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Unleash The Mighty Warrior In You: The Case Of The Three Mighty Warriors Of David

“Let the trumpet of war be sounded, let the men of war arise with their shield (faith) and the sword of the spirit (word of God), and the breastplate of righteousness in its place; surely the Lord will give us the victory.”

”The Vision 2028 agenda” calls for people who will be able to stand alone in this “battle of transformation,” people who will dare to challenge the force of satanic influence, common sense, and evolution ideologies and be willing to break through every stronghold to possess and transform it. According to (2 Samuel 23:8-12),

“These are the names of the mighty men whom David had: Josheb-basshebeth, a Tahchemonite, chief of the Three [heroes], known also as Adino the Eznite; he wielded his spear and went against 800 men, who were slain at one time. Next to him among the three mighty men was Eleazar son of Dodo, son of Ahohi. He was with David when they defied the Philistines assembled there for battle, and the men of Israel had departed. [Eleazar] arose and struck down the Philistines until his hand was weary and clung to the sword. The Lord wrought a great deliverance and victory that day; the men returned after him only to take the spoil. Next to [Eleazar] was Shammah son of Agee the Hararite. The Philistines were gathered at Lehi on a piece of ground full of lentils, and the [Israelites] fled from the Philistines. But he stood in the midst of the ground and defended it and slew the Philistines, and the Lord wrought a great victory.” (Amplified Bible).

These mighty warriors of David were able to stand up against any force that tried to possess their land. The most interesting part is that each stood alone and won. The leader should be willing to think ahead so that in the future, he or she may stand alone in this warfare. The soldiers they went with surrendered and fled, leaving them alone, but the Lord wrought a great victory on that day. King David became thirsty and was panting for water from the well of Bethlehem (2 Samuel 23:15-16),

“[15] And David said longingly, Oh, that someone would give me a drink of water from the well of Bethlehem by the gate! [16] And the three mighty men broke through the army of the Philistines and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem by the gate and brought it to David. But he would not drink it, but poured it out to the Lord.”


The mighty men of David broke through the garrison of the Philistines and brought water to King David. How can they break through the garrison and draw the water from the well without an attack from the enemy? One way these men can draw water from the well is, one of them has to go inside the well (missionary) and fetch the water, one has to hold the rope the missionary tied around the waist to help bring him out (the financial or material support to missionaries and missions), and one has to watch and defend against the attacks and fight against the arrows of the enemy (the Church). If anyone fails to do so, one may be in danger.


  1. Be ready and willing to do all your part so that the word of God may reach everywhere.
  2. As a leader, always be prepared to stand alone. Leaders who always trust their subordinates always fail and blame others, but leaders who are always on guard and willing to stand alone stand for the truth.
  3. God rewards leaders with victory for standing alone even when their subordinates retreat.
  4. No matter the attack on you, there is a warrior in you who is the Holy Spirit and a fire of God incubated in you; unleash it and know that you can overcome all the challenges on your path.
  5. Be a kingdom financier, support missions with your money and prayers. The three mighty men were an illustration of the work of missions. You may have been blessed financially and can give abundantly; please don’t wait for the Church to beg you before you support missions. If that happens, you’re rejecting your role.

“The Vision 2028 demands every member of The Church of Pentecost and the body of Christ to unleash that mighty warrior in them to transform their world. Unleash that prayer warrior spirit in you, Bible reading habit, fasting habit in you to transform your world.”

Let the trumpet of war be sounded in your heart, embrace yourself as a mighty warrior; we are going to possess and transform every creature in our society. No retreat, no surrender.

Written by Deacon Emmanuel Tanor (Japekrom District- Berekum Area)

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