God Demands That We Do Everything With A Good Heart – Pastor Christopher Martey web

God Demands That We Do Everything With A Good Heart – Pastor Christopher Martey

The Asofan District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Christopher Martey, has called on Christians to strive to do everything with a good heart, as that is God’s requirement for receiving His divine inheritance.

Pastor Christopher Martey made this call today during his exhortation at the opening session of the “Beyond Suffering” training with Joni & Friends for the Area Coordinators of the Ministry for Persons with Disabilities (MPWDs) at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh.

Using Colossians 3:23 as his foundational text, the Achimota Area MPWDs Coordinator emphasised that God demands that every believer does everything with their heart.

He explained that God expects them to respond to His will and purposes with a good heart, which is why they must always endeavour to guard their hearts.

He cautioned that every action must be done with a good heart, stating, “As we serve God daily and, in our ministry, we must do so with all our heart so that we will also receive the inheritance He has given to us.”

Pastor Martey acknowledged that at times it may seem that God is distant from the Christian, but the truth is that God is omnipresent, seeing everything, and in His appointed time, He will reward them for their actions.

He observed that the nature of the MPWDs may be easily overlooked and prioritised over other concerns, but since God has called them to serve in this ministry, they should strive to fulfil their mandate.

“Inheritance is acquired over a period, so as we do God’s work, we will receive divine inheritance. If you work for man, you will receive the reward of a man, which is not eternal. However, if you do it for God, you will receive an eternal inheritance that will transcend generations,” he urged.

Pastor Martey further noted that the heart is a treasury, and individuals must be careful about what they allow into it.

He concluded by stating that the distinctive mark of one who will receive God’s divine inheritance is someone who loves God and loves to serve Him. These are the individuals who live to glorify God.

He also advised the Area Coordinators to submit to and respect the leadership of the Church and the ministry, as they are the vessels through whom God reveals His divine purpose.


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