Pentecost University Gets Driving School

The 2022/23 batch of ministerial students at the Pentecost School of Theology and Missions (PTSM) of Pentecost University has established a Driving and Riding Centre at the university.

The initiative aims to provide ministerial students with affordable, high-quality, and consistent training in driving and riding, recognising the importance of these skills in their future ministry work.

During the commissioning service held on Friday, July 7, 2023 at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, the President of the 2022/23 ministerial students, P/Overseer Ebenezer Owusu, revealed the Driving and Riding Centre as the key legacy project of his year group

In his speech, he emphasised the batch’s commitment to becoming problem solvers and highlighted the support they received from the university administration.

“We recognised early on in our ministerial training that we are called to be problem solvers,” stated P/Overseer Ebenezer Owusu, “Upon consultation with the university’s Vice Chancellor and faculty members, we identified the need to equip ministerial students with driving and riding skills, as these vehicles are often essential in ministry work.”

Motivated by their determination to address this need, the 2022/23 ministerial students embarked on a project to establish the Driving and Riding Centre at PTSM.

The centre aims to integrate driving and riding training into the planned activities and curricula of the school, ensuring that future ministerial students receive comprehensive and affordable training in these essential skills before their postings.

The establishment of the Driving and Riding Centre brings several benefits to PTSM and its students as it would enhance the learning experience for students and simplify the process of acquiring and renewing licenses for ministerial students and staff members.

“The centre also has the potential to evolve into a research centre for both Pentecost University and the church, focusing on road safety and driving research,” he said.

Through dedicated efforts and fundraising initiatives, the 2022/23 batch of ministerial students successfully raised GHS 162,023.00 to support the project. This impressive amount was generated through monthly deductions from the students’ sources and a mega fundraising event, with contributions from faculty members and the PSTM community.

With these funds, the students were able to procure three cars (two Hyundai i10s and one Kia Rio) and two brand new motorcycles, all fully serviced, registered, and insured for training purposes, at a cost of GHS 136,696. An additional amount of GHS 25,327 has been set aside for future works and the ongoing operation of the Driving and Riding Centre.

Not only did the students focus on establishing the centre, but they also undertook other commendable initiatives.

They purchased a 60″ television set for the Joint Christian Fellowship (JCR), a DSTV decoder, sports equipment to promote physical activity among students, a mower for maintaining the premises, and a camera lens.

Also, in collaboration with management of the school, they have restored a school van that had been out of use for an extended period.

P/Overseer Ebenezer Owusu concluded his speech by expressing gratitude to the leadership of The Church of Pentecost as well as lecturers of the PTSM, on behalf of his colleagues, for the life-transforming journey they had undertaken during their ministerial formation and training.

He also encouraged his fellow students to remain rooted in faith and guided by love as they proceed to their respective duty stations.


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