Reverence For God Brings Revival – Apostle Gyesi-Addo

The International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi-Addo has urged Christians, particularly church leaders, to deem it imperative to revere the Lord at all times as it is a prerequisite for revival.

Apostle Gyesi-Addo said this during the Eastern Regional session of the ongoing Ministers and Wives’ Conference on Tuesday, January 25, 2021, held at the Central Tabernacle, Koforidua. He spoke on the topic: “Revival In An Atmosphere Of Reverence” with references from Leviticus 10:3; 19:30 and James 4:8.

In his exposition, the IMD talked about two key subjects – the Temple (Sanctuary) as a physical structure and the Temple (Sanctuary) as a spiritual structure. The temple or sanctuary, he explained, is a meeting place for the saints (believers). 

“God is always present wherever the saints gather. Consequently, wherever the saints gather becomes a holy place,” he said.

Touching on the temple as a spiritual structure, he said that “Christians are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they must glorify God in their bodies. The presence of God is always in the temple whether physical or spiritual, and He must be given/accorded the needed reverence.” 

He noted that the temple is the house of God and it symbolises His dwelling. Hence, temples are dedicated and sanctified for His use, adding that “a temple which is left unattended does not glorify God.”

The IMD reiterated that God is the owner of the church and a partaker of all church services, hence He must always be acknowledged in the midst of the saints. 

“God must not in any circumstance be provoked during worship by doing things that displease Him,” he cautioned.

Apostle Gyesi-Addo advised church leaders not to look down on anyone in the church and to desist from exchanging pleasantries with others while service is in session. He also urged other church workers, such as instrumentalists, to behave in a disciplined manner during services.

He also urged Christians, particularly church leaders, to be conscious of the presence of God during church services and to offer Him the honour due Him because reverence for God brings great revival. He concluded that when believers serve and worship God well, miracles, signs and wonders become byproducts; they follow automatically.

Report by ERCC Media Team

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