EDITORIAL: The Church Must Arise To Her Goal!

The purpose or goal for constructing a building or structure determines the processes by which it is built. When designing a building, architects always keep the use (purpose) of the structure in mind while fixing their eyes firmly upon the finished product as outlined in the original plan of the building until it is completed.

In the same way, the Church God sends into the world to possess the nations has a goal. However, many Christian congregations across the world appear to have forgotten about the goal of the Church. Much of church life today can be seen as a total of meetings, activities and projects, some of which aim at solving social and physical problems.

This is not to say that the activity and the problem-based approaches to building churches are not important. But instead, we are called to build the Church with the ultimate goal in mind: the goal of becoming a beautiful bride prepared for her Bridegroom, which is Christ (Ephesians 5:27).

Having established what the goal of the Church is, it behoves on us to keep this goal in mind and like the architect, keep our eyes firmly fixed on the desired outcome. As church leaders, we must, therefore, make intentional efforts to avoid church activities that do not have any relevance to the ultimate goal.

This is because when the Church rightly positions herself to this goal, she will reflect the glory of God and the nations will set out to look for her just like Nicodemus sought after Jesus (Isaiah 2:3; John3:1-2). When the glory of God is in the Church, she will undoubtedly attract the nations of the world to herself.

With her transformed life, she will be able to enter into every sphere of society (family, government, politics, business/economy, education/science, media/culture and sports/entertainment) and plug sinners from the hands of the enemy without conforming to the standards of the world.

In the end, it shall be testified of the Church among the nations that: “The Lord has done great things for them.” Yes, “the Lord has done great things for us” (Psalm 126:2-3). And in His temple, we shall shout Glory! (Psalm 29:9).

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