Children’s Ministry Week: A Reminder On The Dynamics Of God’s Plan For A Person

Do not be deceived; we have a free will choice to accept or reject God’s plan for our lives. God did not create anyone with the purpose to become evil. For instance, people become armed robbers, prostitutes, drunkards, drug addicts, adulterers, gossips, etc., because of the choices of their guardians (when they were kids) and/or their own choices when they became adults.

During the period of practicing these evils, such people are automatically living outside God’s Perfect Plan for their lives (as stated in Jer 29:11). During this time of disobedience, God, in His infinite mercies, can allow them to go through harrowing events aimed at bringing them back to the Original Plan A, as He did with the Israelites many times.

If the person persists and resists all of God’s rescue operations, the devil can kill him/her (John 10:9-10); thus, one can die before their time (Eccl 7:17). Many people do evil, and when they suffer, they come to blame God (Please read PROVERBS 19:3; it’s crucial).

So please, the notion that everything that happens in the life of a person is from God is not only false but demonic; that is a doctrinal attempt by the devil to make people irresponsible and fatalistic in their choices. Que sera sera (what will be will be) is satanic theology.

Way forward: to guard the destiny of a child, the following are imperative: parents must dedicate the child to God after birth; daily pray for the child (declare God’s promises into the life of the child and nullify any satanic agenda for the child); teach the child the Word of God as they are growing; discipline them sternly but lovingly if they persist in ungodly choices; and always take them with you to church at least every Sunday.

As an adult, the first step towards realizing God’s Original Plan for your life is to place your trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; after that, you must get baptized in water and be filled with the Holy Spirit; be active in a Bible-based, Christ-centered, and Spirit-led local church; maintain godly friends and discard ungodly ones (remain open but not intimate towards them so as to reach them with the gospel in the course of time; read Psalm 1:1-6; 2 Timothy 2:22-26).

Furthermore, a key way to guard God’s Plan for your life is fervent prayer; pray all kinds of prayers without ceasing; prayer is the only way we talk with the Holy Spirit of Jesus living in us and with us to guide us through life; prayer is a 24/7 activity. With these in place, you will walk in the Spirit and thus fulfill all God’s purposes for your life and die on the exact date God ordained for you.

That death may be a peaceful one or a harrowing one does not matter to the Lord because there is hope of resurrection. All these said, the only God-ordained challenge for us to go through as we are led by the Holy Spirit at all times is PERSECUTION as well as periods of WAITING for the fulfillment of God’s Promises for our lives at the appointed milestone times.

Persecution is the multiplicity of challenges we go through at the hands of people (used by the devil knowingly or unknowingly) just because we defy ungodly principles and systems to follow Jesus through and through. Even in such moments of trial, the Lord is with us in the fire. We come out better with more faith, more patience, more maturity, and more joy after going through the furnace of persecution (trials).

Every child is born innocent, and if they grow into adulthood, none of them will die innocent as they came into the world. They will either die saved or unsaved, wise or foolish, righteous or wicked, free or enslaved. Now is the time, while they are still children, to instill Christ in them because 2 Timothy 3:15-17 is true.

Among other things, this week (Children’s Ministry Week) is a remembrance of the Birth of Reverend James McKeown (Founder of the CoP) and a reminder that at least there are 7 legacies parents can build into the Sovereign Foundation of their children: (1) Desire for the Bible; (2) Love for Christ; (3) Desire & Ability to Pray; (4) Good Childhood Memory; (5) Investment Account; (6) Education; (7) Talent Development.

Written by Apostle S. K. Fianko-Larbi (National Head, CoP Kenya)

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