You Are Made For Good Works – Mrs Juanita Nuekpe Tells Women

You Are Made For Good Works – Mrs Juanita Nuekpe Tells Women

Mrs Juanita Nuekpe, the wife of La Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has said that before one could make any meaningful impact in society, they must be truly and genuinely born-again Christians, with Jesus being the Lord of their lives.

Mrs Nueke made this remarkable statement at the La Area Virtuous Ladies joint service held at Dr Thomas Wyatt Memorial Temple on April 22, 2023, on the theme: “Repositioning the Virtuous Lady in Contemporary Times for Maximum Impact in her Career, Social and Spiritual Life.”

She noted with scriptural references to Ephesians 2: 10; Matthew 5:14-16 and said every individual is unique in their make-up with gifts and talents. She stressed that they must become conscious of it and utilise it well before they can impact society.

She said every individual had been created for good works and as the light of the world.

“Just as Dorcas had a tremendous and positive impact in her community and came back to life when she died due to her good works, so must all virtuous ladies have maximum impact in the communities where God has planted them,” she pointed out.

She indicated that salvation is one key factor and genesis of impact-making.

“One should be genuinely repented and have the seal of God. Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus highlighted the importance of being born again (John 3: 3),” she said, adding, “Beyond being born again, one must become a true disciple of Jesus Christ by loving, serving, imitating, denying yourself and making Him the Lord, husband and master in all aspects of your life.”

She continued with scripture reference to Colossians 3: 16 and said that to do greater works and make a maximum impact, believers must be filled with the word of God since it can save, heal and deliver. Also, they must spend time in prayer and fasting, have integrity and be mindful of how they interact with others.

Mrs Juanita Nuepke further noted that to make maximum impact, one needs to be hard working, saying, “Whatever you find yourself doing, work at it with all diligence as working for the Lord and not a man to obtain the reward thereof” (Colossians 3:23 and Proverbs 6: 6).

She advised the ladies to avoid time wasters such as spending a lot of time on social media and unprofitable conversations, which does not add value to their lives.

“Wear the garment of humility and avoid bad company, which will corrupt your life. Dissociate yourself from dream and vision killers,” she said, adding, “Be a solution to someone and not the problem.”

Mrs Juanita Nuekpe concluded by calling on members to be agents of change in their generation and generations yet unborn, just as was the case of the four daughters of Zelophehad who changed the law of inheritance in Israel.

“Until you reach the point where your absence is felt, you are not making any impact,” she averted.

The Area Head, Apostle Dr Dieudonne Komla Nuekpe, a cross-section of pastors and their wives, and the Area Women’s Ministry Executives were in attendance.

Report by Gina Akua Padi

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