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“Let Your Benjamin Go” – How A Stolen Car Was Retrieved After Acting On The Word Of God

This testimony is meant to glorify God and to strengthen the faith of believers. It narrates how 64-year-old retiree, Elder Charles Owusu Koduah, who worships with Tanoso Bethel Assembly in the Kwadaso Area of The Church of Pentecost, received a miracle after obeying the word of God.

“Let Your Benjamin Go,” is the title of a message delivered by Pastor Fred Appiah Baah, the Kwadaso Agric District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, on Sunday, 30th May 2021. The sermon was aimed at making believers understand that when one sacrifices something precious to God, God would replenish it.

Genesis 42:36-38 and Genesis 43:1-14, the main texts used for the sermon, talk about Jacob who refused to let his sons take his beloved son, Benjamin away to Egypt.

Pastor Fred Appiah Baah emphasized that since it is not easy to let go whatever is precious to someone, the greater sacrifice one makes brings greater reward to him.” He further emphasized that “when one gives what was originally decided to give, it is not worthy to be described as a ‘benjamin’ but when one gives beyond what was originally planned, then his/her offering becomes a ‘benjamin.’”

Elder Owusu Koduah was inspired and motivated by the sermon and borrowed money from someone to add up to what he had originally decided to offer and brought it to the Lord. He ended up going home with nothing on him after the service.

Elder Owusu Koduah had bought a Nissan Urvan which was worth GH¢ 17,000.00 from his pension benefit in 2018. The vehicle was stolen a few months after it was purchased and since then it has been an issue of a back and forth with the police. But after acting on the word of God with faith on the said day, he mysteriously got hold of the person who stole the vehicle about two years ago.

The most exciting and interesting thing about this miracle is that the person is ready to refund the money or the car that was stolen. Halleluyah!


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