Our Work Must Be Motivated By The Love For God – Apostle Miezou Amalanon Advises Clergy web

Our Work Must Be Motivated By The Love For God – Apostle Miezou Amalanon Advises Clergy

The President of The Church of Pentecost in La Cote D’Ivoire, Apostle Miezou Amalanon K. Ernest, has advised ministers of the gospel to prioritise the love for God in order to transform the world.

He made this call today [February 21, 2024], when he delivered an exhortation during the Missions Board end-of-year meeting held at the Pentecost Mission Transit Quarters in East Legon, Accra.

He based his message on John 21:15-17, where Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved him and commissioned him to feed his sheep.

He said that this passage shows God’s heart for the salvation of humans and his desire for his disciples to continue his work.

He, however, noted that the disciples, after the death of Jesus, went back to fishing instead of preaching the gospel.

According to him, Peter, who witnessed the miracles of Jesus, also stopped doing the work until the Lord showed him that the salvation of his people should be his first priority.

He highlighted three elements that will help Christians to be unleashed to transform the world: love, Holy Spirit and money.

He said that love for God and serving him should be the first motive and qualification for doing God’s work.

“Love should be the foundational qualification. Someone can keep long in the work of God; he may be doing it because of duty but not necessarily out of love. Love makes a difference in our service to God”, he noted.

Apostle Miezou Amalanon also urged believers to cultivate the love for the lost souls and the people to whom we have been sent as missionaries, adding; “Love is the mother of every virtue. If we love the Lord and the people to whom we have been sent, we will do the work in virtue.”

According to him, Christians need the Holy Spirit to impact the world and that his presence is very necessary for us because he is the instigator of God’s word.

“Even though the disciples faced threats and persecution, they still preached the gospel because they were filled with the Holy Spirit and with love. If the Holy Spirit is with us and his anointing is with us and the love for the work is still in us, we can go and turn the world upside down as Paul and his people did”, he revealed.

The President of the Church in La Cote D’Ivoire said that we need to give our money to do the work of God and that we are fund managers for God’s work.

“We need to invest in God’s work. We are fund managers for God’s work. This is important to be able to push the work of God,” he said.

He quoted Matthew 6:19-21, where Jesus taught us not to store up treasures on earth but in heaven, and that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also.


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