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The 2023 Management & Staff Retreat: A Magnificent Symphony of Joy and Fraternal Harmony

In the grand tapestry of The Church of Pentecost’s organizational history, marked by my own personal observation and experience from my participation in six previous management and staff retreats since my entry into the organization in 2016, the recently concluded 2023 retreat emerges as an ultimate pièce de résistance, orchestrating an unparalleled crescendo of joy.

This year’s retreat unfolded with a medley of fun-filled moments, nostalgic indoor games, a harmonious carols night session, and probably the most remarkable coup de grâce – a surprise barbecue (kyinkyinga) party that set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Management’s strategic effort to infuse these moments with mirthful camaraderie was akin to conducting a symphony, harmonizing diverse elements to bring a staff body of diverse backgrounds together.

Against the backdrop of laughter and shared joy, the three prominent figures of the Church; the Chairman, the General Secretary, and the International Missions Director, added a touch of celestial grace to the festivities by honoring staff with the dignity of their presence, making the experience all the more priceless.

Amidst the revelry, a profound truth emerged: it doesn’t take much to elicit smiles and forge connections. Management’s thoughtful orchestration of this year’s retreat served as a gentle reminder that in the realm of organizational harmony, the subtlety of shared joy often speaks louder than grand gestures.

As we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our visionary leaders for this remarkable experience, we cannot help but reflect on the transformative power of such an unprecedented experience. Beyond mere entertainment, the retreat served as a catalyst for fostering a sense of belonging and community among both management and staff.

Indeed, in this ephemeral oasis of joy, even amidst personal sorrow – I, whose mother currently lies cold in the mortuary, awaiting to be sent on her final journey to her maker, momentarily set aside the weight of grief to revel in the collective merriment. Yes, the retreat proved to be a respite from life’s solemn cadence.

As the saying goes in Twi, “Onipa y3 ade3 aa os3 ayeyi”, literally translated to mean “He who does a good deed deserves praise,” Management deserves praise for treating us to such a memorable period of merriment and fraternal harmony.

Written by Elder Emmanuel Frimpong (Executive Assistant, Obuasi Area)

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