Parenting – Not An Isolated Agenda

I am drawing attention to parenting as a vital part of the community. When a child is born, they are received by the responding family and live in the community. How they talk and behave in the world is a result of the kind of community they are raised in. To some extent, even the food they will enjoy in the future is determined by the community. For instance, if the language spoken in the community is Gomoa or Agona, the child will automatically speak that language.

This shows that the community is a significant stakeholder when it comes to raising a child. It emphasizes that parenting cannot be done in isolation. Knowing this as a parent will help you monitor, direct, and guide your child’s affairs for them to fit into society and for the greater purposes.

When we talk about a community, we refer to people from different families living together. It is not the buildings that make up the community, even though they have a role to play. These people are meant to influence your life as a parent and the lives of your children, both positively and negatively.

Most of the time, we spend outside our homes is more than the time we spend with our families. This may be due to work, school, and even social occasions we attend. The question is, “Who looks after our children when we are not with them?” This is why you need to understand that as a parent, you are not doing this task alone. That is why parenting requires faith. Believe in God and how He can assist you in this parenting journey. By doing so, constantly commit your children to God in prayer, just as Jesus prayed for the Church, that none of them would perish (John 17:4-12).

After doing that, you will be guided to know the kind of people to look after your children when you are at work or on other occasions. Even in selecting their schools, you will receive guidance on what is best for the child. Many lives are destroyed because of the wrong choice of school.

Deciding who should take care of your child is a crucial decision and must be carefully considered. Since parenting cannot be done in isolation, do not refuse ideas from people that can contribute to your child having a glorious life. Kindly screen such ideas when they come to you as a parent. In a community, there are different types of personalities. These people are not there for mere decoration; they are purposefully there to positively transform lives by nature.

A parent cannot overlook the role of a teacher in raising the educational standard of their children. Similarly, a parent cannot overlook other professionals in the community who can help their children achieve great professions. These individuals are there to mentor children and even you as a parent, contributing to the well-being of your family. Let go of any burdens that hold you back from acquiring knowledge to raise the standards of your children, such as the need to know everything, envy, and conflicts, among others. However, before using the information you receive, assess whether it is suitable for your children. Never doubt their knowledge; just assess it.

One thing every parent must know is that being a parent is an act of leadership. Therefore, every leadership skill or characteristic is expected to be found in a parent. This is why it is necessary to prepare oneself before having a child. Being aware of this as a parent will help you understand what is happening in your children’s lives within the larger world. There may be many things bothering them because of their interactions with people in the community. The information they receive from people can either build them up or crush them if not properly assimilated. Since you may not know what happened in your absence, kindly ask them questions in a loving manner, engage in conversations with them from their childhood, and you will discover what needs to be eliminated and what needs to be nurtured.


Parenting is work that needs to be done. Your parenthood is not complete until your child can fit into society and can be used for greater purposes. Therefore, seize every opportunity from the community to enhance your parenting skills. Do not be dormant. Be observant of everything that happens around your children. Allow your children to come to you with their numerous questions; this shows that you are a parent. Never condemn their actions. Embrace them with love, and you will uncover every hidden piece of information you were unaware of. This is because parenting is never done in isolation. It is a communal effort. Every member of the community is involved, contributing both positively and negatively.

Written by Elder Tonnie Baffoe (Ekroful District, Agona Swedru Area)

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