculously Restored

Alice Akua Amidu, a 43-year-old woman from Techimam-Ayigbe, received healing through fervent prayer at the Soma Central Assembly church auditorium in the Sawla Area of The Church of Pentecost.

For more than four years, Alice had been battling severe mental health issues, a predicament that deeply affected her and her family.

Her sister, Rosalina Sabago Kongo, recounted their journey of seeking help, which included visits to traditional healers, “Malams,” and herbalists. Unfortunately, these efforts proved futile and, instead, exacerbated Alice’s condition to the point where she wandered the streets, talking to herself, and occasionally exhibiting aggressive behaviour, even brandishing a knife at passersby.

One incident involved Alice menacingly pursuing a woman with a machete, saved only by a Good Samaritan who opened his door to protect her from harm.

On Friday, August 11, 2023, Alice Akua Amidu was brought from Ayigbe in Techiman to the Soma Assembly for prayer and divine intervention.

During the prayer session, Alice’s distress escalated, necessitating the assistance of men to restrain her from causing harm to others present.

Under the guidance of District Minister Pastor Christopher Atuah-Yeboah, along with the support of church officers and leaders, fervent prayers were offered for her.

Shortly after the prayers, Alice regained her composure and self-awareness. She was then led to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour.

Alice was subsequently baptised in water and she received Holy Spirit baptism, resulting in her complete healing.

This miraculous incident brought immense joy to her family and bolstered the faith of the church members, reaffirming their belief in the Lord’s power to heal.

Report by Overseer Jones Dwomoh Amankwah (Sawla Area Media Team)

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