Head Office Management & Staff Retreats - Invigorating Moments Of Learning, Camaraderie, And Rejuvenation web

Head Office Management & Staff Retreats – Invigorating Moments Of Learning, Camaraderie, And Rejuvenation


The Church of Pentecost takes immense pride in its well-established structures, systems, and processes that steer the course of the Church’s activities. The noteworthy successes achieved by the Church are a testament to the intentional internal activities set up by the founding fathers and continuously improved upon by the current leadership. These activities are designed to foster progress, cultivate excellence, and propel growth. One such vital internal activity is the Head Office Management and Staff Retreats.


Within the Church’s framework, there exists a category of individuals who are the unsung heroes, the backbone of the global mission of the Church – the Head Office management and staff. Though often not in the limelight, they play a strategic role in implementing the Church’s vision over the years.

These professional Christians, including ministers of The Church, are members and officers employed and/or seconded to the Head office of The Church of Pentecost and its affiliates. They provide strategic, tactical, and operational services, enabling the fulfillment of goals and objectives set by the frontline officers – the ministers of the gospel in the field.


Given the pivotal role these individuals play in advancing the Church’s mission over time and recognizing that we exist within a spiritual ecosystem, a sacred convocation is called for at the end of every year. This gathering is known as the Head Office Management and Staff Retreats, a time set aside for participants to refresh, revamp, and retreat to prepare for the upcoming year.

These retreats are more than just events; they are invigorating moments of learning, bonding, and recreation. In this reflection, I’ll share my insights based on the experience of the 2023 edition.


In the school of the spirit, where growth is continuous, the Head Office retreats create an atmosphere of learning. The chaplaincy and organizers meticulously plan each retreat, ensuring a structured timetable aimed at personal and corporate development. This year’s retreat covered a comprehensive blend of topics, including understanding the leadership equation, fostering effective office relationships, and emphasizing the importance of health management, stress avoidance, physical activities, and future financial planning, including retirement preparations.


The Head Office management and staff retreat serve as moments for bonding and building chemistry among colleagues. Whether in shared rooms, at dining tables, or in the main auditorium, the warmth among participants transcends the chilly air conditioning. As staff members often work independently in distinct offices, the retreat provides a rare opportunity for personal interactions, resulting in warm embraces, joyful laughter, and shouts of elation upon reuniting with colleagues.


An exciting addition to this year’s retreat was the inclusion of indoor games and a carols night, bringing a delightful twist to the event. Participants engaged in ludu, oware, and ampe, with the General Secretary, Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, and the Director of the Counselling Ministry, Apostle Dr. Phillip Osei-Korsah, facing off in a spirited competition. The highlight was the carols night, featuring soulful renditions by staff members. The evening was complemented by a delectable spread of grilled gizzard, chicken, plantain chips, asana, and fruit juice, creating an early Christmas atmosphere for the COP Headquarters.


Reflecting on the last few days of retreating at the Pentecost Convention Centre as a Head Office staff, I couldn’t help but express gratitude for the visionary leadership that organizes these events annually. The careful curation of these retreats, under the guidance of our fathers, ensures they remain refreshing, revamping, and resourceful.

Long live The Church of Pentecost!

Long live the Headquarters Management and Staff!

Long live the body of Christ!

Written by Pastor Kwasi Asante ANNOR (General Manager, PENT TV)

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