Christian Youth Charged To Sharpen Their Skills web

Christian Youth Charged To Sharpen Their Skills

The Director of The Church of Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM), Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, has admonished Christian youth to sharpen themselves and help one another to be relevant in society.

Apostle Anane Denteh said this on Sunday, December 10, 2023, during the climax of the Ladies and Gents’ Wing Week Celebration of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA), University of Ghana, Legon.

Speaking on the topic, “Sharpening the Youth for Abundant Living,” with reference from Proverbs 27:17, Apostle Anane Denteh, an Executive Council Member, stressed the need to help one another in sharpening individual skills. 

According to him, it is natural that some old devices become blunt when used for a long time. Such devices are sometimes disposed of if they cannot perform the required task. Every one of us, he said, has sharp areas and blunt areas that need to be sharpened. 

He emphasised the need for Christians to allow themselves to be sharpened because everyone needs to be sharpened. 

He intimated that “sharpness” differs from “smartness” since a smart person does not always play by the rules, but a sharpened person does

To be a complete youth, Apostle Anane Denteh said some areas that are vital for their development include spiritual, physical, social and psychological development.

“Anything we do today is a rehearsal for what will come tomorrow. The Christian youth must be fully prepared for tomorrow since tomorrow is unknown,” he said. 

He, however, said that one cannot change the whole world, “but you have your sphere to influence.”

The PEMEM Director implored the youth to avoid laziness. Referencing Proverbs 10:4 and Proverbs 12:24, he said that a lazy person cannot succeed, but a diligent person will be successful. He further advised them to avoid dwelling on their past or vulnerabilities and move into the future, avoid addictions, bad habits and ideological thinking, which could be political, social or religious.

Present at the meeting were the Resident PENSA Campus Pastor and wife, Pastor Kwadwo Obeng and Mrs Eunice Obeng.

Report by Pastor Kwadwo Obeng

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